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For Sale: Vintage Mothering Magazines

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$60 (USD) or Best Offer
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
Vintage Mothering Magazines

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi!  I am selling some vintage Mothering Magazines that are from the 70's.  I am selling the following issues:


1. #4

2. #6

3. #7


These would be great for someone who collects these magazines and is struggling to find the oldest ones to complete their collection.  I don't read the very older ones anymore, and they have just been in a box in my closet, so its time to get rid of some of them. 


I am selling them as a set for $60.00, or individually for $25.00 each, due to how old they are and that they are in very good condition.  I will ship them through Priority Mail Flat Rate, so they get to you faster.


PM me if interested. 

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It looks like your post might have been missed, so I'm bumping it up for attention. :bump:

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