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Maybe TMI but I found my cervix!!!
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Omg! Haha! I STILL can't find mine and I keep on trying...I blame it on these tiny hands of mine :-) have had lots contractions and strong period like cramps today...hoping it won't be too much longer!
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I've got small hands too so I have to bear down to reach it. It doesn't matter to me to know how far I'm dialated or anything but it's just nice to know where it is finally! I was reading an old thread on this site and someone explained it as if you're inserting a tampon, the cervix is at the end of the tunnel. Lol. It's what made me understand at least, haha!
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Originally Posted by rlschrader View Post

Maybe TMI but I found my cervix!!!


And what did it feel like? XD



Lots of harder than usual contractions today.  Lots of crampiness all day.  Sometimes contractions get pretty close.  When will it be....?

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Lol, very soft and somewhat dilated although I couldn't tell how much. wink1.gif Sounds like we're all progressing, slowly but surely!
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If you can get one finger in your cervix, that's 1 cm.  Two fingers, 3 cm.  (Can't get two fingers in but can wiggle one back and forth in your cervix, you're probably 2 cm.)  Usually by 3 cm I can get in far enough to feel the baby's head.  Now I can get in three fingers, side by side, and still have a bit of wiggle room.  That's 5 cm.  And I'm pretty sure I'm 90-100% effaced.  I can slide my fingers around the baby's head and feel the sac and everything.  If my fingers are cold or I poke the baby too much, I feel the baby move away.  Haha.


I'm now just contractions, contractions all the time, almost always crampy.  The contractions aren't too incredibly uncomfortable though, just hard and crampy most of the time.  This baby has gotten incredibly strong...he/she will have an active period for a few hours each night where the movements HURT.  I actually have to stop and breathe through the baby moving.  Sigh.  COME OUT BABY.

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My fingers are too short to explore that much! smile.gif

Ive been having some good contractions on and off for the past few days but not regular. At least my body is doing something I guess...
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I'm having wicked painful ones today and losing plug I think. Although mine isn't blood tinged at all. I looked it up online and I guess that's normal too. Anyway, these contractions different. Feels like my cervix is ripping apart. Yikes, almost in tears with some, last few hours seems to be around every ten to fifteen minutes about...so I don't think it's real regular or active labor yet, but definitely seems like something is going on
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And ugh, I really should have napped today. Hubby works second shift so we're kinda on his schedule. We generally wake every day around ten...no, not today. Daughter woke at six for some odd reason. So long day today!
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Oh I hope tonight is your night then!! smile.gif I think I started losing a little mucous plug slowly starting yesterday too, but it's not a big glob like I'd like, lol. I keep wondering if my water will break before labor really starts or not. It did with my boys but not with my girl, and I've been thinking this is a girl so we'll see! I also think this baby may be posterior. Blah, hope not! My first wasn't but my last two have been and the back labor is intense!
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Oh I hope your baby isn't posterior! Don't think mine is. So far nothing new here. Contractions
Have been painful but not getting closer together or anything..been going on all day!
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I pretty much lose my mucus plug every day once I hit 3 cm.  That's the annoying thing about dilating before labor actually starts...mucus plug means absolutely nothing.  I even had like three big bloody shows a week or two ago.  I found out I was dilated to 5 cm after that...but still no labor (other than irregular contractions all day), here I am at 38 + 4, and I didn't think I'd go past that. XP

I've been hounding the husband for sex, but for some reason he just refuses because he's not in the mood.  I think if that happened, it might start things...sex was what put me into labor last two times.  I had Maribel less than 12 hours afterwards last time. :)


EDIT: (Sex was also what made me dilate from 3 to 5...)

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Haha! I've been bugging hubby for days for sex to get things going. Wake up this morning to awful contractions all day...like feeling like my cervix is ripping apart. Definitely doesn't feel like the usual Braxton hicks, yet now it's night time and nothing New. Still contractions usually about every ten to fifteen minutes but ugh! Because it's not regular and not getting closer together I suppose I wouldn't call this active labor...I don't know :-) either way, I really can't imagine it'll be much longer
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Oops, edit-meant to say I talked him into sex last night so thinking that's why things picking up today :-)
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it appears to be go time I think?? after painful contractions all day we went to bed to get some sleep. got woken up by painful contractions that went from like 10 min apart to 8 to 4 to 3 and then holding at two minutes apart for quite some time...then all the sudden slowing down to 6-9 minutes apart yet much more painful??? anyway, sitting here writing this during one of my "breaks" :) we are tired from not enough sleep...dont understand why slowed down though...hope thats normal and this hasnt been a false labor...cuz yikes! way too painful to call it that! :P

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seems to be holding 6 min apart now, quite painful...i dread when contractions are on top of eachother :P

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Yay! Hoping you are cuddling your little one soon!
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Oh boy your labor sounds a heck of a lot like mine was.  Did we both have Christmas eve babies? :)


After 3-4 hours of labor (I got to start out with lighter contractions for once!)...I finally have my baby boy.  He is perfect.  7 lbs, 19 inches.  I'm so in love with him.







Another toilet baby!  My water broke right before he crowned, and if you can't hear me at the end, I'm telling my husband to get something for the placenta, which slid out into my hand right away!

P.S. I got the husband to have sex with me...exactly eight hours before the baby was born.  LOL.

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I almost forgot, here's a pic of him passed out on my boob within a few hours after birth.


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How precious. I'm all teary eyed now.
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