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@snorgton your first sounds a lot like mine. Ds was born covered in mec which I'm pretty sure happened because of 10 hours of pit and extreme stress to me from being assaulted with fetal monitors, starved for 2 days, and abused.

Were you afraid to UC? Weren't you worried about the "what ifs?" How the hell did you wrap your mind around it and stay calm?

I'm so awed by women who UC and although I like the idea Im not sure that I have the courage.
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I was planning on it with my last, but I was beginning to get nervous, but didn't say anything to DH and when he expressed his nervousness, that's when I changed my mind to hospital. He is the strength I lean on when I feel nervous, scared, or overwhelmed. So I just didn't feel comfortable with it if he wasn't if that makes sense...
Anyway, if there's anext time for me, maybe next time.
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Ya, I did feel kind of guilty because I knowingly pushed hubby to do something he was afraid of, but I know him too well. Fear rules his decisions too strongly if that makes sense. I love him dearly of course, but sometimes he just needs a little push and he ends up actually being happy about it in the end as he did with our uc.
Part of me was nervous of uc-more so of the pain than the chance of complication though which I think is what caused me more pain, but I just felt so strongly lead in that direction. Any other route just felt wrong for me and I felt if I was following what felt right to me that all would be ok. I did research complications a little, but I honestly didn't put a ton of thought into it because I just had that much faith that all would go fine.
3lilchunk-sounds like you handle your labor pain better than me :-)
If you and viola are interested in uc but afraid of the what ifs why not a midwife? I personally would love to see homebirth and midwives brought back. Midwives are for natural birthing at least...for me I still didn't want one. I feel they are too constrained still by law and standard procedures which I didn't want for myself but still midwife seems like a much better option than hospital I think...
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Oh! And 3lilchunk-about your husband being your support, strength when needed-I think I understand what you are saying...I was the one wanting this uc and keeping the strength, faith throughout pregnancy that uc would go just fine, but I was honestly terrified of just that time when I hit transition and am no longer "in control". If hubby didn't have that strength when I lost mine...I suppose I don't know how to word it any better but I think I understand what you were saying. Anyway, hubby surprised the heck out of me. When it came right down to it he was my rock and had a strength and confidence in him that I hadn't expected. After all was said and done I asked him if he had been scared. He said in the beginning of labor he started to get afraid again but when things really got intense and transition happened he wasn't afraid anymore. It really was awesome. He did wonderfully.
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"I feel they are too constrained still by law and standard procedures which I didn't want for myself but still midwife seems like a much better option than hospital I think"

This is my concern with mw's. Last time when we transferred my mw turned into a total beast at the hospital. She majorly betrayed my trust, abused and betrayed me. That's why I travel 2 hours by car for my mw appointments - so I don't have to go back to the same practice and risk running into her.

What id really like is for the mw to come right at the end, like as the baby's head is emerging.
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I'm definitely planning a hb, the question is whether or not to oops.
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Ahh, Ya I've read some horror stories on midwives, But I think there's also some really good hands off ones out there too. I did research them in my area because I considered that an option at one point but eh, I decided it just wasn't for me. How do you feel about your midwife this time? I hope you really like her and this is working out but two hours?? Wow! That's a bit of a drive. And maybe when the time comes you'll decide you feel confident enough and just not call? Or if you have quick labors maybe she won't get there in time anyway...
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Originally Posted by sgnorton123 View Post

Interesting...I was screaming, crying, puking...I did not handle the pain well. I'm so glad I chose uc, yet I really hope I can figure out how
To better handle the pain next time. I watched the videos of both my births that hubby took and wow! very different. Last time did hospital, induction, epi and daughter came out very purple, not crying, slow to respond. Nurses spent half an hour vigorously rubbing her and giving her oxygen. I now think that was due to pitocen, epi. And this birth my son came out crying and healthy and pinking up quickly. I'll uc again next time but seriously need to learn more about pain management. Oh! And hubby was very upset, afraid of my uc decision back when I first brought it up. Now after the birth he says that was awesome and he's glad we chose to do it this way :-)


Oh don't worry, I was puking.  Haha.  I knew I would.  I was nauseous even earlier in labor (when the contractions were annoying but not super painful), and it just got worse as the contractions got worse, but I was happy after it was done, because I finally wasn't nauseous...though then the contractions just got even worse. XD

I think it helps to just totally focus your mind when you're having those monster contractions...just try to imagine what your body is doing and feel it as such instead of just the blind pain.  I hope that makes sense.  It helps to practice relaxation techniques with your practice contractions or early labor contractions, too.  You just kind of get in the zone better then.

Yeah, my husband is super happy we've UC'd all of our children.  He got to catch our twins, and I've caught our last two.  It has always been just us and totally wonderful.  All of our babies came out vigorous and crying, too, especially Dainin lol. :)

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Congrats everyone on your new babies! Almi, thank you for sharing your birth video you are amazing!
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I've thoroughly enjoyed reading this thread and keeping up with how each of you has made to the other side of your beautiful UCs.

Oh and to the PP that asked about a MW, I just couldn't afford one. The only one in my area that would touch a HB charged $3000 with $500 down. I just can't afford that.
But I bought a birth kit that I ended up not using, but I can't bring myself to sell it. I'm saving it for if there's ever a next time smile.gif
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I rented a cabin in the town 2 hours away but I don't take possession until 2 days after my due date. If I go into labour before then I plan on UCing at home. For some reason the idea of UC before we take possession if the cabin doesn't bother me. It's only when I know I could have a mw that I get uncomfortable.

You are all so inspirational. It's so nice to hear from the women who UC and it all turns out great, which seems to be the case the vast majority of the time, as opposed to the one offs that go bad and get dragged through public hell in order to scare women into believing that hospitals are necessary.

This gratitude of course extends to women who plan to UC but for whatever reason have to transfer.

It's all just so awsome.

Thank you!
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UC...I couldn't imagine it any other way.  I'm always surprised when people have asked me for my consecutive pregnancies, "So are you having this one at home, too?"  Why wouldn't I, after the totally wonderful, peaceful, healthy labors and births we've experienced?


People always say I "got lucky" or wish me luck...I don't think it's about luck...how could I get so lucky as to never have anything go wrong with any of them...even twins?  I'd say I'm defying the odds...which is why I don't think birth complications are luck. =P

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Almi- thank you so much for sharing your video. You are inspirational, truly smile.gif
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Ya, if only insurance covered hb midwives...I couldn't afford that either! I didn't want one anyway but really is awful that insurance doesn't give that option...
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It really is awful that this service isn't free. How can people rant and rave about save the babies and ignore the implications of a 5 or 10 or 15 k hospital bill. It's insane
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