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I always look pg but I'm bloated now but still fit my pants but I wore the same ones all durning my last pg.
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Today I look 5 or 6 months along. Really?! I'm curvy so I don't think anyone but my husband will notice ... 
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This is my first pregnancy and though I don't look "pregnant", I can't button my pants! I thought 5 1/2 weeks was really early for pregnancy bloat but I guess I'm just keeping up with everyone else here lol


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Right there with you all. Yesterday was 5 weeks and I woke this morning and was like "hello tummy". This is my 5th pregnancy but will be my 3rd child. We're not ready to announce because of previous miscarriages but my body has other plans! I have practically no maternity clothes! One pair of pants and two shirts. Oh boy:eyesroll
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Yes, to everyone! This is my 3rd pregnancy and I had to break out the pregnancy clothes as soon as I tested positive on an early pregnancy test! I'm 11 weeks now and anyone who sees me knows I am pregnant by the belly bump (unless I wear a bulky sweater ;) )

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ive had a strange last month without much movement and im not sure if my belly is getting bigger from pregnancy or from just sitting around. Im between 9-11 weeks (depending on who's opinion i take) this is my first pregnancy and i have no idea what to expect

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Ugh I had someone actually ask me if I'm pregnant. No one should be asking me at 11 weeks!
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Yup!  Right there with ya, @lactatinggirl - my belly officially "popped" yesterday. Friday night at work, I thought I was going to bust a button off my dress shirt, but it still looked pudgy.  Woke up yesterday with a "Helloooo belly!"  Then at work last night (with a stretchy shirt), my belly became a magnet for older moms: "Oooh! Look at that baby growing!!" (complete with uninvited belly rubs :eyesroll)  Definitely look pregnant now, and I'm only 11 1/2 wks! LOL

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