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Sitting in the Chinese herbalist's office waiting for my husband to pick me up and hoping my water doesn't break before I get home. This session really seemed to "do something". Still having sharp/jagged contrax that almost take my breath away but they are about 15 min apart, along w backache and some spotting. Come on baby!
Let's all will our babies to come today ladies!
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TMI, but i just had a massive case of the runs for no reason. Well maybe it was the spicy chinese food and japanese i ate the last two days. OR maybe it is the start of something?? We will see.
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Early labor. I just called the birth center to let the on call midwife know. I have been having pretty regular contractions since about 10 pm. They have slowly gotten closer together. Seems very positive. Just waiting for them to get to where they take some concentrationt o get through! Excited to meet this new person.
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It all came to a stop at about 2:30 am. I started to think, "i bet i could sleep thru these", and so i laid down! When i did i could feel baby's head had floated up above and to the side of my pubic bone. Now why did s/he do that?? After that i just went to sleep. Head is back center now, but still floating. Getting Braxton Hicks regularly, but i suppose i wont get real contractions again till baby drops back. Third kid is the wild card they say, guess it is true for me.
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Vtamanda! That is the same thing that happened to me!! Of course I was being induced so we ended up evicting her but that was the first night...ctx on my own until they petered out at 2:30am and I just tried to sleep.

I had a baby within 18 hours though so hopefully the same will happen for you!! Hands and knees is what got my girl engaged and out of flotation if it helps!!
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Oh bummer, vtamanda.  I was hoping last night would be your night.  Maybe today...

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I feel your pain Amanda!! That was totally me- and yes #3 was a real wild card!
What week are you?
I had my #1 right on his due date and #2 at 38.5.
This little girl kept having stops and starts for 3 weeks!!! Grrrr
Then she finally came at 41 wks and a few days.
What turned the tide was just waiting, lots of stair climbing and two labor inducing acupuncture sessions including one the day she was born.
Also when they really kicked in, the contrax were sharp jagged and I could hardly breathe through them. Even though they were 10+ min apart, I knew they were finally the real deal. And when I went, it was fast so hopefully will be the same for you smile.gif
I went from contrax 10 minutes apart to complete and pushing baby out in 2 hrs 23 min! Born in the caul.
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Wow, orchidez! I hope my labor isn't quite that fast. But here i sit at 10 pm and starting to feel the same contractions as last night. Sigh. It wouldnt be so bad if you could just sleep thru them. But these radiate across my upper back and are coupled with menstural like pain. Not fun. But not horrible, not "real". Maybe they are dilating me tho, who knows. I am only 40 and 1. The people around me are getting anxious and i had to answer so many questions today!! More than one person suggested inducing today to avaoid the snowy weather coming. What? This crazy world we live in. I was considering accupuncture in the next week, i just need to make the appointment. I am super lazy these days.
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5 AM now. Midwife is on her way. Filling up the birth tub but have run out of hot water. Just had my bloody show. So excited!


41 weeks today.

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Originally Posted by alisondarling View Post

5 AM now. Midwife is on her way. Filling up the birth tub but have run out of hot water. Just had my bloody show. So excited!

41 weeks today.

God speed!!
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Well sheesh... guess I could have dual joined due date clubs huh?!




I started my leave this past Monday. I am 41 and 5 days today and yes contractions here and there and pelvic pressure but just waiting.


Just wanted to check in and let everyone know I'm okay. Trying to be patient but this baby is really making me work for this huh?! LOL

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Hang in there Cat! Anything happening in the past two days? Should be soon. Keep us posted.
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Cramping, that is about it. The midwives asked if I would go for a BPP this week but from what I've read, and an article from Gloria Lemay as well as a message to and from her :) says that they are a waste of money. We'd have to pay out of pocket due to not having a script for one and my midwives being lay midwives unless we can get our fairly new doctor to order one when I've only seen them once for a sick visit.


The baby is very active still as well. If we go by lmp Saturday was 42 weeks and if we go by likely conception Tuesday will be. Been seeing the chiro more and trying some relaxation methods as well.

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Hang in there! It's gotta be soon! :heartbeat I wonder if baby is holding out for the full moon?

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I was 41 wks and 5 days myself. What helped for me was acupuncture (had two sessions to induce labor- 2 days before I went into labor & the day of). Sending you easy labor vibes!
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Had a acupuncture session today, full moon tonight. A few mild contractions this morning.


I can go back to them tomorrow for another session possibly.


Who knew I'd be a really really Feb momma huh?!

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Best of luck!

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Thanks. Second appointment yesterday, Chinese last night and walked a bunch yesterday. Losing plug and contractions through night. Guess we'll see what next day or two brings.
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Fingers crossed, Cat! You will have your baby in your arms SO SOON!
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Thinking of you Cat.
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