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Postpartum Thread!

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I saw the idea on the October DDC and I think there is enough babies now to start one here!

So how is it going now post-birth?

How is baby sleeping? feeding? Body recovering well after birth?

And how is the family adjusting to the new addition?


AFM - Little boy sleeps by himself for hours during the day/morning and I find it so hard to sleep then. During the night (as soon as it's 10 pm), he's up and about. Last night he was up for two hours fussing before he finally slept! I kept repeating to myself "this is only temporary, soon they will adjust" to stay sane. Since the birth, I haven't slept more than 2 hours in a row so I'm starting to fantasise about sleeping for hours on end. 


Breastfeeding is going very well, and today (new) MW showed me some exercises to get those pelvic muscles back in shape. DD is in love with her new brother but I think at the same time she's stressed about all the changes. She's been very emotional lately and anything off gets her crying. I'm also having a hard time adjusting to taking care of two kids - a couple of times when they were both crying, I just wanted to go hide somewhere until all the crying stops. I didn't of course but man did I want to. Hats off to all you mamas with 3 or more! 

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Victor just passed his due date, after being born a month early.  He has grown tremendously - I just weighed him and he is 12 lbs!  And I am down to just 2 lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight (which was plenty high; I've not got much to brag about there lol).  He sleeps for three hour stretches and has about two active periods a day, for several hours at a time.  I keep him in bed with me and he takes all his other sleeps on someone's chest - mine or my mother's or my husband's.  He's also getting better at holding up his head.  He's a very good-natured baby and only cries at diaper changes or if it's taking too long to get situated to feed him.


My mother has been here since Thanksgiving, handling my house while I spend time healing from surgery and bonding with my baby.  It has been really amazing.  I'm planning to start exercising and belly binding this weekend. She'll be here until the 19th, and then my husband can take a little more time off, so I will get a pretty traditional 40 day lying-in period.  I honestly don't know how anyone manages without that.  I think my c-section healing has gone well entirely because I've been able to rest a lot and not push it.


Breastfeeding has been going well in the sense that he's getting plenty of food and it's not (usually) painful or anything, but I am troubled that he still won't nurse for very long without the nipple shield which he needed because of prematurity. I guess his mouth wasn't shaped right to get enough stimulation otherwise. I feel that at 12 lbs and at his due date he should be done with that, so we just practice a little each day. I don't like being dependent on devices.  But overall that is a small complaint.


Also, my mother is an excellent photographer and has been doing various photoshoots, so here is one of the Christmas series she did of Victor:

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Thats a great picture, missbrea! My dd1 used a nipple sheild, and they do become dependent on them, just like a bottle nipple. If you can take it away part way through the feeding, and keep taking it away earlier and earlier, you will probably be able to get him off it. Just try not to make it a battle...but you seem like a very responsive momma orngbiggrin.gif
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Aw, that's darling- love his smile!  Glad you are getting a long babymoon rest, missbrea.

I can't wait to be postpartum!!!  Though yes, the no sleeping for more than a couple hours is really not so fun, at all.  But it seems like it will be easier than what I'm doing now!!  

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Lilykay, I remember the early days with two. I'm still not sure how we got through it. It is so hard when they were both crying.

Missbrea, how wonderful that he is growing so well. Sounds llike you are doing great weaning from the shield. I'm doing a 40 days too. My mom dad and hubby are tag teaming. It is so great.

Afm, I am trying to adjust to having 4 instead of 3 like we were expecting. I still need to learn to nurse two while laying down. The boys seem to be going through a growth spurt and are nursing like crazy at night. I have no idea how long my stretches of sleep are. I tend to doze on and off from sun down to sun up....with lots of interruptions. Our middle daughter is a bit out of sorts, but loves her baby brothers very much!!
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Well, I am handling my postpartum very well. The first day after the c-sec was hard, I thought I was never going to make it just going to the bathroom. But recovery is going super fast. Today, day 6 after the surgery, I can do anything without pain (lift my legs, kneel, get up with an impulse even holding the baby, roll on the bed, etc). It took me 4 days to do all that. I am getting my stitches removed tomorrow, let's see how that goes.


I had very little lochia. I am currently using a panty liner, that's all. I had no afterpains, but I had shakes from the anesthesia, I was so cold and so shaky it made my incision hurt (that was almost inmediately after surgery). I fell asleep for two hours after nursing for the first time, and when I woke up I was normal again (and numb!)


I had UTI from the catheter, but I am on antibiotics so that didn't pose a problem.


My belly is (obviously) soft and loose, but I see improvement every day. And I am swollen, right now it's getting better but I was so swollen for the last 5 days it hurt. It was on my legs, my knees, my ankles, my feet. I didn't have swelling during pregnancy so I'm fuzzy about it, I hate feeling uncomfortable. It doesn't matter how much water I drink, what eventually got me better was to stay in bed for almost all day (today). Still, when I get up, I get swollen again. I hate it!


Today I had high blood pressure (another rare thing for me). I had 130/80. I will tell the doc tomorrow, it made my head hurt and made me see bright spots. I was worried.


I am breastfeeding, he latched very well and he is getting enough milk. Still, I feel nursing is a little too demanding for me. My nipples are sore, and he is nursing for 1 hour now, to wake up after 3 hours, maybe a little less, to nurse again. I have mixed feelings about nursing, I love seeing him with his sweet little face, attached to my breast getting his nutrition, and on the other hand it's becoming difficult for me to handle the sore nipples and the dependance. I will continue nursing, I hope this feeling will go away.


I can't wait to be normal again, that is my body, especially not to be swollen anymore. My husband was my nurse, he was (is) amazing, he took care of the baby for everything except nursing of course, he is taking care of my nutrition, cooking healthy meals (he is the one that cooks at home) and making sure I eat healthy snacks so I won't be too hungry for the next meal, because of breastfeeding and because I am on track to lose all this extra weight. I feel blessed to have this man as my life partner and father of my son.

My mom was very helpful too, but she is old so I don't want to ask her too many things.


I am also having a little bit of insomnia. When baby goes to sleep at night, it's hard for me to go to bed too. It's like I'm full of adrenaline, because I have been sleeping very few hours a day (when I usually slept 10 hours straight) and I don't feel sleep deprived.

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I'm three days postpartum now.

Milk came in yesterday. Gotta love having two boulders sitting on my chest. I can't wait for regulation in a week or so. I love nursing but I hate this phase of it. I'm a small woman and my breats get HUGE the first few weeks.

Feelinga touch of the blues, mainly in the late afternoon, evening. With the loss of light especially. I got my placenta encapsulated last night so I've started taking them.

My mom came for Sunday, Monday and today. She leaves tonight. I will miss her but I'm ready to get the house back in order a tad until my inlaw's come a few days before Xmas.

I've had two friends offer to bring meals. Which is very sweet. I'm sad no one from my church has offered any help.

Zephyr is doing so well. Very sleepy with awake periods at night, lol. Normal. Nursing great. Adored by her siblings.

I didn't tear really so recovery from that is minimal thank God. I feel achy and beat up though. My back hurts a lot. Already ready to have "my body back". Sorry if that sounds selfish.
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And the after pains! Wow! Some of them have felt like labor! :/ they are starting to get slightly better.

And I just had my first hormonal cry for no reason. I hate those because I know they are not based on reality and I have zero control.
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We are day 4 postpartum, and I am definitely still getting the angt of all this again. My milk came in this morning, which has made Henry a little more easily satisfied, but I am still so run down, and I can't remember how we ever got our other two to sleep in the co-sleeper. I think swaddling helped them sleep decent chunks, and it currently just make him mad. I lost a fair amount if blood after my labor, and opted not to have a transfusion so I am sure that is just making everything harder.
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Kali sorry you're getting bouts of the blues. I've been having them on and off but mostly after difficult nights with the babe or when DD is being a bit more clingy than usual. And no need to feel selfish about getting your body back. Today I googled "when do hips go back after birth". :Sheepish I'm not in a rush to get into my pre pregnancy jeans but I'd love to be able to get into my thick winter jacket. One really really should listen to the advice "don't try your pre pregnancy clothes so soon" but meh, I wish I'd listened. Does not close at the hips shrug.gif


16 days postpartum here! I feel everything healed very well (I had a few tears, nothing bad) but I'm still not brave enough to look. I'll wait for my doctor's appointment mid-January and when she tells me everything is ok, I'll check. Sleep is going ok, some nights better than others. Most nights he still has an "awake" period where's he fussing for almost two hours. Those really suck but at least he makes up for it by sleeping stretches of 4, 5 and occasionally 6 hours, totally unheard off with DD until she was 9 or 10 months old. 


I'm really struggling with DD though. I'm kind of blaming myself for this because before the birth, she was my one and only. Now all I want to do is snuggle with the baby and she's feeling left out. I'm putting effort to have some one-on-one time with her and reel her back in so to speak, but in all honestly (and I feel bad saying this), I feel like I'm in a new relationship and all older relationships are just annoying me right now- I want to be left alone with my new love..  I'm pretty sure it will pass, right?!

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Ooooh, LilyKay I hear you. I am feeling a bit guilty for my DS's hurt feelings.  yesterday he finally had the crying breakdown where he admitted that the new baby is making it hard for him to hold it together. Poor thing!  


I have so much to write, but no time at the present. (I can't believe I have a moment alone in the house...well, except for sleeping baby on my chest.)


Hugs to all the new mamas....adjusting is a process for everyone involved!  Let's try to be gentle with ourselves and everyone else in the home. :meditate

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earth walker I'd say it's a positive thing that he was able to articulate how he actually feels! (But ok I see he's 4). All DD says is start screaming "But I don't want to be alone!", and she screams it so loud and suddenly, it almost always wakes up the baby. I keep thinking "breath in and out - it's a phase...". 


We're almost 3 weeks here, and we're having a fussy phase right now, complete with baby-acne (side note: breastmilk is awesome for getting rid of it). Some days go so well, and some, well, let's say I may have handed DS to his dad in silence and stormed off to bed. Not proud but ah well. I also caved-in and bought a stroller. I was so proud I carried DD all the time but it's not working out too well with my little boy, mostly because we live further off from the city. I have to say, so far it's working out great in the stroller, I don't know what it is but he is sleeping seriously long stretches the moment we walk out the door. If only I can get that at night!

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Doing better. Milk production regulated so breasts are not boulders anymore. Afterpains gone too. Still getting touches on blues and still feeling achy in my stomach/uterus and back. She's doing ok sleeping at night- typically going 2-3 hours sometimes 4. 

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Im sitting here at 2am because I cant bring myself to asleep with all this first-day mucus and breathing patterns! Cant recall last sleep? Bbut he is SO sweet. And dh got dd to go to bed at home without me, for the first time ever! Change afoot..
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Roisin, who ended up attending your birth? I know your Dh was like mine and reluctant, but i really have no one else to come with me to the hospital. I have told mine he can leave for the actual birth, but he may be busy taking care of our kids anyway, so...I'm ok with giving birth alone (would prefer it, actually), but just don't know how logistics are going to work.
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He did attend, as well as my sister, and my bf midwife. It was awesome: i was laughing in the whirlpool tub. When i was really starting to have wicked contractions I was 7cm, 100%, and -1, so I got the epidural, rested, and was out in 3 contractions. But because of Stupid, stupid GBS+, i have had to be away 3 nights now. So we havent seen much of dh since the delivery.
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I'm 67 days post-partum, Noah just passed his due date on December 20th, he's 7 lbs 11 oz. He still sleeps a lot just like a newborn baby(but he technically is since he was a preemie). He sleeps pretty well during the night time, doesn't really get up much, I'm sure that will change as he gets older. He had an imperforate anus so he has an ostomy bag, he has a surgery to get that fixed in a couple of months so it's been a little challenging dealing with that especially as a first time mom and also his right airway is very narrow and he has abnormal bronchioles on that side as well so it's really important that he doesn't get sick, even a little cold could be fatal.
As far as me I'm doing great, I'm 5 pounds under my pre pregnancy weight, when I was 5 weeks post partum though I started hemmoraging and had to get a D&C to remove whatever hadn't gotten out but I'm fine now. I have an enormous stash of frozen breast milk saved up so that should last for quite a while, I hope especially since my supply has gotten lower the past few days.
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Ugh, I'm a week postpartum and I think I have mastitis in my right beast now greensad.gif My nipples are blistered and sore but especially the right one. I woke up this morning to a very sore (although not engorged) and red breast, plus I can tell I'm running a fever. Boo! Everything I've read about mastitis says you're suppose to nurse frequently on the affected side but I just can't do it right now, my nipple hurts way too much. Fortunately she's been fine just nursing on the left side and it doesn't hurt to pump the right side so I'm going to try doing that for the next few days. My nipple really needs some time to heal I think. And I swore this time I wasn't going to overdo it and make myself sick like I did after my first two. This time it wasn't from going out shopping and running around all day. No, last night I just had to repaint our older girls' bedroom. Yeah, apparently that was a little too much work for me right now.

Lily, don't feel bad about wanting so much time with your new guy. I've been the same way with my baby girl. I'm happy she ended up being born when she did. Our older girls started their Winter break the next day and have been with their other parents since last Thursday night so it's just been me, DP, and the baby at home. I'm so glad we've had this time with just the three of us, although sometimes I don't even want DP holding the baby. I want her all to myself. The girls come home on Friday so it'll be interesting to see how we all adjust.

On a positive note, I've lost 20 lbs in a week! I've never lost all my pregnancy weight so soon, plus some. Granted I only gained about 12 lbs and that was lost pretty much just by giving birth but somehow I've managed to lose another 8 lbs since then. I don't know whether to be happy or concerned about it, lol!
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ohhkayrachel - that'S lovely photo of Noah. Wow you've been through quite the ride - I hope you're getting a lot of support IRL. Hopefully it will all be soon a memory.


Trish, sorry to hear about the mastitis! Have you tried some home remedies to help it heal faster? 


I have to say, I'm jealous about the weight loss! After the birth, I lost 20 Ibs almost immediately but since I gained almost 40 in total, there is still another 20 to lose :irked. I'm trying to be patient and not do anything about it until at least 6-8 weeks postpartum but can't say I'm too successful. And it's not helping that our place is covered with cookies and christmas sweets... 


How is everyone sleeping? We're now on the fourth week and the nighttime fussiness has started in full force. Come evening, DS starts to cry and fuss, argh I remember that from DD and I hoped we'd skip it this time around but no, last night he was crying for an hour and would only calm down a bit when DP walked him in a funny dancing way shrug.gif . He's also doing shorter stretches of sleep now. On the bright side, DP and I are not freaking out like we did with DD and are handling this pretty well if I do say so myself kewl.gif

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Awww hugs to little Noah and his family! I hope for a smoother road for you soon.

Trish, I have healed myself of three bouts of mastitis with Master Tonic and oil of oregano. Unpleasant but worth it!

Weight loss: no idea, we have no scale. My uterus isn't back to where it should be yet obviously so I still look somewhat pregnant. I gained the most weight with this baby (close to fifty pounds), so I expect it to take time. I don't care S much about my looks, I just want to start exercising so i can strengthen my back and stomach muscles. They get sore and tired easily.

Sleep: not bad. In about 3-6 hour increments, depending on the day. Last three nights she has slept for six hours, sometimes when we want her to, like from 9:30pm on, sometimes she will be kinda fussy until midnight or later, then sleep a long stretch. She throws up a lot. Starting her on infant probiotics as soon as they come in the mail, hopefully it will help, they have before with my other kids. Hope to take her to the chiropractor soon too.

Zephyr is starting to have slightly more awake time during the day but is still sleepy. Maybe we should go out on another date with her while she is still sleepy, lol. Being diligent and watchful to. Make sure her neck turns both ways equally. My last baby had torticollis and resulting plagiocephaly so that he had to be in a corrective cranial band for five months. Hoping she won't have those issues but if she does I want to catch it early.

I've been doing too much,I guess, as my bleeding has picked back up. :/ but its hard to not be active with four children 6 and under in my house all the time. Plus when the inlaw's were over for Christmas I spent time cleaning up after them..
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