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Well, heck, told I can't bring my baby

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Husband is in the Army Reserves.  I recently agreed to become the new FRG co-leader.  Before I signed the paperwork, I asked what commitments I would have to make.  Everything the other leader told me sounded reasonable, so I signed all the documents.


Then... I found that within the next six months, Husband and I must attend a week-long training conference.  Okay, cool.  Sort of wish I had been told, but all right, that sounds fun.


Oh, you can't bring your baby.


Baby is breastfed.  She is almost 9 months.  It's very likely she will still be nursing 6 months from now if we try to stretch the training to the very end of the deadline.  Even if she isn't, a week sounds like an awfully long time for Husband and I to leave her.  Plus, I have no one to leave her with.  My mom would be the obvious choice, except she works full-time.


Is it necessary to mention that I don't want to leave her for a week anyway?


I'm quite furious about this and wish I had been told before I had agreed.


I hate to back out of what I promised to do, but I don't think I have any other choice unless I am allowed to bring Baby.


What would you guys do?

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I'm now in my third stint as an FRG leader.  Welcome to the club!


It sounds like you and your DH are going to the commanders and spouses course?  I was also asked to go to this course when my DH was first assigned his command.  However, child care was provided for us, so children were allowed to accompany us. That said, I believe all FRG leader training is available online through Army OneSource.  Here's a link to the correct site:




I would push back and request that you be allowed to complete the training online.  There is no reason that you need to be there in person.  As far as the Army is concerned, usually the threat of resigning your position is enough for people to work with you.  Volunteers are always in demand and in short supply ;).


Please update, and let me know if I can be of further assistance.



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Thank-you! I'll be looking into this!

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