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So I'll be 3 weeks post-partum tomorrow, so i am going to try to give a quick update here.


I tore slightly with DD, so I had soreness for the first week, but nothing bad...esp. compared to my c/s recovery. The afterpains were manageable with ibuprofen, and only lasted about 3 day.  I did have a couple emotional breakdowns the first week, but that seems to have passed, too.  So overall, all is well.


I still have some slight discomfort down below, but mainly at the end of the day after sitting for too long.  The weird part is that I feel soreness in the front of my girly parts...not where I tore...or where baby came out. Is that normal?


I have lost 20 lbs so far. I am just 5 lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight. If I weren't making cookies everyday, I might lose more...but we celebrate all 12 days of Christmas...so I am not going to worry about it for a little bit longer.  I do want to start exercising some...just to help build up my back strength and stretch out sore muscles. (My posture always slips when I do not stretch or exercise, and with nursing, my posture is even worse. I can really tell in my mid-back and neck/shoulders.)


Still bleeding, but not much. Sleep is great compared to with DS. DD wakes a couple times to nurse or go potty/need diaper change, but it hardly bothers me. It helps that I am able to sleep late in the mornings.  Also, I found it very helpful to have removed all clocks from the room. I kind of obsessed on the timing of all the wakings with DS. Not this time!

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So, Roisin will be a week old tomorrow and I feel pretty much back to normal. I've lost more than I gained while pregnant, nursing is going well, and Roisin sleeps all night as long as she's with me. Sometimes she's happy to sleep in the ring sling for hours, but sometimes she hates it. :-P I didn't tear at all, and afterpains were really mild, so no pain, yay! Although my pelvic muscles are still sore, as they have been for months. Not sure what I can do to help that along.

I really need to write up the birth story soon. Just haven't had much chance to sit at the computer rather than surfing the net from my phone.

Oh, also, the kids have been super excited about the baby. They all want to hold her all the time. Diarmuid (5) told me that she's "cuter than dogs!"
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10 days pp after c section. Starting to feel like me again. So thankful DH is home today and tomorrow. Taking care of twins is intense. William doesn't like to wake up to eat and was 3 oz below his birth weight at his check up today. have to go back next week, ugh. Need to find someone to drive me since I still can't lift both babies in their car seats because of surgery scar healing. My loss of freedom to just do what needs to be done is annoying because scar needs to heal. Can't sit on couch because my back starts to hurt where the spinal was inserted. Slept sitting up last night in order to feed babies to sleep and keep them sleeping. They just want to be next to a warm body, I think.
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Lilac, having twins is a whole different ball game, but the recommendation is to not introduce pacifiers until at least 6 weeks, as young babies need to feed really often and your body needs to be signalled to make as much milk as they need from constant suckling, Especially with twins. I cant imagine how intense it must be for you, though. Hugs.
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DD seems to have a very high sucking need. My MW told me at our 3 day pp visit that giving her a pacifier should be fine. It's not likely to cause nipple confusion as there's no food coming from it. Quiet honestly my nipples just couldn't handle the constant nursing so it's been a blessing. It's very obvious when she wants to eat and when she just wants to suck because if she's hungry the paci just makes her mad.

Lilac, my baby was still 4 Oz under birth weight at 9 days so we have to go back on Thursday for a recheck. My MW suggested pumping off some of the foremilk before nursing so she's getting mainly the fattier hindmilk. Probably not as easy to do with twins though.
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I have a pump but it didn't come with instructions. Haven't had time to look them up. Tonight every time he cries to breast William goes! Also waking him up to feed even if he doesn't want to all day and night. If I have
To sit up t feed them and sleep like that I will. That really got them to sleep a longer stretch last night. I swaddled them up tonight so hopefully no abrupt change in temp from my body to their side carred crib.
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Earthwalker- totally normal for that whole region to be sore. You were using muscles to push that don't get much action otherwise.

I am one day postpartum. So glad to be on this end of things finally!

We are still in the hospital. Normally we go home after 24 hours but since it's new years day and we can't see our family doctor today they wouldn't let us leave last night unless we signed out AMA and it was more trouble than it's worth. Hoping to be out of here by ten this morning.

I'm feeling really good. Since I didn't tear or need stitches it's been my easiest recovery so far. However Linnea is my smallest baby by almost a pound and my large nipples are having a hard time fitting into her tiny mouth. So I'm getting pretty sore.

And last night I think I got about two hours of sleep. Right now I'm up to 3 for tonight. I can't sleep with her nursing because I'm too sore. After she fussed at the breast from ten to midnight I gave up and swaddled her and gave her a pacifier until she fell asleep. I'm afraid of doing nipple damage if I let her nurse constantly. My others have always latched on very easily. This is a whole new experience.
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Is there a lactation consultant you can see? My nipples were getting really beat up, the right one to the point that I had to stop nursing on that side and just pump for two days. A LC came by and it turns out it was a simple positioning problem. I had her too high up when she latched on and she was pinching off part of my nipple. Just that little change has helped so much. The LC also left a nipple shield to protect my nipple while it heals but I can't seem to get it on right and it seems like it annoys DD so I haven't been using it.
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We have an appointment with a tongue tie doc tomorrow. I think she has a posterior tongue tie. Trying to avoid the expense of an ibclc this time. Since I'm a lll leader and this is baby number four I feel pretty knowledgeable about all this breastfeeding stuff. If he says she isn't tongue tied than I'm going to be concerned.

First few hours home with all the kids were challenging. The almost five year old wanted to hold the baby constantly but she has a cough that my mil thinks may be bronchitis so its been hard telling her no. DH is doing great with the big kids but I'm kind of on my own taking care of me and baby. He picked up the kids and got himself and them lunch forgetting about me so I nuked some chicken nuggets...
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I think my dh actually had a good nights sleep. Babies didn't cry too much at each night waking so he was able to sleep through. I slept through his alarm this morning which never happens. Fed babies now going back to sleep.
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I'm 5 days postpartum now and I think we're starting to figure things out. Tearing and stitches from the birth are healing and not too painful. I do get crampy and sore when I've overextended myself.

Sleep is hard. I didn't want to do cosleeping, but it's easier to let her sleep on my chest after nursing. I'm just worried about myself falling asleep like this. Will I drop her? Suffocate her? We have so many pillows and blankets in the bed to help get comfortable during breastfeeding, I'm just nervous about sleeping. And she wakes up when I try to put her in the bassinet next to the bed.
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Originally Posted by millerin View Post

Sleep is hard. I didn't want to do cosleeping, but it's easier to let her sleep on my chest after nursing. I'm just worried about myself falling asleep like this. Will I drop her? Suffocate her? We have so many pillows and blankets in the bed to help get comfortable during breastfeeding, I'm just nervous about sleeping. And she wakes up when I try to put her in the bassinet next to the bed.


Well, i hate to say it, it might be easier but it is not safe sleeping. Baby sleeping in bed with you is fine, baby sleeping surrounded by loose soft things isn't. hugs. 

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millern, i was the same with my first- she wouldnt be put down, house was cold, i would fall asleep exhausted with on me and then wake up in a panic. Like, ten times a night. Have you tried swaddling? This time, i feed him, change him, and swaddle him up, then when he falls asleep i lay him on his back right next to me in bed. I keep my shirt open and have him as close to my breath and skin as he wants, but i keep the pillows and blankets away from him. So far its working and feels safe. I think one thing that helped was having dh hold him for a good few two-three hour stretches so that i was completely wrecked. I'd be interested to hear how you more experienced mamas co-sleep safely.
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Agreed, it's not safe. I hadn't set up the bed for safe cosleeping and if we're going to end up doing it, I've got to plan differently. Roisin, it's helpful to hear what's worked for you. I'm interested I hearing what others do as well.

Planning tonight to let her sleep on my chest while I'm awake. Then swaddle and try the bassinet again. Been sleeping/napping a lot today so I shouldn't be as exhausted tonight.

I also have a home visit scheduled for early next week with my postpartum doula. If I can't figure out a safe, workable solution by then, I'll have her help me redo my current setup.
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Co sleeping is hard. I am super tired tonight so even without pillows and blankets by the baby it still doesn't feel completely safe. But she wakes whenever I try I put her down. She just slept for a 3 hour stretch on my chest. When I Co sleep I wake up in the exact position I went to sleep in so that doesn't concern me but I worry about dh pulling a blanket too high while he's sleeping, etc. thankfully he's been good so far and Is wearing a thick sweatshirt to bed so he's warm without a blanket.
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My babies were waking up because they were cold. Now I change them, swaddle them, nurse them, and because the swaddles keep them in a state of warm from me, they have been sleeping 2 or 3 hours at a stretch. one baby barely likes to wake up for the next feed because he is cozy warm.
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That's great, Lila! We've discovered Jet is big on swaddling, too.... It has to be a good, firm swaddle.

For co-sleeping, dh and I have our own individual blankets, which means I can be sure dh won't cover baby up. I also keep him on a bassinet mattress, so there's a bit of buffer before either of us touches him (the mattress is a little crinkly.

I my back/umbilical hernia is SO sore! I didn't get my binder in time, so for now I'm using a stiff blanket to support myself- much better with it. Dh is going to pick my real one up tomorrow.

Jet..., failed his cardiac screening. The NICU took him for nearly 2 hours (after 3 hours of testing) Thankfully , they decided it was some kind of error . We are emotionally drained, and on the final stretch of observation ( NICU monitoring him in our room). Hoping to be discharged tomorrow.
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Gabriel is big on cosleeping too, although he is really good about being put down, he will only sleep that way for 15 min or so. Either way, because his blood sugar is being monitored, I am keeping him as warm as possible. We both slept a 4 hour stretch last night, which is unheard of for my kids, but then his blood sugar was a tiny bit too low, so they had to take more and send it to the lab. Grr. All was normal, of course! If all goes well, we should be able to go home this evening. I cannot believe how much this guy pooped and peed yesterday!!!

My mom left last night, so DH is on his own with the kids today and all of us tonight. Should be interesting. Kinda annoyed my mom left, its not like shes a super present grandmother, but she doesn't work or anything, so I dunno where shes rushing off to...
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Ophelia I hope everything gets worked out with Jet's heart.

Lida, feed that baby as much as you can to keep his blood sugar up. It was one of things that stressed me out the most
- baby getting heal sticks to check his sugar levels.
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Just had a stressful few minutes. I've been having trailing membranes (pieces of the membranes left inside) so I've been a bit freaked out about that. Thought it was done but passed another clot and then my toddler was covered in hives and the baby was fussing needing to nurse all with two minutes. Dh was about to lose it. Gave the toddler Benadryl, texted pic of clot to midwife who said it is still within the realm of normal, and fed the baby. Crisis averted.
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