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I have been using Hylands for over 17 years and love your products!  Thank you!

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I love Hyland's.  I have been using their products for years!  So wonderful.

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I challenged myself to be more patient!

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I just have a newborn, so I have not used any products yet, but I have heard/read such good things about the products that I am already sold on them!
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I love Hylands because they offer safe natural products, I especially like the teething tablets.

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i fell in love with hylands for their baby teething tablets and cold and cough tablets still use their cold and cough syrup and have teething tablets on my registry for the new baby on the way
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Yeah!  I love Hyland's for all my litlle guy's needs.  I can trust Hyland's and that is worth so much.

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we love Hylands!

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I have used the teething tablets and cold tablets! My kids love them!
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We LOVE the teething Tabs, they work wonders every time.

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I love Hyland's because they are a trusted name in homeopathy.  I can easily find their products at the local health food store and they have treated my family on many occassions!

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I love that they are natural products. My Mum is a certified herbalist and whatever she can't make she tells me to get from Hylands. Generations of Mum's know that Hylands is a natural safe way to help your baby feel better
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I love Hylands because they are natural, they work, and my kids don't mind taking them. We always try Hyland's first and almost never have to use drugs.

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I will buy less, love more, and ask only for experiences instead of things.

Sustainable gifting and receiving means the love and intention matter the most. An experience gift makes a memory, an item makes clutter. Giving of myself is more valuable than anything I can purchase for someone.

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Please enter me! I love hylands homeopathic remedies. I even took the teething tablets when my wisdom tooth was coming in smile.gif
My challenge or goal would be to get back to pre baby #4 weight
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I just got over pneumonia and my son got a really bad cold from daycare. It's been hard for us this year, after a couple of moves and me going back to work full time, and we've actually used a lot of the Highland products, especially the cold syrup! My goal is for us all to get super healthy and make this winter a breeze!

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We love Hyland's Bumps and Bruises and their Calms Forte for Kids!

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Hylands teething tablets are the best!

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We love Hylands in our house. I feel safe giving them to my kids. 

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I love Hyland's. The teething tablets were great with my daughter, hopefully they will be just as helpful with my baby due in February.

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