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Any homebirthers with a history of SVT?

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I'm prego with #3, and I have a history of SVT.  I've had two previous homebirths, with no complications (boys are now 5 and 7), and will be having the third in the same home.  With the first two, I had mentioned to my midwife that there have been times when my heart beats really fast.  She wasn't concerned.


I had an episode of SVT 1.5 years ago that required a trip to the ER, and that's when I got diagnosed.  I realized that this has happened in life a handful of times before.  I used to smoke pot before my mommihood, and that plus alcohol was always a factor in the episodes.  Well, a year and a half ago I went camping with a bunch of moms and we stayed up really late and drank vodka and smoked a little, and wouldn't you know it- when I woke up in the morning and my heart rate spiked and wouldn't come down.  After that, it was clear to me that it had been wise to leave my old friend mj in the past, and that I needed to take it way easy on the booze.  Of course, I'm pregnant now and wouldn't consider consuming either.


The problem is that now that I have a diagnosis, my midwife is totally freaked out.  She left me a message on the phone saying that "we're going to get you a really great hospital birth".  This is not acceptable to me.  I have two home births under my belt showing that SVT is not something I face in childbirth.  I see SVT as a risk factor for me in the situation of inebrients, not exertion.  Additionally, I don't consider SVT to be terribly threatening.  It's a fast heartbeat caught in an electrical feedback loop- end of story.  I have excellent blood pressure and no other heart issues.  "We" are not having a hospital birth.


I have looked all over to find what the risks of SVT are in childbirth.  I'm coming up with nothing.  The most popular way to resolve SVT naturally is to bear down.  Not a problem- I'll be doing the superwoman version of bearing down.  If it happens and doesn't resolve itself, you go to the hospital and get the adenosine shot.  I live 10 minutes from the hospital.  My midwife says that when there's any problem with blood flow, there's a risk that the placenta could detach.  I've never encountered even one story of this ever happening during SVT in the research I've been doing.  The few cases of SVT in childbirth I did find occur in women who have had multiple episodes throughout their pregnancy and who are triggered by exhertion.  Again, I don't feel at risk.


Some questions:  Has anyone experienced or heard of any episodes of SVT in childbirth?

Has anyone reading this with a history of SVT had a homebirth?  Did your midwife know of your history?

Anyone ever switch midwifes on a subsequent birth even though you still love her?

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It looks like your post might have been missed, so I'm bumping it up for attention. :bump: Anyone have experiences to share?

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Thanks for trying.  I'll be seeing a perinatologist in a couple of weeks who can hopefully give me a better idea of the risks.  If anyone asks, I'd be willing to share what I learn.

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