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Baby cries/screams while ECing, but only for poo!

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My DD is 2 mo old, and does ok ECing for a pee.  Sometimes she is a little more fussy especially if I hold her on the potty too long.  But always for a poo she cries and screams.  It doesnt matter if she is held over the toilet or her baby bjorn, results are the same, and no amount of comforting or singing works.  She is exclusively breastfed and for some reason only poos once every 3 days or so.  She does not seem to scream if she is laying down pooing on an open diaper.  I hate to see her so upset, and her poos take like 5 minutes, with maybe 3 separate poos, so it's a lot of screaming, but am determined to make EC work.  Why does she hate to poo in the potty so much, and what can I do about it?

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I'm of the mind that EC is the norm (how human bodies developed) so it's rarely pottying that's the problem, but something in the way that the pottying is done, kwim?


Maybe she's cold? Maybe the position you're holding her in (or she's sitting in) is squishing her uncomfortably? Maybe you get anxious pottying her so she's upset by that?


Be sure she's fully supported against you, that you aren't holding her thighs too tight. You might try a top-hat potty in your lap or even an open diaper under her bum so that she's more reclined in the crook of your arm.


Also 3 days is a long time to go between poos, so it's likely that she's got some tummy thing going on.

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It sounds like she's constipated. I know people say that breastfed babies can't be- but I know people with EBF people whose babies had bad constipation. It's far less common, but it does happen.



Pay attention to her bottom- if she's having trouble pushing the poo out, it's possible that she's getting cuts/cracks down there that hurt and make pooing even more difficult. I don't know if you put any cream on her bottom after she poos, since she's not wearing a diaper, but if you aren't- you may need to start, and even if you are you might want to be more careful. Have you looked into massages and exercises to help her go? Rubbing her belly a certain way will help her get the poo out, and "bicycling" her legs will help as well. I'm sure you can work out a way to do those while she's on the potty.


There are a lot of things that help with constipation out there- including natural options that are safe for babies. Your baby may do well on gripe water, it's helped our baby with a lot of tummy upset. You also may need to alter your diet to get rid of something that's causing the problem. I'm afraid I can't make any suggestions there. 

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Her poos are so soft though!  We do use a diaper cream-  earthmama angel baby, and we do use cloth diapers too - we are not exclusive EC'ers.  We do the exercises to help with gas- the bicycling and massage.  She doesnt seem uncomfortable before or after either... she just seems to hate during.  Oh and her little butt looks fine, it doesnt look cracked or irritated... 

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Ah, I see, yeah, that doesn't sound like constipation, then (although it's possible that there's blockage, but I imagine you'd have noticed other signs of that by now). Does she have a hard time with it when she's in diapers as well, or is it only when on the potty? If it's just on the potty- what position/s is she in when she poos in diapers? Perhaps trying to replicate those positions will help.

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No, she does not seem to have a problem with pooing in diapers... holding her under the thighs in a sitting position w/ toilet between my legs and her head resting back on my chest.  I'm not sure how to hold her a different way and still get her over the potty.

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You can hold her over other things for now- I've seen a lot of people use bowls.  Just try to watch how she poos and then hopefully you can get creative to incorporate a similar position. I've seen some people say that they need to be able to push their legs a certain way to be able to push effectively, so maybe experiment with different ways to support her legs?

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Will do.  Thanks :)

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What about trying a cradle hold? It's a little harder to do (and I only do it over a sink or toilet, not a mini potty due to the increased difficulty of aiming), but it would provide a more reclined position. Also, I will offer a finger or breast to suck sometimes. I find that helps keep my kids happier using the potty.

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Thanks, I will keep that in my tool-box too.  So the update: now she's not crying (usually) for poo or pee... I guess maybe she was having a grumpy period?  She went from crying only for poo, to crying when I made any potty attempt (we would just take her off the potty right away if she started screaming - we didnt want her to have negative associations) and then she stopped having a problem with it, except for occasionally.  So, I will keep everyone's suggestions for if/when she starts having an issue again :)  Thank you!

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It's normal for bf babies to go up to five days between pooping. Then have a big poop day smile.gif both the womanly art of bf and dr sears say this.
My guy does the same thing now. He really fusses, keeps latching on, then big poop! Ds1 used to do this to a pont, but not as much. Once he was like 3 months, his gut seemed sorted out. We've caught some pees and one poop. Ds is 11 wks.
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My son started fussing when he makes a poop too. We had a little seat that fit on the toilet and he'd scream when I tried putting him on it. He's more comfortable sitting in our lap. I think he feels more secure reclined against someone. He seems the most comfortable going potty outside. We sit in a chair and prop him up between our knees and he waters the lawn lol. That's more comfortable for me too bc I hate kneeling over the toilet and risking him reaching inside the bowl. So maybe try different locations as well as different receptacles.
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