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Go Taryn!! I got home this evening and am already feeling overwhelmed by three littles. dH is doing his best but doesn't understand how to supervise the two oldest, so they keep barging in on me. Baby keeps screaming if I put him down to go do something and our new matress is waay too squishy too bedsharing, so I am going to give the bassinet my 100% before I pull out the futon mattress and go back to sleeping on the floor in another room. Sigh. And next week DH goes back to work and I am on my own two nights a week...and the 2.5 yo is still not sleeping independently.
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Two hours later: futon matress is on the floor. I just cant get this boy settled without nursing and as soon as I put him down he starts stirring until hes totally awake and needs to nurse again. And I really dont function well with interrupted sleep
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hugs to everyone. Postpartum is so hard.


Three weeks postpartum today. Zephyr feels like she has always been in our family. She is perfect and everyone adores her and the other kids are huge helps when it comes to doing anything for her/getting me diapers,etc. 


Feeling much better physically. If I wasn't still bleeding, I'd be ready to get back to exercising. But I went on a walk today with baby in the Boba G3 (which worked awesome, btw!) and afterwards I bled red. *sigh* I have two postpartum workout DVDs I want to try but I don't know if/when that is smart. 


Zeph slept 8 hours last night. 8 hours!!!! I do not expect it to last, but it was nice. 

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Will your little man put up with swaddling? It is the only way I get my boys to sleep on their separate sleep surface next to my bed.
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Lilac, he wont sleep more than 15 min while swaddled. He also eats for 3 hours at a time, then sleeps a 2-3 hour stretch, and gets screaming mad if I try to take his boob away before he has finished. Thank goodness he can latch pretty well side -lying! In fact, he showed me how to do it on day 1! I find there is a big difference developmentally between a 41-weeker and my two others, who were 39 weekers. I'm sure this will work itself out as my milk matures and he gets more at each feeding. Boys are little pigs, lol! He looks just like an angry snapping turtle when he latches. orngbiggrin.gif
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I've been trying lots of different things the past couple of nights for sleeping. Swaddling, not swaddling, chest sleeping, bassinet, crib, rocker, etc.  Finally, about halfway through the night last night, I cleared off the bed, got rid of all the extra pillows, extra blankets, etc. I swaddled her tightly and just lay her on the bed next to me (cleared of all soft things) and like a miracle, she slept! She woke up a couple of hours later, fed a little. I changed her diaper, swaddled her again and lay her on the bed next to me and she slept again! We did this a few times and I was able to sleep too. I didn't have to touch her, though I could reach her if needed/wanted. Just being close by was enough. I'm hopeful that this might be a step in the right direction to transitioning to the bassinet. But, at this point, I'm just more hopeful that it will work tonight, too!


We're in a pattern of long feedings, too. Not 3 hours, but more like 25 minutes each side. She seems to have a shallow latch and I'm having some pain/discomfort. There's a local breastfeeding support group here on Tuesdays, which I'm looking forward to this week. In the meantime, we're trying lots of different positions, and lots of nipple butter and ice between meals. 

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Oh, Lida, I hope you find something that works for you. I have one baby that is the angry snapping turtle when he latches too, then he just sleep sucks until I get tired of it. I was side lying with him last night and he was just using my boob as a pillow.
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Its ok, Lilac, I'm used to being used as a pillow /pacifier. And not sleeping in my own bed for a year +. Can't wait to introduce a pacifier, tho...in a few weeks. For now, i am telling myself that my only job for the first 8 weeks is to survive with my family. EVErything else will fall into place. I have to say, latching this guy is going so much better than with the other two, its a big relief. He has a lip tie just like Dd2, but it never caused a problem for us with her, so hopefully it won't 'for Gabriel either.
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Well, at least we are finding a few things that work! Lida, my 42 weaker was completely a bossy, hungry, non-sleeping snapping turtle, too. I was thinking that the difference is two weeks older. 


my guy is sleeping three hour stretches during the day and won't be woken for love or money. But then at night he's been waking every 1.5-2 hours to feed. I have a suspicion that he just likes the unadulterated mommy-time that he gets at night when all guests are gone and its just us. At least, I'm looking at it that way. I tried putting him in the bassinet to sleep at one point in the night last night, but I couldn't take it. He might get cold! He might stop breathing! He might not like it! I might not wake up when he's hungry! (Uh-huh. and this is how we ended up co-sleeping last time). Fortunately my dd has taken to sleeping with dh in the big bed, so I have the comfy single and bassinet in the other room. Its been hard and sad to see her detaching from me, though. And nursing is a big battle- she wants unlimited time, and both sides, pretty much whenever she sees her brother nursing. Its not possible, obviously, and she gets really angry and sad. Plus, her teeth kill me, so its not even pleasant, and its basically the only time I get with her these days (relatives still here, all the time. Playing with her, which is great, but then she and I get basically no time together other than her little nursing-fests). I feel really bad about it :(  

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Question for you all about pacifiers. I don't have one yet, but have been thinking about it. There are moments when it feels like she has literally sucked me dry and my nipples are really tender. I've put my finger in her mouth a couple of times to soothe her, but I'm not even sure if that's the right thing to do. Do any of you use pacifiers when they're this young? And if not, what do you do if you're nipples are sore from overuse?
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I was using a pacifer especially in the car and at night. But then that baby wasn't gaining enough weight. So I just put him to breast ever time he fusses and it isn't a dirty diaper or something else. Still have the pacy for car rides since there is nothing I can do for them then.

As for sore nipples from overuse. iam making sure to hand express a little breast milk after they feed and rpb it around and let it dry. Seems to have helped.
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My baby girl has taken to going on long nursing stretches too. She'll nurse for 10-20 minutes then take a 15 minute break then want to nurse again. She'll do that for a 2-3 hour stretch then pass out again for a few hours. I figure she's just trying to grow. At 15 days she was 6lbs 12oz which is .5oz under her birth weight. She's still so tiny. I know sometimes she's just comfort nursing but she doesn't want a pacifier. We started giving her one at like 2 days because she wanted to constantly suck but she had a tiny mouth and I have huge nipples...they don't go well together! She's definitely been having more awake time the last few days too which is fun...just not when she does it at 3 am for 3 hours. She'll sleep a good 4 hour stretch after that but it's been hard being awake from 3-6 am every night.

DPs parents are visiting and his mom keeps making comments about how much she's nursing. So annoying...She made sure to tell me how she started giving DP cereal and fruit when he was 10 days old otherwise he'd want to have a bottle every 2-3 hours. Yeah, pretty sure that's normal. Plus, they brought they're two little yippy dogs with. I really have nothing against the dogs being at their house but they bark and jump which gets our dog hyper and they poop and pee in the house. Really not what I want to have on top of having two extra adults here. The noise level is ridiculous. I'm just thankful they waited almost three weeks before they came over.

We're still co-sleeping, despite me saying I didn't want too. I just love having her next to me at night. And she doesn't settle down in the bassinet yet. I'm going to give it a few weeks and try again. It doesn't seem to make much difference if she's swaddled or not. What's funny is she'll sleep on our futon in the living room for hours even with all of us being around and making a lot of noise (we've even vacuumed and she doesn't move.) Right now I'm OK putting her there since she doesn't move but we won't be able to do it for long.

The hardest part so far is putting her in the car seat. She's screams and screams when she's in it. I pretty much don't even want to leave the house just because I don't want to put her in the car seat. greensad.gif
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THe carseat screaming just makes me want to stay home for a long time since I can't soothe them in the back seat: the cry is torture

Dh got the call that work is canceled tomorrow because of the snow. He is happy since it took an hour to get the car out ofsthe drive way, then he got it stuck tryingsto swap cars around so my brother could use my car. Took another hour to get hiscar unstuck.
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I'm pretty happy with how co-sleeping is working for us. I sleep on my side, with Roisin right in front of me, at my breast. I keep one arm sort of wrapped around her, my upper arm protecting her from the pillow under my head and my forearm keeping her from rolling away or from anyone else rolling onto her (DH, or DS, who is still in our bed). We can both sleep like that all night, and half the day if there's nothing I need to do. During the day, she either naps in my arms or in the sling. I love my ring sling.

My only complaint is that I wish DH held her more. But that's not really his fault, as he takes her whenever I ask, and sometimes when I don't. I just feel like I still hold her about ten times as much as he does, but I don't want to pester him about it. :-/

Roisin doesn't like to be in the car seat, either, but it really helps if someone sits beside her and holds her hand. We do that whenever we can, and the rest of the time she seems to be getting used to it.
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Millerin - shallow latching and pain can be from a tongue tie. We had Linnea's tongue tie fixed the other day and nursing was immediately better. If you can get a picture of under her tongue I can let you know if it looks like a tongue tie. All of my kids have had them so I'm pretty knowledgeable on the subject.

We are doing ok. I don't want dh to go back to work Wed :-( but I have no choice. I'm trying to make sure I have as much milk as possible (IGT and low supply with all my others) so I'm pumping as much as possible. During the night Linnea will only nurse on one side so I pump the other. Doing that now. Yawn. So far her diaper count and weight gain has been good. She'll be a week old tonight and we haven't made it to yellow seedy poop (stinky green currently) yet but I wonder if that's me eating something she's sensitive too.
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We have only done the trip home from the hospital so far, and he slept the whole time, so I don't know if he will fuss when we start going out or not. He has to be really bundled up, so maybe that helps him sleep?

Last night was a bit better, and this morning was the first diaper change where he didn 't scream bloody murder. I hadn't changed him in 12 hours or so, and his diaper was soaked!!! He pooped a bunch on his first day, but hasn't pooped since. Hopefully he will soon! At his checkup yesterday, he has lost a tiny bit more weight, 20 grams, but overall has only lost 6% of his birth weight, well within the norm for abreastfed baby. Hopefully at tomorrows checkikp he gains some back. My breasts are a bit sore, but not shooting pain. HOPefully things stay good. School was cancelled today because of the weather, but Dh forgot to get DD ready for school anyway, lol!

My goal for today is to bathe the baby, have a shower and put my belly wrap back on. Yesterday, I wore it for half the day and all night, and am slowly getting better at tying it.
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Lida, tell me more about belly wrapping. I think I need to but I don't have any idea where to start.
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Lilac, I have a traditional malaysian bengkeung, and this is how you tie it : http://phatmummy.blogspot.ca/2010/02/step-by-step-instruction-of-traditional.html

You can also use something like the belly bandit or I also have the jolly jumper postpartum support belt, for going out. i like the bengkeung because its a natural fabric and I can sleep in it. It actally supports my back through the twisting around of cosleeping, I find. When you start wrapping may depend on how your incision is healing.
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I've been meaning to wrap or girdle, too, but haven't gotten any equipment yet. Maybe I will order online today.,,

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Roisin: I ordered my bengkeung from Etsy, and had it within a few weeks. but, they are made to order. I'm sure it would have been faster if I lived in the us.
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