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Incredible Doctor in Chicago area (Western Suburbs) (Naperville) Recommendation

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We have a family practitioner who is the most incredible doctor I have ever had.  His practice is in danger of closing, due in no small part to the time he gives his patients.  I'm really saddened by this news, and I thought I would share my experience with him in the hope that other people looking for a good doctor will have the opportunity to be treated by him, and that his practice can stay afloat. If not, he will be shuttering in the next few months.


Here is my review of the practice, then I'll add some personal information that I didn't want in a general review:


"He is a throwback, in the best way. A return to the doctor who not only knows your name, but those of your children, and not just because he looked at your chart before he came into the room. A doctor who remembers what your children's interests are and what they say, in order to put them at ease and engage them the next time he sees them. Who makes Sunday evening phone calls to check up on a sick child or deliver test results. He makes house calls and delivers personal care that are exceedingly rare in the constant attention to the bottom line that seems to drive patient care these days. My family is incredibly lucky to have found him, and my children have a doctor who they look forward to seeing and consider a kind of buddy."


He offers alternative vaccine schedules, he teaches at a Chiropractic/Acupuncture school in the area and is friendly to alternative treatments and supplements.  He also supports those who opt for a more conventional approach. I feel as a patient, I have autonomy, and he is there to try to work with me, rather than issue directives. He allowed me to try to dissolve gallstones (successfully!), when the surgeon told me there was no such thing.  When pregnant with my 3rd, and with a history of PPD, he developed a preemptive plan with me, along with my husband, that included house calls if I needed him.  When I returned from the hospital after birth with a UTI, he caught the fact that the gynecologist had prescribed an antibiotic that was ineffective against e Coli.  When I had an infant who vomited constantly, he sent us to the integrative health center at Northwestern. He spends 30-60 minutes with us every time we see him.  My daughter, who has autism, adores him and when I told her he's having some money trouble, she asked if she could give him her charity money (saved to give to her beloved wolves) to help. I now live in Naperville, but used to drive from Chicago for appointments.


They haven't raised prices in 9 years, and he has refused to join a hospital or medical group because he will not cut corners on patient care.  He is asking his patients to become members of the clinic ($20 monthly for an individual $30 for a family, or $200/$300 one time annual fee).  This is not a small amount to my family, but we are gladly finding the money to try to keep the practice open, as is the other patient I know in his practice. They are also accepting new patients, if the membership is outside your current reach.


I just really wanted to spread the word.  I would hate to see a doctor so committed to his patients have to close due to rising insurance costs, declining reimbursement, and his refusal to attend only to the bottom line.  I'm not affiliated with his practice in any way, I just am a very satisfied patient who would hate to see an amazing doctor lose his practice because he will not try to see 6 patients an hour.


The accept Medicare and small insurance carriers.




Any questions at all, please feel free to PM me.

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Thanks for sharing your positive experience!

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