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Preparing an anxious 5 DS for dental work :(

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My DS has a couple cavities. A big cavity has to be worked on this next Mon and I am concerned because he is EXTREMELY anxious and scared. We had to get an x ray a few days ago and he was terrified and almost could not do it.

The dentist is concerned he might not be able to do the work with him being so scared and suggested we go to a specialist and possibly get general anesthesia.

We definitely do not want to do that if at all possible because that comes with more risks, etc.


We have been talking to him and preparing him and explaining what will happen and acknowledging that it will be scary, etc...but that he can do it and he will be ok.


Any ideas on what else we can do to prepare him and also to support him during the process?


Also, I tend to get a bit anxious myself and my husband and I thought it might be best if he goes alone with him. My DH is amazingly calm in situations like this and although I try hard to reassure my son and act calmly, he might be feeling my own anxiety. I feel it makes sense but I also don't want him to feel unsupported by me  :(


Any suggestions would be great!


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I'm sorry you're having to go through this. We haven't had any major dental work done yet but my DD (8) had to have a colonoscopy and endoscopy last week that required anesthesia. She was terrified and I did my best to help her but we ended up having to get her medicine to calm her nerves. Maybe you could get something for him to take before he goes that would calm him? I know the medicines would rather be avoided but it might be better than the anesthesia at least. I can understand the anxiety and being afraid he will sense it. I don't think I would want to go without being there at all but maybe you could go with him then tell him dad is taking him back while you go get him (ice cream, toy, treat, etc) for him being such a big boy and you'll be right back with it before he gets done? I hope everything goes well. Good luck mama!

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Thank you sooo much for your ideas and support!
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How did he do? I hope everything went okay. It's been crazy around here with the medical as well and I'd almost forgotten I'd posted. :o 

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Hope it went okay...We were supposed to go yesterday for my 6 year old but for some reason I thought it was today..so she missed it and I have to reschedule...But this morning when she thought she was going she woke up with a bellyache and it didn't go away until she found out she didn't have to go... :(  I haven't told her I am rescheduling it yet...

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