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Congratulations! And OMG!
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Yay, congrats! Nap w/ Genevieve; though you might not be able to help it, lol.

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Wow, how exciting!!! Congrats to you and your family!

Who else (that is EBF) has gotten their cycle back yet? No sign of mine yet, but for the last two it came back at 14 months and 12 months.
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Will start another thread on that. Congrats again CrystalMarie and big sister Genevieve oh yeah and there must be a daddy involved somewhere.
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Omg congrats!
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:goodvibesYAY! Sending lots of good healthy mama, baby  and BABY!!! Waves your way!! Oh yes and healthy daddy waves too. :wink


Congratulations to your beautiful growing family!

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Thanks so much all! We are so excited!
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Wow!!! Congrats!!
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Big congrats, CrystalMarie - just what you wanted. :-)

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Just went through the baby bump thread. I'm even more excited for you now. For a moment I thought I wanted to be pregnant too but then I realized I oughta just suck it up and clean out the kitty litter box myself.
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Ha ha!

:) Thanks everyone! 

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We're expecting baby #2 due Nov 30th. We're excited, and I'm really hoping I can continue breastfeeding DS throughout the pregnancy and possibly tandem nurse. 

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Congratulations Erica13! I hope your pregnancy goes smoothly and DS can continue to BF.
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Congratulations, enjoy these sweet days!

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Congratulations! I'm 15 weeks pregnant and so far have had no real issues with milk supply. I had an initial dip at 5 weeks but then it came back and has been good since. I was told it would be very painful but so far it's been pain free. I hope we are both able to keep nursing our little right on through!
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Wow!!! Congrats!! Glad to hear things are going well, Crystalmarie!
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