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First Time Mom

Poll Results: I'm taking Bradley classes and prenatal yoga. Is a doula still worth the money?

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Hello, all!


I came across Mothering while gathering information about birth doulas.  My first child, a girl!, is due March 26, 2014.  I am going to a midwifery-physician collaborative practice and plan to birth with the midwives.  I'm interesting in learning more about the birthing process and what I don't necessarily need that most hospitals automatically do.  After my pregnancy and birth, I plan to extend my natural philosophy to my own mothering.


Aside from all of that, I'm a secondary teacher.  I enjoy baking, cooking, eating :) and traveling.  I'm currently in graduate school, and when I'm not so busy, I enjoy the outdoors. 


Looking forward to learning and growing with this community, 



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Welcome Jessica and congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm going to move your post over to the Birth and Beyond forum as I think you'll get more information there. :)

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Yes, if you're planning a hospital birth, I think a doula is a must.

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yes but they don't necessarily have to be hired, they just (for me) need to be the pushiest no-nonsense person you know, or, someone with alot of medical knowledge of birth who can share that in a less emotional way.  Unless your mom does well under worrisome conditions she does not count, but my little sister does count because even if her medical knowledge is pretty limited in the hospital setting, she's practically a human bulldog.  If I say I want something and I tell her I mean it, she will make sure everyone knows it and that they give me space to decide otherwise before going up against what I said.  If my friend ends up being the one available instead, she isn't pushy at all, but she has had 6 c-sections and had every hospital intervention (sometimes necessary sometimes not) in the book.  That one knows her stuff and could explain anything the nurses are too busy to talk over with me.  This worked for me as a "doula" :).  Hope that helps.

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First time, unless you are feeling 100% confident and intuition driven and independent, yeah a person to fill the role of doula (experienced in birth and totally supportive of you and your goals and wishes) is important.

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