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All of my cloth diapers have poop stains in them, but they feel and smell clean when I take them out of the wash. I have an front load HE machine and I was worried about not getting the diapers clean as I've read other people have that problem with HE machines. First I run a rinse only cycle with cold water, then do the heavy duty wash cycle on hot and set the soil level on high. It automatically does an extra wash and rinse. What type of detergent are you using? Are you using any fabric softeners or dryer sheets? Have you tried adding vinegar to the rinse cycle? (I put it in the fabric softener dispenser in my machine but you can use one of those Downy balls too.) I've only ever dealt with breast milk poops and the more solid poops from eating food so I'm not sure if formula poops leave a residue (although I'd think at this point the formula would be out of his system.) We had a diaper sprayer like this http://www.amazon.com/bumGenius-890077002003-Diaper-Sprayer/dp/B000ZKHVMU with DD1 for when she started eating solid foods. We just sprayed off the poop in the toilet then tossed the diaper in the (dry) pail. I didn't like the idea of a wet pail.


I picked up a swing today off Craigslist and she's finally sleeping for more than 10 minutes without me holding her! I generally dislike all the "stuff" they make so you don't have to hold your baby but I need to get some important things done for once and I've felt like I've been held hostage on the couch the last few days. She's been so cranky and fussy she'll only sleep for about 10-20 minutes unless I'm holding her or she's constantly wanting to nurse. It seems like she's really gassy which is probably why she's so fussy, especially in the evenings. I need to figure out what I'm eating that could causing it. Does an excess amount of sugar in mom's diet contribute to gassiness in baby? We still have so much Christmas junk food around here and I keep snagging something every time I walk through the kitchen. I've hardly had time for a real meal it seems like I'm mainly living off cookies and candy right now.

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Lilac, I dry my diapers in the sun during the summer months only, and that does a great job of bleaching out all the stains from the winter wink1.gif I do the vinegar rinse too, for the ammonia smell from the pee. Everything else you are doing sounds perfect.

Trish, amen to being able to put baby down!! I agree with you re the stuff, but you've got to find a balance, imo
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Tonight I tried the swaddle blanket in the car seat and we've had Ok results. She only fussed a little when I buckled her in. That's always what starts the screaming. She doesn't like it when I tighten the straps. After I got the straps tight I swaddled her then rocked the seat a little and she calmed right down. Hopefully this keeps working. I haven't left the house in four days because I didn't want to put her in the car seat.
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I agree about the cloth diapers- I only sun in the summer and not all the time!

I'm hoping we don't end up needing a swing! Our tiny house is brimful already . So far the rock n play works well... It rocks even with his breathing at times.

Ive been pretty blessed to have dh work from home this time . He allowed my 5 days in bed, all day. He took care of everything. Then, he's still doing 95% of the work, I'm just sitting around supervising the kids so he can take calls/work a bit. I still get naps when I want- super awesome.

Taryn, I'm sorry you've had a rough go of it!

As for us, we have to take Jet to the cardiologist tomorrow because he had failed his newborn screening (state law in our state). I'm more than a little irritated because it's competent unnessasery! It clearly was two things: 1.) they didn't allow him to test when awake. 2.) inadequate equipment. He tested perfectly in the NICU with their better equipment while he was awake (as recommended from the state). I don't want to take him to a hospital with the flu raging through it! Grrr! I had a great birth and feel that the high I would have felt from it got
Squashed by all the NICU drama.
I had my placenta encapsulated and feel it really is helping. I can tell when I miss a dose. I am surprised at how much recovery time I have needed, physically, this time. I had no tearing, but my body felt broken afterwards. My umbilical hernia hurts, my back and worst of all my right hip have been VERY sore. I think it's mostly because of his being posterior until transition, then he turned and got stuck a bit on my hip with his arm bent so that his hand was holding his shoulder as he was born. After my daughter, I felt awesome two days later . Never took a pain pill. Today is the first day I've stepped down the ibuprofen. I'm still so so sore. I don't know how much was positioning vs. size difference.
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ok, Jamesie is loving the yoga ball these days- but I swear its breaking my back! And WHY did I just sit here and eat caramel popcorn? Now I feel grody and like my teeth are going fall out. Christmas pregnant and postpartum has given my a wicked sugar addiction. I've got to get it all out of the house stat...

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Having had gestational diabetes and now being postpartum has made for some major carb loading from me. I got a letter saying I need to do a two hour sugar test to prove is don't have type 2 diabetes. There is no way I am doing that any time soon. Those sugar tests make me feel horrible and I need to take care of my babies - sitting with two of them while they do blood draws seems ridiculous to me.
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Hi, all! It has been a couple weeks since I have been able to post... 


Lilac, I would definitely hold off on the diabetes test for a while. This is a time for focusing on babies! Have you tested yourself at all PP? (To be honest, I would still wait a bit before doing that myself. I wouldn't want the extra worry for the couple of months PP.) Either way, seems like you are more than capable to self-manage any problems you identify for yourself....and then you can go to the dr. when you feel like it is appropriate.


And yes, Roisin, Christmas baby has definitely caused my sweet-tooth to ramp up way too much! We now have our house empty of cookies and candy, but I am soooooo craving sugar all day and night. *sigh* 


So we were 5wks PP yesterday. Definitely leaking milk. Still have some minor discharge but no blood...hopefully, that is normal. I am REALLY looking fwd to PP appt. Dh and I are waiting for the "all clear," and I am having a hard time being patient. I am so ready for PP snuggles!


DD has been so easy on us. She sleeps well. And she actually can be put down during the day for a short period of time and be happy. (DS was NOT happy unless he was held constantly.) 


I think we are going to start a paci when we go on a car trip next week.  She can be very fussy in the car, and so far I have been letting her suck on my finger. But that really isn't safe...and my finger comes out like a prune. 

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Earthwalker, we just go for it when we feel ready...6 weeks after DD1, 3 weeks after DD2...I'm ready now, but DH isn't...
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We've also never waited six weeks. Normally three. I'm also ready now but Linnea isn't sleeping unless she's nursing or on my chest at this point. As soon as she does.... ;-) ;-)
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Or not. I mentioned it to dh and he looked at me like I had three heads...
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Went shopping yesterday day. My mom, sister, 9 month old niece, brother and my two boys. Brother pushed my boys around in the cart and carried them in and out of Target. Sister was riding electric cart because of recent foot surgery. I sat on it to feed my littlest one while she shopped the clearance racks in the children's department. I am not a "hide in the bathroom " nursing mama. Felt good to be out. Returned some items to Target so I could buy more diaper covers online.

Been thinking about DTD with DH. Saturday will be four weeks since the csection. I just have a little discharge, no bright red bleeding any more: yesterday after my shopping outing I had some odd stabbing pains down below but they passed quickly.
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I get random gushes of bright red when I do tummy exercises...DH also is insisting we wait 6 weeks to DTD....we'll see if he makes it...
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I told dh 6 weeks, but mostly because I'm still bleeding enough to feel gross! 

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Going to try DTD for the first time tonight. I dont want to but I'm not really bleeding anymore so.. I'm 5 weeks.

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I'm using the very light brownish spotting I'm still having as an excuse not to. With the way the baby does her 20 minute on, 20 minute off cluster feedings most of the day and especially in the evening I'm just not in the mood for anyone else to touch me. Plus, she refuses to sleep in her bassinet for more than like 10 minutes.
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so, what does dtd stand for?

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Do the deed

I think I actually sleep for four hours straight. I would still be asleep but I needed the babies to eat before my breasts exploded!
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Yeah, I really hate the exploding breast feeling! DS still needs me to sandwich his breast for him to latch on, and its especially hard when they are so full! And he gets so angry too!
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Happy birthday to me.  I just realized I fit into my regular jeans at less than 3 weeks postpartum :)  lol.

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