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writing with question

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Hi Everyone,


I'm not new, I've been on this site for quite a few years whenever I had questions about something and found it invaluable for helping me with information I needed.  But I've found this site so changed, I have a question to ask about it:  Is there any place where we can voice our opinions on the new look?  Vaccinations, which is what I was looking for today because of the new vax bill in CA, is impossible to find!  I think it should still be separated, not under babies.  I couldn't find it until I did a search.  Is there somewhere to say that, somewhere that would matter to anyone?  Or we just can't?  

I'm disappointed, because I recommended this site to a friend for the main purpose of her being able to see info on vaccinations, which is now hidden and she won't see, as well as so she could look for and ask about info about her son with autism.  In my memory there was a separate category titled "learning disabilities" too.  If my memory is correct, the new name--teaching methods for children with problems isn't as helpful.  She doesn't homeschool.


Thank you for answers on this.  I appreciate it.



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Hi Beth, Welcome back! Site Help is the place for opinions or questions on the site; I'm moving your post over there so that your questions above on the format layout can be addressed. And here are the direct links to our Vaccinations forums and to our Special Needs Parenting forum:

--Vaccinations forums: http://www.mothering.com/community/f/47/vaccinations

--Special Needs Parenting forum: http://www.mothering.com/community/f/157/special-needs-parenting

Links to both are also available from the main forum page.


I hope that helps!

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