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I officially hate you now Taryn, lol! That's pretty awesome. I'm under my pregnancy weight but my hips are still wider than they were before. I can get my jeans on but they're not super comfy.
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Omg, I have soo far to go before I fit into pre-pregnancy anything...ah well!!

The most awful thing happened to me today: I forgot to put a pad on when I got dressed, and went with the kids to a friend's house. As I knocked on her door, I felt blood start pouring down there. Like, A LOT. I had to get the kids undressed and slip straight to her bathroom, where my undies were soaked and even my jeans were a bit stained greensad.gif. I sopped up my undies and wrapped tons and tons of TP around my undies, all of which took way too long, so that was awkward too...then I stayed on a kitchen chair cause was paranoid about leaking again on their furniture, and kept dashing off to the bathroom during the visit. Talk about humiliating!!
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Lida - that is a teenage girl nightmare. I used to be paranoid about getting my period somewhere and not being prepared. You couldn't just steal a pad from her bathroom?

And the jeans I fit into are my fat girl jeans. They are the one size up jeans I had to buy after my last baby but I was still happy they fit. ;-) they are old navy jeans and they stretch out so much though. I think I need to suck it up and buy one nice pair of jeans that fit really well instead of cheap ones all the time.

My bday kinda stunk otherwise. Since I share it with DD it always becomes her day and I don't get a special day at all. I feel selfish saying it but I really need to feel special sometimes too... Dh and I did go out to dinner but I found a sitter, made the reservation, printed the coupon, etc etc etc. I wish he would take the initiative sometimes without me nagging him to do it. We had a small family party for DD so I spent half the day cleaning beforehand and just did all the dishes after... Sigh. I need to try to be more grateful...
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oh I totally get that, Taryn. Its hard always being the mom. Always holding everybody else! Happy bday, btw!


Lida- thats whens its time to rummage though someones cupboards! 


I reckon I'm a good ten lbs away from pre pregnancy weight, and I have no doubt its all the postpartum goody binging. Midwife friend told me today that bleeding is a sign that your uterus is not yet back to normal- so I hoping that my belly will still go down a bit. I can't wait to get back to exercising- maybe I'll get to some yoga this week.

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Taryn, sorry your birthday kind of stunk. It is hard to be the mommy who takes care of stuff.

Lida, yikes on the no pad episode. I know if woman went in my bathroom hoping to find feminine products, she would usually be out of luck since I wear cloth reusable pads. Right now I have disposable but I am about ready to go back to my reusables again.
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Lol, my friend is older...not sure she still gets her period, but her guest bathroom is just a toilet, a sink and magazines...no chance of finding anything!

Taryn, that really sucks about your bday!!! My mom and I have a bday 2 days apart and she's always just lumped it up as "our" birthday (except when I was a kid...I did get bday parties)...it's not at all special, since we don't exchange presents or anything. And my DH is like yours...no initiative. This past year he forgot my birthday period. Our real estate agent sent me flowers and then he realized what he'd done. 😔

To be honest, I haven't tried my fat girl jeans yet...they probably fit, but so do my maternity jeans, so, meh! I like the stretchy waist!!!
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great, I have prolapse. Feels very weird, trying not to freak- but I haven't even had a postpartum visit yet. Will go asap and see what the heck is going on.

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Idk if this is a dumb question but what's prolapse?
And on the jean subject, I aggravated a hernia during labor and had to wear a belly band to help it heal. The belly band had be back in pre pregnancy jeans within the first week, although they were fairly big to begin with, but it feels like they fit me the same..
And I haven't bled in quite a while. Hubby and I were back at it in two weeks lol.
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Oh, Roisin! I am sorry to hear about the complication! I believe there are different types of prolapse, so I'll let Roisin give the details....but basically pelvic floor muscle or uterus or some other part is no longer where it should be.


I  was 6 wks yesterday...and after 2 weeks of no bleeding, I started spotting again. What's up with that?!? My PP appt is tomorrow, so I guess we'll find out what my midwife has to say.  

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Earthwalker: it's called the six week bleed and it's very normal. Not a period or lochia, just more weird hormonal changes.
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I always start bleeding again but at about the one month mark, very similar to a period. I was pissed when it happened after my first, thinking I was going to immediately start my menstrual cycle again despite exclusively breastfeeding on demand. But it's just the one time "period" then I usually get a 6 month break before AF resumes again.
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I started bleeding at that point too after dd2. Our bodies can be so weird. I wasn't concerned since with nfp any bleeding before 60 days or so is considered locchia and not menstruation..

Dh and I dtd and I was a lot more sore than I thought. My perineum was fine since I didn't tear or get stitches but the birth must've done something to my vaginal wall because there were a few spots that hurt a lot. I still enjoyed it enough but I'm disappointed since I was expecting to feel normal.
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I always find I'm sore the first month or so of DTD, especially at penetration. I keep having two or three days of no bleeding then, bam! I'm gushing again! Silly body...
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 I was afraid my period had started,too, despite exclusive BF. With DS AF came after 9 mos. Glad to hear the bleeding is common. My midwife didn't seemed concerned about it either. I was surprise that the visit didn't include a vaginal exam, but hey! no complaints here.  Now I am officially cleared to go back to work,which I will do after one more week of home time with the family.


I was sore while DTD for the first time last night. I didn't mention to DH, b/c I didn't want to stop. :wink  I did get a couple of stitches and had some skid marks, too. So I guess it is to be expected.  Hope it goes away soon!!

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Ugh yesterday I got a milk blister on one nipple. Talk about excruciating pain! Each time a baby latched on I would nearly scream out in pain. Emailed my lll leader and she called me and talked me through what to do. Basically I had to pop the blister like it was a milk filled zit. Finally this morning after the baby nursed the blister was poppable and the backup oozed out. Pain is gone now. It was terrible.
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That sounds awful!
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Ow, Lilac that sounds painful!

We still haven't dtd...I'm just really not interested in it yet, although DP keeps making it clear he is, lol! Kind of glad I'm still bleeding so I can use that as an excuse wink1.gif Baby still will only stay asleep if I'm holding her or she's laying next to me so that makes it a little hard to get intimate. Plus she's never ready to go to bed til around 11. There's only been one night that she slept in the bassinet and that took me standing next to it and holding the pacifer in her mouth for 45 minutes til she was deep asleep. It doesn't seem to matter how long I hold her after she's asleep before laying her down, she will only stay asleep another 5-10 minutes once I put her down. I've tried the bassinet, swing, and bouncer chair but it's the same result. The last two days I've just been wearing her in one of my carriers most of the day so she can get some decent sleep and I can actually get off the couch and get stuff done. She's five weeks already so I'm hoping I can start getting her on a more regular schedule soon.
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Back from lurking... Kali thanks for mentioning this, I didn't know there is a six-week-bleed. That would explain things. Exactly at six weeks I had something that looked pretty much like a regular period. Now two weeks later I'm spotting again.

DTD after birth with DD hurt like hell. It was horrible and I was crying about it thinking I'm all broken. This time around I actually kind-of felt like it but went for it mostly to stop DP from literally groping me all the time. I'm already touched out from baby on me the whole day and then DD hovering around me. It went very well and I was surprised that it barely hurt so yay for that... at least that's one thing behind me. Not excited about worrying about contraception all over again.

Trish, almost 8 weeks here and I'm having the same problem with daytime napping. He will only nap in the carrier and even that is after a lot of fussing. I literally have to hold his head and go into a dark room. This has to change very soon as my back is killing me. He's close to 14 pounds already and filling out his 3 to 6 month old clothes. Lugging him around all day is exhausting but it is the only way I can get off the couch/out of bed. I am so grateful though that he is a wonderful nighttime sleeper - it's such a relief after what I went thru with DD. A sort of schedule is FINALLY starting to appear but I'm planning to set it more actively once he reaches 3 months. With DD I was against schedules in the beginning but gave in at 4 (or 5?) months and it was a tremendous relief for both of us.

On a more positive note, he started recognising me (as in his mama love.gif) and smiling/cooing at me. Nature/God has made a very clever design in babies, when screaming in the afternoon/early evening - I'm all like what was I thinking having another baby. Then he coos at me once, I'm all a puddle squealing with delight "ohhhhhh he just smiled. GET THE CAMERA!"
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DS is actually a very decent daytime sleeper...because I put him on his tummy. If I put him on his back he just starts flailing as soon as I put him down...DD2 was the same. At night we co -sleep,o he sleeps on his back on my arm/boob, but I can't spend all day holding him, my back is already so sore from all the fussy bouncing I do.

Lol on groping Dhs!! Mine too, so we dtd yrsterday. It was my Dh 's bday. And I 'm tired of giving Bjs, lol. We'll have to start thinking of contraception again here too, soon. At 3 weeks I 'm not too worried about it yet...

Still having nightly screaming fits here...we had the three week growth spurt eating all day marathonon Friday. fun times!

Sorry for the crappy tying, baby in arms!
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Uh yeah, the groping...that's about the only reason I'll probably give in here soon. Lida, you're much nicer than me...DP will "suggest" a bj when I turn him down for dtd and I tell him unless he's become flexible enough to take care of it himself it's not happening. I'm way too tired and completely touched out by the end of the day to care about taking care of DP's needs.

I keep trying to put DD on her tummy to sleep but it doesn't seem to help either. Of course, today she's been sleeping almost all afternoon so now I'm afraid we're going to have an all nighter. Guess I should get some sleep while I can.
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