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lol on the groping! yeah, my whole household pretty much revolves around my glorious breastesses. every member would like access at any given moment. dtd a while ago, and it wasn't bad at all- I would have thought I was back to normal, but then I had what I thought was a prolapse the next day. Turns out it wasn't, rather it was at 4 weeks pp what they call "low vaginal tone": what my midwife friend has been jokingly calling a baggy bag. Hardeehar. Not funny. Anyway, it felt like a vaginal wall had collapsed and was pretty much falling out. Apparently it might all return to normal in a few weeks, but its from having a big baby with a big head. I got a referral for a pelvic muscle pt specialist preemptively. Even if it all goes back to normal on its own it certainly won't hurt to do some pt. Don't fancy a baggy vagina. 


I had 6 week bleeding last time, but then I did get my period 30 days later, and kept a regular cycle after. I don't know what to do this time- ds only nurses every 3-4 hours so I reckon it will  be the same this time. 

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Oh, wow, that sucks about getting your cycle back so soon! Mine usally returns around 15 months, after I go back to work.

DS is living on myboobs, DD2 has decided that she still needs to nurse even tho she was weaned, and DH spends all his time devising new ways to make time for dtd. I feel like the cat being chased by Pepe Lepieu (sp?) in Looney Toones...only DD1 has no interest in my boobs, but wants to play "la leche league meeting" all the time while she nurses her doll...
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My husband wouldn't dare suggest sex until I brought it up...will be a couple months probably and he knows it!
Robin is just 12 days old so I am in a very different place than most of you ladies. He sleeps 3-4 hour stretches at night so that's awesome. we have a cold cycling thru the house so that's not fun. Baby does not like the snot sucker!
I tore so am still in bed resting. My husband is doing a great job caring for the house and kids, and my mom is here too now for a couple weeks. He was supposed to go back to work tomorrow but baby is so little- so much for planning ahead- because he was 3 weeks past due that he isn't going back until next week! He is a teacher and they voted to strike on Feb. 6th so that's very stressful!
I love seeing all the sweet baby pictures- well done, all!
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Pepe Lepieu!! Oui oui! hahahaha. Around hère its Pepe and the Milk Pigs.

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Pepe and the Milk Pigs? Yeah my babies are sleeping longer at night but during the day it seems they could nurse ald day long. After that milk blister, it seems
That every time my littlest baby nurses on that side I am in pain but not when
The bigger baby nurses. no pain when the little baby nurses on the other side. Very weird. Makes it hard to switch sides so I don't get disproportionate boob sizes. Should I worry?
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Worry about what disproportionate boob size?Lol. I think it's next to impossible to keep them the same size. This baby my right one is the big one. Last baby it was the left. :-) and as far as the pain, I wouldn't worry too much. It's probably still a little tender and the smaller baby has a slightly different latch.
And my boy wakes three or four times a night? How does everyone count when they're half asleep? Haha, and he also wants to be up for a while after his feeding that usually happens around six am. Hubby recently went from second shift to first so we are all adjusting toddler is waking around eight or so lately? like I said, still adjusting. We used to sleep till ten a.m. everyday. Now I've been up at six or so...so loving my coffee lately! Lol
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Yeah, coffee is veeerry popular here too...we have decided to buy a coffee make because our bodum just isn't cutting it anymore, lol! Although, I do make it half decaf because coffee is one of those drinks I can sip all day long. Around noon I switch to full decaf, so that the baby isn't wired, lol!

We had our 4 week checkup this morning and baby is 8lb9oz!!! That's a huge gain for him, over three pounds since birth!! And my milk supply is very robust this time around. Last baby it was just good enough, but I think its because i was so, so tired and not taking care of myself. DD2 has had a fever/cough/sneezing since Saturday, and now the baby has a cough too, in spite of trying keep them separated. Sigh. Hopefully it doesn't turn into anything serious. We are still dealing with 2-3 hours of screaming here, and waking up as soon as I put him down. I have developed a passion for watching Top gear uK, because there is lots to look at even if I can 't hear a word they 're saying, lol!!!

Oh, and I have lost 30 lbs, so 20 more to go from this pregnancy, and another 20 left over from DD1. Boo!
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We got a little Bialetti espresso maker for Christmas that I am crazy about. DD has a rotten cough, too, and DH just came down with it, so I am REALLY hoping that Jamesie stays clear!

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Oh no, sick nurslings are so sad...my baby wasn't yet two weeks old and had boogers, was sneezing and snarling...poor thing. I feel better today and he seems to be too.
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Back from lurking (again!). OK the Pepe le Pew one made my day :D


Nights are awesome, a dream really. DS settles by 8 pm at the latest, and wakes up twice, around 1-2 am and then again somewhere between 5-6 am. I am truly truly grateful for this. No one is sleep deprived.


HOWEVER, the day are not good. Actually the only reason I'm not sinking into a very dark mood is because the nights are good. He will not sleep more than 30 minutes (15 of which are spent putting him to sleep). The only way he will is if I carry him and even then it takes a lot of work plus no is allowed to make ANY noise.

My magic solution with DD to get her to sleep back then, you know - the boobs, do not work on this little boy. He will take it but I guess I'm having oversupply or something because once he's full he'll start choking, screaming and throwing up. DD used to suckle all day long without one complaint, I'm wondering what's different?! I'm scratching my head here wondering why does he settle at night so easily but is so difficult to get him to nap during the day?!


It will pass.. it will pass... 

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Oh my gosh, LilyK mine is the same! I figured it was because I am tandeming- the poor little dude is always gagging and choking, and when he's full, he's done. He rarely falls asleep at the breast. Ive been thinking that while this is short run inconvenient sometimes (like, dragging myself up to the yoga ball at 5am), its long run awesome. DD wanted to be suckling 24 hours (still would!). However, maybe he is just going to be smaller? He has kinda smaller feet- has anyone else noticed a correlation between feet size and adult height? 

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rosin funny enough, DD would also have suckled 24/7 if I let her but her brother is a lot bigger (both height and weight) than she was at his age so who knows!

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yes, my boy is bigger, too. Maybe its nothing! 

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I'm a bit jealous with all you ladies getting groped....DH is just not the groping type.  But DS! Oh, yes, he loves to try to grab the boobies while DD is nursing! (When he is feeling sweet and not so rambunctious, he will kiss my chest above DD's head...and I think that is really sweet although I try not to encourage it...but I don't swat him away like I do when he tries to grope me with his hand.)


The good news is that DH and I DTD again, and the pain is gone. Woo-hoo! Now if we could just find a private moment when we are not dead-tired, we would really be having fun.


DD is also not as much of a nurser as DS was, and I had a hard time not worrying about it at first.  At first whenever she fussed at the boob because she so tired and not really hungry....I worried, and kind of took it personally. shrug.gif  She does often fall asleep while nursing, but if she is really tired and fussy, and i try to get her to settle down with the boob....she will get pissed. She rather have a paci....which I find annoying...sometimes I will wait until she gives in and takes the boob. We are definitely using a pacifier more than I ever did with DS, and I am definitely feeling conflicted about it.


So tomorrow we are 8wks PP. I have not lost anymore weight this past month. :eyesroll But then again I have only truly exercised one day so far. That was last week, and my thighs were so sore the next day.  My lower back definitely has been sore from lack of abdominal strength AND carrying baby all the time.  Must find time to exercise!


Since I have been home I have been all decaf coffee...but it is still an essential part of my day. And I am leaning heavily on dark chocolate every day.

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I think when they sleep longer stretches there's a mor intense let down of milk so then they choke and get gassyand scream...whereas if they suckle all day it's not like that. My baby sleeps 2-3 hours at a time and is up 2 or 3 times at night and is a choking nurser too.

My mom leaves Sat then I'm on my own! Baby is just almost 3 weeks. Dealing with hemmoroids and hating it. Yuck! They are painful, I had no idea and was not prepared! Now am using New Mama Bottom balm, rescue remedy cream and witch hazel pads. Hop they go away before I'm up driving and doing everything next week, but I have no idea how long it'll take...

I'm ten pounds from my prepregnancy weight and am loving my maternity pants with the over belly band. I don't think I'll ever go back to regular jeans again!
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Ahhhh!!!! We have been nursing pretty much non-stop since Thursday am!!!! Nurse, poop, scream, sleep for 30 min, repeat!!! Omg!!!

Ok, done venting.

Got something like a period this week too.

Upside: DS started accepting a pacifier as of yesterday, so that's helping a bit.

Gotta go, he's awake again greensad.gif
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(((hugs) lidamama!  DD would hardly sleep during the day if it weren't for baby carrying and a pacifier....well, unless we were willing to just sit on the couch with her all day, but ummm..sorry sweet babies, we adults got things that need to get done -- like got potty ourselves from time to time.


Jenny, I escaped hemmoroids, but i have heard how painful they can be. Hope yours heal up fast!

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@Lidamama84 My husband wants to give our youngesteson sedatives for that reason even though the doctor said that crying like that is "normal". I just need my husband to be patient. He refuses to use the baby carrier.
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There is a silver lining in everything, I don't know if it is the flu or a bad cold but I had a really bad fever and could barely move yesterday. So DS just lay next to me and all I could do is breastfeed him when he wanted. I let him fuss and cry past the point I'd usually pick him up. Way way past. I was surprised that it almost never evolved into screaming like I imagined, he eventually found his thumb and put himself to sleep. Several times! Color me shocked! Today I'm feeling better but I didn't learn much from yesterday. I'm again picking him up too quickly because him fussing makes my heart ache, "oh nooooo, don't cry baby, mommy is here!!". I really need to toughen up and let him figure it out a bit before I come swooping in.


Lida - for now I've given up on longer naps. He does not nap anywhere for more than 30 minutes. Not the carrier, the bed, on my arms, or the stroller. 30 minutes and he's up smiling. Tired again in an hour or so. Our saving grace is he sleep really long stretches at night. I keep saying that in awe because we suffered so much with DD until she slept 5 hours through.


Lilac - I know they say it is normal, does not make it less hard. It really does go away after a while, it's just hard to believe when you're in the midst of it all. With DD, I'd hand DH the baby and just disappear out of reach (after I made sure she's fully fed). It was the only way he learned to deal with her by himself. Before, he'd just bring her to me and say "I think she's hungry!".


I feel the newborn stage is slowly going away. DS is so much more alert and I'm giving him a lot of quiet "play time" a la RIE. He's started actually spending sometimes a good 20 minutes look around occasionally chewing on his thumb/hand. Though sometimes I feel "poor second baby", not getting a lot of attention as his sister did. 

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It seems like the hysterical cryin,is new though. I mean he cried before but now is more high pitched and "I am in pain" or something worthy. Only my youngest seems to cry like that. Of course, edward just was quiet/peaceful/asleep for the last four hours.
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