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Nursing Mamas

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Anyone else out there still nursing another child? I'm nursing my almost 2 year old still. This is my second time nursing in pregnancy. Got a bite this morning too and OH MY GOD! It still hurts. :-(
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I am still nursing my nearly 2 year old :)

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I'm still nursing my 13 month old.  I haven't stopped nursing since my first was born over 3 years ago.  Through one miscarriage, one successful pregnancy and tandem nursing for 3 months.  Though my supply seems to be tanking more this time, so I HOPE she doesn't give up.

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I should add to my above statement that I plan on weaning my two year old during this pregnancy. Although tandeming nursing is so great, it just isn't for me smile.gif
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I'm nursing my 20 month old. I nursed my 1st through my second's pregnancy, and until he was 4.  My second self weaned while I was pregnant with #3.  I'm open to tandem nursing again, but will be okay, too, if he weans while I'm pregnant. 

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Awesome! I'm happy there are so many other nursing mamas on here!

I tandem nursed for about 2 months, but weaned my older (just over 3 years old) daughter because I couldn't handle her constant wanting to nurse on top of PPD. I'd like to tandem again, but I won't be too heartbroken if DD2 chooses to wean during this pregnancy since she will meet my minimum of 2 years next month. Anything beyond 2 is icing on the cake. :-)
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Still nursing my 10 month old.  I've had 2 pregnancies where my LO's (10 and 9 months old at conception) nursed through and continued nursing after birth.  I got pregnant w/ my 4th while tandem nursing my 2 1/2 year old and my 9 month old.  that was hard.


Hoping this little dude will go through pregnancy.  (i've been lactating for 8 year straight- i lactate through pregnancy whether someone is nursing or not. i was shocked to have loads of colostrum through my FIRST pregnancy).  i also have donated loads of milk b/c my body thinks it needs to lactate for 3 kids.  (Lactating Girl- i've loved your avatar b/c of my husband's running joke that i'm only a 2 trick pony, and i told him if he had a superpower like mine he'd use it for everything too!)

i don't LOVE nursing while pregnant, especially at the end of the first trimester, but hope this dude doesn't wean then.  my DS1 and DD3 both weaned at 18 months and about the end of my first trimester, and i was always so sad they wouldn't go longer.  my kids wean and potty train about the same time just short of 2 years old and i'm kinda hoping to go longer w/ this one!


also planning my diet to help support all this.  to encourage you nursing mamas, my 3rd (DD2) was my first tandem nursing pregnancy and she was my biggest baby, and still is very big and strong.  her booty is my avatar.  my 4th, DD3, is more petite, but has always been healthy and strong.  I think it is harder on the body (my mom thinks it's horrible and dangerous) but it can be done and can also be good for mama and babies!

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Same here HouseofPeace! I nursed DD1 through my pregnancy and DD2 was 9.5 lbs! I don't think she was missing any nutrients. :-P I also lost weight for the first trimester or so, but my midwife was never worried because my fundal height just kept growing! 

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I've been looking for a due date club, and was on Babyzone with my 1st and I HATED it. And have left and not kept in touch with any of them. This post made me want to join you ladies.

I'm just shy of 5 weeks and nursing my 27 month old and my biggest symptom is absolutely hating nursing right now. It just makes me feel gross, I don't know how to explain it. I love nursing and want to nurse through the pregnancy and even tandem if that's what happens, but it's driving me insane!

Any advice from all you experienced mamas?!


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Hi there,

I too am nursing my DD2, who turned 2.5 two days before my BFP. I'm really happy to be still enjoying nursing right now. DD 1 was 14 months when I got pregnant and I had an almost instant visceral response against nursing her. I still really wanted to nurse her and had planned to do it until at least age 2, but it was difficult. I was so nauseated and I felt like she was sucking the life out of me. I lost 14 pounds in the first trimester from throwing up so much and had my MW and acupuncturist recommend I wean her. Well, I didn't wean her but when she self-weaned at 18 months I was relieved. Sad but relieved. I kind of expected her to start nursing again when DD2 was born and was open to tandeming (if a little nervous smile.gif, but she never regained interest.

Last week DD2 was fussing a little at the boob and told me "the nahnee is different" and "the nahnee isn't coming out fast anymore." I talked to her a little about how even though it's changing, it can still be our special time together and she seems to be adapting ok. I'm glad I'm not as nauseated ( yet) and that we can still enjoy this time together. DD2 actually nurses quite a bit for her age still, probably about 7 times a day? But she sleeps through the night, thank goodness....

I guess my ideal would be for her to happily self-wean right around 3, before the baby is born. If I can avoid tandeming , that'd be my preference. Life will be crazy enough with 3 under 5! But if she doesn't do it on her own, I'll just have to listen up my heart. If I'm not enjoying it anymore, it'll definitely be time to move on smile.gif.
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Completely normal! It doesn't really help besides to know that you're not alone. Get a copy of Adventures in Tandem Nursing if you're able. It was a huge help to me the first time I was pregnant and nursing.

Also, things might level out a bit as the placenta starts to take over hormone production in a few weeks.
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EEEY2 I also have nursing aversion already and am 5 weeks. I cringe when my son nurses. It's not painful yet, it just really makes me feel unpleasant.
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Hi ladies! I'm still nursing my 17 month old and my 35 month old just weaned 2 months ago. Does anyone else think they may have progesterone issues because they're still nursing? I spotted with my second pregancy (ended up having a subchorionic hemorrhage) and now I'm sensitive to it because I've spotted during my LP for the past 4 months. (I guess that's a different topic)


I was nursing my girl last night and my nipple was on fire! (This was my first sign that AF probably wasn't going to come - I was 2 days late already). In general, I didn't have too much discomfort while nursing through my first pregnancy. What DID cause discomfort was my son (then 17 months) starting labor while nursing, my water broke (while he was nursing) and he picked up the contractions BIG time when he nursed (I was only in labor for 3 hours).


Yes, he turned into a nursing monster when baby came - wanting to nurse everytime she did... but, in my opinion, he was still a baby! I'm hoping that my daughter will be a bit better, as she will be around 26-27 months when new baby comes. I don't mind tandem nursing. It was nice to not have to worry about where my toddler was, but it was also nice when he was ready to wean.


He actually tried to nurse last week after a 2 month hiatus. He latched on and gave me this look and said, "Ewwww... YUCKY MAMA!" (lol - my husband and I cracked up!)

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Yeah I'm pretty sure that's what's going on with me. I had some spotting that was scary and my midwife had me go get progesterone cream. I also spot during my LP (though it was slowly decreasing the amount of days). So I'm hoping the cream makes the bleeding stop. :-)
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Still nursing my 5 month old! 
I have no idea what to expect over the coming months as how things will go. I don't want to wean her before a year (or at all, really, until she is ready) but I have read that sometimes they will strike in late pregnancy because the milk changes. 
I have no clue if tandem nursing would work out either...

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Originally Posted by StartingAllOver View Post

Still nursing my 5 month old! 
I have no idea what to expect over the coming months as how things will go. I don't want to wean her before a year (or at all, really, until she is ready) but I have read that sometimes they will strike in late pregnancy because the milk changes. 
I have no clue if tandem nursing would work out either...

i want to encourage you to just roll w/ it!  


when i got pregnant w/ a 9 month old, she made it through pregnancy (kinda faded off at the end, but didn't wean) and she jumped right back in the tandem nursing the day the baby was born.  i LOVED nursing the 18 month old and new born together.  they would pet each other's heads (did it at the same time often- i have one side that is super exuberant so tandem nursing was a blessing for me)  she weaned when the baby was about 3-4 months old.  still early, but not super early.  my kids seem to wean and potty train around the same time, which was 21 months for her.  shrug.gif


also, even though i nursed through my 3rd and 4th pregnancies, my 3rd child was my BIGGEST.  by a long shot.  still is.  she's aiming for 6ft if she keeps going.  she's 4 and is the size of a 6 year old.  i was relieved that she didn't seem to be smaller or deprived of nutrients.


my last DD3 weaned when i was about 3-5 months pregnant w/ DS2.  i was sad, but she was fine and she is an amazing eater!  so i have good experiences in both directions, weaning in late pregnancy and also tandem nursing for almost a year w/ one set of girls.


welcome and blessings and rest to you!!!  i'm only 10 months PP and it's early and intense for me!  i can't imagine 5 months!!! (though i do cycle then....)

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I'm still nursing my 2 year old. It's the longest time I've ever nursed a baby and I am so thrilled about that. She also never had a bottle. smile.gif She still nurses for like 45 minutes. I know she's probably not getting a ton of milk, but she insists and persists. I'll just keep nursing her as long as she wants it and hope she doesn't fall apart if I end up tandem nursing. She's pretty attached to me. smile.gif
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Hi Everyone, I'm nursing my almost 2 year old and planning on letting her decide when she wants to wean, I'm hoping to tandem nurse, I did the same thing with her older ds and he weaned around 3.5 without too much fuss, but I felt it really helped him feel involved and not like he was being pushed aside when the new baby arrived.


I haven't experienced any spotting in any of my pregnancies thus far anyway, although I was having some mid cycle spotting before getting pregnant, but that was occurring before O and I'm not sure if it was due to nursing? I'm surprisingly feeling worried about my lack of nausea (even though it's early only a little over 4 weeks),  I have been pretty sick with the last two pregnancies usually starting around 6 weeks, so it's probably coming it's just easy to not feel pregnant enough. The first time I was pregnant I had tons of breast tenderness but that hasn't happened with the last two pregnancies and I'm assuming it's because I'm nursing, but it was rather reassuring the first time early on.


I hope you're all doing well and good luck with the nurslings and new pregnancies!

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MamatoD, I had the same worries about lack of nausea but mine has started kicking in now at 5 weeks 4 days.  And it comes and goes and is just a vague sensation most of the time.  By 8 weeks with my son I was miserable so there is lots of time for symptoms to kick in!


I was terribly concerned about not feeling "pregnant enough" but I can confirm that I am indeed starting to feel all the symptoms intensify as I get closer to 6 weeks.  


As for breasts, I had nothing until yesterday, now my nips are super duper sore (mostly when my son latches) and boobs growing.  I don't think all women get a lot of breast changes if they are nursing while pregnant.  My friend didn't even get nursing pain until 12+ weeks.  

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I don't think I ever got sore nipples when I was pregnant and nursing last time, but things definitely got uncomfortable. Like a heebeegeebees type of feeling.
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