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We are getting into the home stretch! How about another chat thread?

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How's everybody doing? I'll be 33 weeks on Sunday, and have kind of entered countdown mode... Also a little of "holy schnikes we will have 2 kids!" mode. Baby boy was breech for a little while there, but he seems to be more consistently head-down now, so hopefully he'll stay that way. 


Everyone holding up okay? 

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I'm 31 weeks and I feel like I still have lots of things I want to get done (crafting, renovating, organizing) before baby gets here and am starting to feel the crunch. Baby is breech, so i'm hoping he flips shortly. I'm starting to get big and actually feel pregnant, from time to time. Yesterday, i was driving and it felt hard to sit in that position due to baby limbs.
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I'm at 30 weeks with mixed feelings.  Getting the whole "oh, babies don't need much" to "uh oh, you're nursery really isn't together and you need way more!"..."you've got lots of time" to "oh that's really soon!".  There's only so much I can do on my end to get ready, and as I'm the carrier of the fetus I think I'll focus on eating and napping while I beg my in-laws to come paint and build things.  We aren't taking a birth class since our schedules don't match up, and I've done all my reading my my DH is just cracking the covers on some books and not being very diligent.  I'm solely in charge of the registry, baby showers, research - probably normal, but I can't say I like doing that.  We've got a doula and I'm hoping after our meeting this week I'll feel a little more on track, or at least make me just feel better.  I'm not getting excited like everyone says I should be.  Maybe it's some depression, maybe it's just mood stuff at this time.  I'm grateful I've had such an easy time but I'm starting to grieve what I will be losing.

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cj-crafty, this is your first, right? I definitely remember having some of those mixed feelings. The "Crap, our easy life is over as we know it"... and I have a bit of it now, which is "This one kid is so easy to tote everywhere, it's going to be a lot harder with two." I think it's always an adjustment, and it's a little more difficult at the point you're at now because you have a lot of time to just wait and mull things over and sometimes mulling isn't all that productive. 


Can you squeeze in a class that meets once or twice? Our first time around my husband wasn't willing to read much but he was willing to take the Bradley class, and I think it was helpful for both of us. By the end of the class we both knew the basics cold since we had been over them so many times and I felt much more secure that he would feel able to advocate for me during the birth, and I think he did very well. That's a 12-week class so it is a little late for that for you, but you could still do something less comprehensive. 


Personally I am always kind of cautious about a pregnancy anyway. I know that getting two lines on a stick does not equate to having a live baby in your arms 9 months later. There are many steps along the way where it can go pear-shaped. Even though that is not super-likely and the likelihood continues to decrease as you go along, I still feel tentative about it until I actually have that take-home baby in my arms. I feel confident I'll be a lot more excited about it then. 


We got our bunk beds delivered yesterday, so Daughter is in a big-kid bed now! She made the transition seamlessly; she's never seemed to really care much where she sleeps. I wanted to make sure we had some time before the baby was born, so she didn't feel possessive of the crib-turned-toddler-bed once we turn it back into a crib. 

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Ill be 30 weeks in a couple days. As soon as I hit 28 weeks I started frantically looking for the few things we need. Since our first is only 19 months there's very little that we don't already have. Also, I bought the stroller in June (like 2 weeks after I found out) because britax was having a sale where you got the car seat free with the stroller and I wanted to save $200. I only had a single stroller with ds and ended up walking a lot so I wanted a really good double. We got the stroller adapter last week, and I got the 3 in 1 bassinet with change table. I have my swaddle sacks and everything else we have except the second seat for the stroller, which we won't need until the new one grows out Of the car seat but I'm still planning on buying it in January.

I also made up a little skit that I do for my 19
Month old to show him that a baby is coming. I really think he understands that soon there will be another baby.

Also, like Erigeron I transitioned my 19 month old into a twin bed about a month ago. I didn't want him to connect the bed change with the new baby so decided to do it early. His bed is right up against ours and the wall. It's pretty cute. When the new one is 13 months or so ill transition them both to a shared bedroom with bunk beds.

What I wasn't sure about was how to sleep the first few weeks with new baby. Dh has to keep working as we're both self employed so I don't want his sleep to be disturbed. Initially I was going to just bring new baby into the cosleeper that attaches to our bed, but after more thought I've decided that new baby and I will sleep on a futon in their future bedroom for the first few weeks, which were insane last time. Then we''ll move into the family room with all the same excepts new baby will be in cosleeper attached to the other side of our bed.

There certainly is a lot of thought that goes into this!!
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Erigeron - yes, it's our first.  It helps to know others had that "oh crap" moment.  It gets to be a bit much when every time I go to work people ask "aren't you excited?!" and I'm like "um....sure".  Nobody wants to hear about a new mom not being excited for their first baby, and as I've learned my coworkers aren't exactly the best people to confide in. I have noticed my mulling around isn't solving much, it just perpetuates my negativity more often than not. The 1 day class I'd like to take or the online options aren't covered by my insurance, so spending all that money when we are in the middle of a spending spree for baby things doesn't float my boat but not "impossible".  We're meeting with our doula this week so I think I'll talk with her about her ideas on what we should do.  

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I totally had the oh crap moment yesterday when a friend of mine pointed out its only 9 more weeks till my due date! I am almost done with my nursery (seriously though the baby stays in my room for the first 3 months at least so I really don't need to rush) My daughter who if I go to my due date will turn six the day after :) is super excited and keeps asking just for me to have her brother already. My husband proudly informed me that he has completed all the baby books he set out to read (with his dyslexia I am really proud of him he did it with ZERO prompting from me). I have all my labor projects lined up and lists made and feel ready at this point!

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Hi all,

I'm 32 weeks on Thursday and can't believe how fast the time is going! I feel like this time of year goes fast anyway with the holidays and all and this year it's just going doubly fast! I'm actually getting pretty excited. We just finished our hypnobabies class last week and I wrote our birth plan last night. We've been working on the nursery and assembling the crib and washing baby clothes, etc. We're headed to a cloth diapering class tomorrow to get the run down on that. I still have a list a mile long before I'll feel really good, but I'm taking 10 days off starting next Tuesday, so I'm planning/hoping to get tons of stuff done in between holiday celebrations.


CJ-Crafty: I see you are in Minneapolis - I am, too! Have you checked out classes at Blooma or Amma? I know Amma takes some insurance plans. 


In terms of baby, he/she is moving around a ton. I'm now not feeling as much kicking anymore, but a lot of big movements...and can feel feet/elbows/knees, I think. It's fun. 


I'm still feeling pretty good physically, which I'm so happy about. Maybe a little bit tired, but not too much yet. Had an appt with my midwife last week and everything was on track - I'm also measuring only 2.5 wks ahead at this point, which is a great improvement/relief from when I was measuring 5 ahead last time! I've transitioned to appointments every 2 weeks, which makes me feel like things are really happening. It seemed like this point was so far away!!

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ash531 - I did, but my insurance will only pay for the multiple classes instead of the one day or online options.  I can't commit to a class in the evenings because I work most evenings.  I'm trying to tell myself that babies are born regardless of what I know and hoping our doula can be our beacon of hope and information.  Since I already know a lot of baby basics from working with babies, I feel confident for the postpartum stuff but the DH will have to get a crash coarse and refer to his daddy friends when I'm not around/sleeping.  

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35 weeks now. Getting into the home stretch. And only 5 more weeks of having to put up with stupid comments from customers at work! 


Also, I think he has settled head-down, and crossing fingers he will stay that way. 

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I'm almost 32 weeks. 40 (+1 and a bit, of last time is any indication) seems so far away. These last few weeks are torture - physically as I'm normally petit and don't carry well and psychologically because it still feels like forever until I give birth.

On the positive side, I'm actually excited about giving birth this time whereas last time I was terrified.

I just can't wait to meet my baby. I don't know how elephants do it.
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I will be 34 weeks tomorrow and...my god I am stressed. I need to knock it off. Not stressed about the baby but just other things.

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I'm 34 weeks, and definitely getting to the DONE feeling.  I am thinking about making a little countdown calendar (to 42 weeks) on paper just to keep myself motivated.  My EDD is in 40 days, so I am trying to focus on quiet time with DW and DS, appreciating our little family before we get bigger and louder.  I am moving my home office from the baby's room to the basement, and am finally done with the basement part.  Now we can paint the baby's room and start arranging furniture and clothes.  Mostly I am just excited to meet this guy!  He has been kicking me like crazy, rolling over while I fall asleep, etc.  I keep joking that he better be cute or else! ;)  Happy New Year to you all!

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At 33 weeks, I am super angry that I seem to have the flu.  It feels like I just got over the cold I had, and now this.  I hate hate hate working with the public, and how they think that somehow it is totally fine to go to their optometrist while they are sick.  Come on people!  Most of them have done this before and KNOW that at least two people have to get right in their face!  There is one guy (the face cougher) who came in last year around this time for a repair, and coughed RIGHT in my face.  No attempt to cover or turn his head even.  He came back a couple days ago, and his glasses were beyond repair this time.  He was coughing again, but I managed to dodge it, and told him he might want to cover his cough.  He got SUPER pissy with me and came back TWICE to yell at me some more.  I don't understand how they didn't learn this stuff in kindergarten!!!!  Once I stop working (thee weeks!) I am locking myself in my house and not going ANYWHERE I don't have to.


I am really upset that I haven't been able to get much done lately, because I have been sleeping off the sick.

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Karma will get that guy. Cough in a pregnant lady's face and get mad at her for speaking up? Jerk. 

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Geez. I agree about self quarantine. I can't wait until I'm done work so I can hang out and cook meals for pp and freeze them. That's what I plan to do for the month of febry
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I totally agree - the public is disgusting and more often than not stupid too.  


I'd love to get some freezer dinner ideas from people!  Especially if they're dairy/gluten free (for the DH's sake, I can eat whatever).  I'm new to the world of cooking and freezing things and could always use some guidance (especially when it comes to what foods don't freeze well or what containers work best).  I like make a roasted carrot and parsnip soup, omit most of the liquid to save space, and freeze it flat in a Ziploc baggie.  

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I'm a lacto ovo vegetarian so I eat a lot of dairy so most of mine will probably have some form of fair. But this is the list so far:

Vegetarian stew (no idea about recipe)
Some kind of hearty tomato lentil soup

(All are three servings so pasta dishes will be split in 2 for 2 meals, stew, soup and chili will probably be 3 meals)

My good friend is also going to register me for mealtrain.com for the first week. So, I should be good to not have to cook dinner/lunch for 2 weeks at least.

That's the idea anyway.
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I just found another recipe that freezes great: pot pies!
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I am going to make some lasagna when I get a chance. I froze a jar of chili. I also discovered a great recipe for stuffed shells, wonder how it freezes. http://www.the-girl-who-ate-everything.com/2012/03/mexican-stuffed-shells.html

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