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So, yesterday I bought a couple of those velcro swaddlers (Summer was the brand) from Target, and I noticed a hole in the back. Nothing about it in the instructions, so I googled and found out it's for swaddling in the car seat! It's a really thin material, so wouldn't interfere with the straps at all, but maybe it would make babies happy in the car?
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Swaddling in the carseat is fine as long as the material in between baby and seat is very thin and you buckle baby in properly before swaddling the arms, kwim?

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Last night was scream fest instead of sleeping: my boys wanted to be awake from. 8 pm to midnight but dh especially needed to sleep . they had slept while we ate supper but I guess I need to keep them awake then.

Michelle I have a couple of those swaddlers too. I wondered why the hole. Interesting.
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Last night was a screamfest here too...instead of just the one, tho, there were three separate ones! DS is pretty sleepy during the day, but he's in his carrier and ip and about with us all day, so he gets used to the noise and bustle of our family, and he still won't sleep alone for more than 15 min. However, yesterday evening he slept in his packnplay for a good hour, maybe longer, which was amazing!! Then, of course, he didn't want to settle down at night. When I finally got him settled around 12, and fell asleep, he woke up again, screaming. I didn't know he had pooped, so I layed there shushing him and waiting till he was tired enough to latch on. An hour or so later, DD2 woke up, screaming mama, mama. I kept thinking DH would wake up and take her, but he didn't. Then, I discovered the poo all over the baby, the sheets, the matress...so I had to wake DS up to change him, and DD2 then came into DS' room, and I told her to go get in bed with daddy, but she just went back to her own bed and continued screaming. I cleaned up poo, got DS back to sleep, went to DD2, snuggled with her until DS woke up, told DD2 I'd come come back once the baby was asleep, so she stayed calm and went to sleep waiting for me, I went back and passed out with DS. And DH??? Slept through the whole damn thing with his door open, and says this morning, why didn't u guys wake me up??? Well, if that racket didn't wake him up, its hard to tell what would!!!! ūüė° thankfully, DD1 also slept theough it all and her room is next to DS'...
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Linnea cried for awhile last night too. I was upstairs in bed with her and trying to nurse her while pumping the other side and I kept calling dh for help but he was asleep on the couch... I ended up with a migraine all night long. Ugh.

I'm having such a hard time dealing with a possible low milk supply again. Right now Linnea is gaining but a bit slowly and meeting diaper counts but barely...and she's only 6 1/2 pounds... So I'm worried that I really won't be able to keep up as she grows. I SO just want enough milk to feed my baby for once :-( I've tried everything under the sun with my other babies and nothing ever helped. And any time I mention it somewhere someone always asks "have you tried fenugreek?" "uhh, no, I've never thought of that (dripping sarcasm)" sigh. :-(
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Hugs, Taryn, thats such a tough situation. greensad.gif
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Taryn, I hope you can keep up your supply as big as it can get.
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Ugh. I feel like I have no luck. My midwife is on her way here with methergine because I'm having a lot of abdominal pain. It could be more retained membranes or something else. So I'm going on antibiotics too.
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Taryn sorry to hear this!


OK so I'm actually sitting here in front of the computer sans kids - in like ever. Speaking of scream tests - DS is finally asleep after 3 (4?) hours of crying. The dreaded six-week "fussiness". Lida - we had something similar on the weekend. Everyone up and crying - including me at some point, especially since the next morning we invited a few friends for brunch and I had nothing prepared so I had to get up early (why do I do that?!). Now I'm using my free 10 minutes to complain. DS throwing up everywhere, DD peeing everywhere and oh I miss showering properly, I miss looking put together (I walked out the door the other day with my sweater inside out and only noticed when I came home - an hour and a half later shake.gif), I miss proper food, and I miss not bleeding or spotting (seriously when will this stop? It kind of stopped and then I tried to work out for a couple of days which started it again...) 


On the bright side, lots of baby snuggles. 


At least this time around I know this will NOT last forever - 3 months is the magic number :meditate 

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I do believe i'm in for another screamfest tonight. DS spent the whole day sleeping. There was nothing
I could do to convince him to wake him up! Ah,well, I had a nap too smile.gif
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So someone explain to me why "back is best" for babies to sleep. Everyone tells ps that but no one has told me why. Tried to keep my magnificent screamer awake but he just wanted to sleep. He is sleep nursing right now. I kept him unswaddled all day and now I Have swaddled him. Hopefully he stays asleep after nursing because my DH needs to fall asleep before DS1 gets any ideas to cry.
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Lilac - back sleeping reduces the risk of Sids. I'm planning on attempting to let Linnea sleep on her tummy with a movement monitor. I put my third on her tummy at about six months and she slept so much better. I have friends who always let their babies sleep on the tummies too. That was the norm when we were all babies.
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And the lovely methergine is causing cramps that feel like labor. I'm passing tons of small clots already though so I think that is a good thing.
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It would see@ putting a baby in whatever position allowed them to sleep would be best. I guess I am still wondering why being on ones back reduces SiDS risk. Guess I need to dig deeper for that,

Sorry for the cramps but glad it appears to be doing whatneeded to be done.
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I don't worry about keeping DD on her back. I can't keep her sleeping that way. As soon as I lay her down she rolls herself onto her side. She spits up a lot so I'd rather have her on her side where it comes out vs on her back she ends up choking on it.

Taryn, sorry things aren't going well right now. I hope your supply is able to keep up with you LOs needs.

Today DD has been really fussy. The only way she's happy is if she's nursing or I'm holding her. I haven't been able to put her down at all. She'll be 3 weeks tomorrow-they usually have a growth spurt about that time right? She's been really fussy in the evenings the last few days and wanting to nurse constantly. I don't think it's because she really needs to eat, she does a really shallow suck instead of the long deep suck and swallow of eating, then she spits up. Sometimes it seems like she gets mad while on the breast but doesn't want a pacifier either. I'm not really sure what she wants.
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The back sleeping thing is because babies tend not to sleep as heavily on their backs (or not at all, in the case of my kids!) I observe my babies head control when they are on their tummies and as soon as they are able to push up and hold their heads up I put them on their tummies to sleep-not at night, but for naps. At night since we cosleep, my babies are always on their sides or backs.
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That actually seems like a "good" reason to put the baby on their backs. It seems like that way they can flail their arms and wake themselves back up.

Onto a cloth diapering question. I exclusively breast feed. dS2 has been exclusively cloth diapered for the last two days since CDs fit him better than the disposables ihave. I read somewhere that breast milk poop is water soluble but it seems there are putty/clay like residues in his diapers after I washed them in my high efficiency wash machine. is this residue from the few mL of formula he had in the hospital that is working its way out or something weird with my breast milk?
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You're right, lilac, BM poop is water soluble. Are you doing an extra rinse cycle? Do you have an option to use more water? If neither of thise help, I would suggest using either a wet pail or rinsing your poopy diapers in the toilet before putting them in the wash. I have only ever washed my older baby's diapers in an HE machine, and once we start solids I use those disposable diaper liners to catch their poop. It will be interesting to see if I have the same problem as you...
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Taryn, thanks for the suggestion about tongue-tie. I hadn't even thought about that! I did have my doula take a look and I don't think that's the problem. We tried a couple of simple positioning changes and it seems to have helped. 


The birth center where we went for all of our care, provides us with 15 hours of postpartum doula support. I have to just say, it's really the best! We've only had one visit, but it was so great to have her in our space where I could ask all of my specific questions, have her look at our sleeping arrangements, watch me breastfeed and provide me with some reassurances and answers. For a new mama, this is an invaluable support!

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Lida, I found a posting on diaperswappers.com that talked about using the "bulky" setting on a HE machine to get more water in the barrel. I did that and the "putty/clay" residue disappeared. I had used the rinse/spin cycle with cold water, then did the "bulky" setting with detergent and hot water. I then washed them one again with my other light clothes to see if I could get more of the EBF stains out, didn't make a difference, but it looks like I need to hang my diapers in the window to "sun them" since I am not going outside in the subzero weather.. Today I didn't do that, just put them in the dryer without any dryer sheets/fabric softener.

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