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Just watched the video. That was incredible.
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Your video was the first time my children ever saw a birth! Amazing! I always thought that you would have to stand up as baby is coming out so baby does not hit his head, you made it look so easy. Congrats on your birth and little man!


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Oh Almi, congratulations!! Thanks for posting the video, I got teary eyed, too! I wanted to straight up cry but held back. wink1.gif

Sgnorton, been thinking of you all day! smile.gif

As for me, I am almost positive my day is tonight or tomorrow. Lots of action and pressure. If not, then very soon!
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Hey, sorry been meaning to get to you guys all day. He was born at 10:18 this morning so yes another Christmas baby! Successful first uc :-) almi, I can't wait to watch your video, but am so exhausted. Will watch after I get a little sleep and will give more details. Congrats on your little one also!
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I'll get a better pic later too :-)
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Congrats!! Lots of hair on your little one!! So glad everything went well for you. smile.gif Merry Christmas!
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Congrats to you both!! That's so awesome.

Almi - how many times have you done that (given birth and uc'd)? You look like such a pro!!

How do you cope with the pain?
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The video was truly incredible <3
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What a doll sgnorton. Congrats.
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Thanks ladies!  I love this baby soooo much.  I have to name him!  Eep!

This was my fourth baby, I've had all of my babies unassisted.  My last one was born on the toilet too.  I had to laugh because last time I weighed 30 more pounds, and I had my eyes closed...this time I picked up my fat flaps and watched!  Haha! <3

Oh someone asked how I deal with pain...my labors are nice and short so I only have a half hour or less where it's pretty intense and painful.  I just breathe in and out really fast haha.  I think I dilate so fast because I relax everything when I have a contraction, and I scrunch down and think about my cervix opening instead of how much it hurts.  It really helps, especially the pressure from scrunching down with a contraction.  It also helps that I start out halfway dilated! XD

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Hey, sorry been meaning to get to you guys all day. He was born at 10:18 this morning so yes another Christmas baby! Successful first uc :-) almi, I can't wait to watch your video, but am so exhausted. Will watch after I get a little sleep and will give more details. Congrats on your little one also!

Omg yay!  He was born only 3 hours after my babe! :)  So awesome.

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Almi, your video is amazing! Is that your birth from today? Your so much calmer than me. I was terrible. Screaming and yelling and crying. Haha, I think my problem was all I could think about was the pain and it seemed to take quite a while for him to come down because of that. I did eventually try harder to focus on relaxing my muscles and opening instead of freaking out and only then did he really start to come down, and omg! I am not one of those women that find pushing enjoyable. Although, my body was pushing on its own so there was no stopping it! Anyway, really, all went very well. My two year old slept until right after which turned out perfect so it was just me and hubby. I had hubby running all around rubbing my back, getting ice water and so on. He caught baby and cut cord :-)
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I have a Christmas baby! Charles was born at 6:35am in our big tub, after a 3 1/2 hour labor. My kids slept so it was just me and my husband. Best birth ever!
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That's awesome! Congrats schrader! Christmas babies! How fun!
My boy is breastfeeding like a champ and is only happy being held which I don't really mind...still so sore and recovering!
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Congrats schrader! So beautiful.
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Welcome Charles. Congrats momma.
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Omg three Christmas UC boys! <3



I'm so happy...this has been the best birth I've ever had.  I've been healing so well and he's so much more patient than my girls were.  I named him Dainin, which means "great patience."  I love him so much!


Congrats ladies!  What a wonderful Christmas this year. :)

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@Almi, what did you mean when you said you scrunch down to help with the pain?
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Maybe a different way to put it is using my diaphragm to push down on my fundus.  The pressure made the pain lessen considerably, and helped bring the baby down without me actually pushing.


Vomiting/retching does pretty much the same thing...and I did a lot of that too.  Ouch. =P

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Interesting...I was screaming, crying, puking...I did not handle the pain well. I'm so glad I chose uc, yet I really hope I can figure out how
To better handle the pain next time. I watched the videos of both my births that hubby took and wow! very different. Last time did hospital, induction, epi and daughter came out very purple, not crying, slow to respond. Nurses spent half an hour vigorously rubbing her and giving her oxygen. I now think that was due to pitocen, epi. And this birth my son came out crying and healthy and pinking up quickly. I'll uc again next time but seriously need to learn more about pain management. Oh! And hubby was very upset, afraid of my uc decision back when I first brought it up. Now after the birth he says that was awesome and he's glad we chose to do it this way :-)
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My last birth was in a hospital but completely natural . As far as pain management DH applied counter pressure to my hips and lower back really hard. Its weird thst it only worked if it hurt, figure that out smile.gif Rubbing my face and back with a cool wash cloth once I was really getting sweaty, and I kept mediatating on the psalm that says "I am fearfully and wonderfully made" I didn't plan on that, but it worked for me because I was reminding myself that my body is wonderfully made to do this!
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