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I mentioned last night on the chat thread that I'm feeling pretty good the last couple days.  Last night DH said, you're in such a good mood, I bet you go into labor tonight.  Such a sweetie.  And obviously wrong.

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My signs: "loose stools" for the past several days


Occasional, mild menstrual-like cramping--something I don't remember noticing w DD until the few days before she was born, but I could be wrong


More noticeable and uncomfortable Braxton Hicks (thought I've also been bad about staying hydrated)


Lots of discharge, though no blood or anything mucus plug-y.


38w2d. Talk me down! I know it's still early.

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I'm in the same boat, Blanca. Lots of discharge, BH contractions that are starting to get uncomfortable and move into my back, crampiness... No blood, but I've been losing some of my mucous plug for a week or so and had tons of discharge. I'm 37w tomorrow, so I know I have PLENTY of time... blah. 

I was feeling super nest-y last night too. 

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Wow, so same symptoms, huh? I wish I could remember better what I felt and when with DD. I know labor seemed to have almost no lead-up--I had been 50% effaced and 1 cm dilated for weeks--OB stripped membranes and I had some blood that night--cramping started next day and was labor for real by late afternoon (just felt like very strong menstrual cramps for a long time). This time I feel like there's more going on, but maybe I'm just more attuned...who knows.

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Last time was 4 1/2 years ago for me, so I have VERY little memory of how I was feeling. I know I had a lot of back pain/cramping, but things were so mild that I wasn't even aware it was "real" labour until I felt the urge to push. So I have NO idea how things will be this time! My midwives don't do internals, so I don't even know if I'm dilated or anything... which is probably for the best, since then I'd be stressing over that too :P

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I just had two very intense contractions. Hoping that's it for now, I'm not ready!!!
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 The last 2 nights have been really, really long.  I kind of can't believe I'm still pregnant.  Lots of pain and pressure in my cerivx, pubic symphysis and tailbone coupled with cramping and contractions.  Nothing was ever regular enough to time, but enough to keep me from sleeping.  Last night I slept from 11 pm to 1 am and 4:30-6:30.  Then yesterday and today everything has continued until noon or so and then I feel good again until 9 at night.  The baby is also moving like crazy which doesn't help.  I don't know if s/he has turned posterior and is trying to get in a better spot or what.  I've lost tiny bits of plug today, but nothing major.  Every time I go to the bathroom, I'm afraid I'm going to push the baby out.  ha! 


My mom gets into town in a few hours.  Hoping that piece of mind is enough to let labor start in earnest tonight.  Trying to stay hydrated in the meantime.

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@cwill I feel like I could have written your post word for word! Same stuff happening here, except I know this babe is posterior for sure, and my mom is not coming to town!


I have been researching how to do a cervical dilation check on myself, and I think I am going to try....just to see where things are. Even if it doesn't give me any answers or a timeline.....I just want to know that all these contractions are getting me somewhere!


I also have a weird burning sensation on the skin next to my perineum/under my pubic bone on my left side...there is no damage to the skin there, I think it is a nerve thing? Referred pain from my pubic symphysis separation, I believe. 


I actually am hoping to not go into labor this weekend, even though I don't really want to be pregnant any longer. My midwife assistant/who happens to be my good friend, is out of town for midwifery school for the weekend. If all goes well, I asked that she be my primary caregiver during the labor and birth...and I just really want her to be there! Her school is located about 2.5/3 hours away, and in theory she could make it in at night if need be, but I don't want to put that kind of pressure on her! I am going to take it easy this weekend, enjoy some quality family time, and then really ramp up walking, sex, etc. on Sunday late afternoon again to try to get things going!

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Oddly enough I've been having fewer contractions over the last day or two than I had been... perhaps a little rest before the storm?! And I keep pooping several times a day and thinking - ooooh, maybe something's happening?? But no, not yet, LOL. Have been cooking and cleaning like crazy but apparently it's not the true "nesting" as it keeps going on and there's still no baby.... but then, we eat things up and the house gets dirty every day, so I have to keep it up to be ready! Lots of pressure/pain in my pelvic joints and pubic bone and twinges in my cervix that feel very preparatory for labor pains. (Smile... of course I want this to happen... am I really ready for this???)


Neaera, there's nothing too special about checking dilation (I was almost surprised to learn how un-scientific it was when I was taught...) but it can be tricky to do on yourself, especially with a big belly in the way! Basically you just reach in until you find your cervix by locating the hole or dimple in the center - the problem is, it's often a waaaaay up in there. Sometimes squatting can help, or rocking your hips forward might bring it into reach. I'm finding this time around the baby is not as far engaged as it was last time (no surprise) and so it's still very high, I can reach the end of my cervix but not really feel the effacement (how thin it is) because my fingers just aren't long enough! It is kind of fun to be able to feel the progress, whether or not it actually means anything about how soon labor might begin or how long it might last aside...

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I lost my first bit of plug today! 37.5. Exciting! I figure i will go to 40 weeks, but nice to see something that might mean progress. I cannot reach my cervix to save my life, so no clue how things are going. Hopefully leaving the EPO as high as i can get it is good enough?
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I was excited for a few days with baby in LOT position (tuesday through this morning) but She/He is moving around and I think turned this afternoon at some point. Is that possible? If she said the baby was engaged and at 0 - can they just pop back outta that sucka :) and rotate around some more??


I'm finding it frustrating that all of a sudden I can't BM without bleeding (tmi I know).


I wasn't really ready anyway. The oils for the diffuser haven't arrived and the birthing tub will be here next week (I think Monday). The cottage / house rentals need to be prioritized as to who we call for availability first and very importantly I need to finish arranging for permissions / coverage at work.


Yay for losing of plug vtamanda! Regardless of whether it can still be some time it is something!!

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Catwmandu- Thats what happened to me the day before I had Atlas! Evertime I had a BM I bled... So maybe you will be having your little one very soon?!?
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I'm crampy, grumpy and losing mucous.

Maybe something?
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Hello Mamas,

I thought it was time to stop lurking and join in as I'm awaiting labour this week and each day is bringing new things so thought I'd share where I'm at;

I've been losing my plug for a while (over the last 3weeks) but five days ago had a show whilst waiting to get acupuncture (at 39 + 5) and since then have had a bit of an interesting journey with different feelings daily;

Wednesday was a good day after acupuncture, didn't want to go out and see anyone, felt good and calm and "in the zone"
Thursday was period cramps for hours, really thought it was happening, very tired and sleepy
Friday was super-poop day and some awful reflux but got my energy back, resisted urge to clean the house! 40 weeks (never thought I'd get here)
Saturday was my midwife check, baby is fully engaged and very happy to hang out in my womb, midwife is happy to wait for natural start to labour
Last night my sleep was awful, heavy crampy belly, this baby is in there tight! More plug but nothing else this morning.

I've also noticed with some cramps by belly changes shape and looks weird from above, kind of square!!

I've also noticed my usually odour-free sweat has started to be stronger and think this might be the new hormones kicking in...

So these are my weird and wonderful signs of labour!!! Hope they help to share and thanks for reading, I really get now that early labour can be a long process and needs a lot of patience, good luck ladies!!!

Love x
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Sounds like we will have some more babies very, very soon! Cwill and Naeara and everyone else--I hope you get some relief and a chance to rest before your babies arrive. Welcome Imogenorlah!

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Welcome Imogenorlah!


Ugh today has been a day. I'm usually a night person but the past week I've actually been waking up at 6 or before. 6:30 and later is problematic and 7 am which is norm for me is pure chaos. We've got the kids and a bunch of pets and if I can get up before everyone I can feed all the furries before they pester and then actually sit with coffee / computer and leisurely and quietly start my day I am so much calmer with the pets and with the kids by the time they get up. Last night I was up every few hours. Body just felt strange, baby moving and crampy and restless. So this morning I got out of bed late and my day just started hectic. I was cranky much of the day and starting around 3pm I was cramping. The cramping has just now subsided but it's been pretty heavy all day. The baby is no longer in great position.


No loss of plug I've seen, cervix still feels high (tried reaching it once today out of curiousity with all of the cramping. I mean hey - If we've got to drive a far distance to birth I should at least see if I can ascertain if we should get a move on or sit tight. :lol


Babe needs to try and sit tight at least to mid late next week. 38 weeks today.

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I'm seriously going to laugh if this kid is born tomorrow.




With my first, I had an OB appointment on a Monday, was 3 cm and 60-70% effaced,started having mucous on Wednesday and he was born Thursday afternoon. 




OB appt on Monday, 3 cm, 60% effaced.  Mucous this morning. 


Tick tock tick tock.  I need to make it til tomorrow, though, because my OB is not on call today and the one who is annoys me.  


And it's a full moon and the weather changed.  

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This full moon is a good one though to have a baby on- cancer moon- v nurturing maternal nesty sign. Goes well w Capricorn.
I wish I would have this baby today.
I lost my plug on Monday and have been totally loopy since then, contracting and low back pain all night each night.
I am now 40 wks +4. This is the longest I have ever went.
I think I have anxiety about home birthing and my kids being here or something... when I interact w my kids, contrax shut down every time. Been happening since sat.
I have an appt w my midwife in 2 hours if I can manage to drive there. Sigh
I was 3 cm and mostly effaced on Sat.
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Orchid are you afraid of the kids reactions? Them distracting you?


We've watched videos here and both my 6 yo and 4 yo (highly senstive) will travel with DH and I and be there when I birth. I've got the doula as well so between the doula and DH I am hoping that they will be fine and therefore so will I be.

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I think that I am having some kind of control freak/ maternal overdrive response to my kids being present. My midwife said some moms are like that and can't focus on themselves when their kids are around. She wants me to just relax and if I go into labor during the day to try to get someone to take the kids right away so I can give myself over to the task at hand.
I am a solid dilated 3 now and head is down in pelvis (before was floating up a bit). She feels I need to give up control and just let things happen. Whew. It was a good emotional visit that I needed.
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