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Whatcha Eating?

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I've had an embarrassing craving for Pringles and Coke the last few days.  What the heck is that about?  I never drink soda!  My problem seems to be that if I give in to a crap food craving, then I feel stuffed.  Ugh.  I'm trying to make up for it right now by drinking a smoothie of spinach, carrots, strawberries, mandarin, and hemp seeds.

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I've always heard that craving soda means you aren't properly hydrated and you crave the carbonation, bubbly water and some juice can help!

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My appetite has gone bye bye.  Nothing tastes "right" to me and I am very uninterested in food. Whatever I eat I only eat a few bites before feeling turned off.    The one thing I seem to enjoy is salad with simple dressing of balsamic and olive oil.   And coconut water from fresh coconuts.  The coconut water I had today was amazing, I could have drank a gallon of it.  

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I have terrible junk food cravings during the first trimester. I eat a lot of these carob rice cakes from the health food store. At least they are all natural. Right now I'm having grass-fed burgers for dinner. Not the best but could be worse. The kale stir fry that seemed appealing two nights ago now seems disgusting lol! Berries are both appealing and healthy but really expensive right now. Still I'm going for them because at least they are something fruit/veggie related because otherwise it's just beef, eggs, bread and carob rice cakes. Definitely fallen off the paleo bandwagon in the past week...eat.gif
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My biggest craving has beg avocados! Cant get enough of them.
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yay!!! my favorite subject!!!


I've been doing so well, eating 2-3 meals a day, organic roast chicken w/ local potatoes, grassfed meat (chili, beef stew), veggies, sometimes eggs.  added in some cheese lately (Whole Foods had parmesan, the block, on 1/2 off for one day.  i LOVE a good wheel of parm even though i'm not a huge cheese fan) and pickles (Bubbies is the BEST), and then Saturday came.  and i was so tired and just craving a treat.  when not pregnant, i'm used to have a drink in the evening (gluten-free beer is my favorite, or a homemade margarita) and i've been missing that b/c one of the first things i notice when i get pregnant is that all alcohol makes my stomach turn.  even on my hubby's breath....


craving limes, lemons, pineapples- so citrus and acidic fruits!


so i made a batch of chocolate chip almond flour cookies, and a big batch of almond flour spice cookies.  i ate half a dozen of them.  and i was very happy.  but then Sunday i ended up snacking on the rest of them!!!  went out sledding w/ kiddos down a 300ft hill, and just wanted to munch munch munch all day.  i'm not a snacker.  if i don't eat separate meals, i feel blech and bloated.  and oh boy did i feel blech and bloated!!!  hubby said i was looking pregnant last night!


i'm considering going off coffee, but i love it and usually make it w/ grassfed butter and coconut oil (the more fat the better for me) and that carries me through to lunch.  today i had green tea w/ loads of lemon (snotty and fighting something along w/ my 2 1/2 year old and 10 month old), but was worrying already about folate and vitamins!!!


also craving soda like things- so glad in New England we have bubbly water made w/ better flavors than most sodas!  craving those for sure.  every pregnancy i crave bubbly water most all the way through...


i keep thinking about making something w/ chocolate.  or lemon.  or clove.  or something sweet.


i'm actually eating well today- had kale heavy beef stew, and then some pickles/cheese/ham (ham is a total pregnancy craving.  i hate the stuff but went out and bought a large one and have been loving it), and so far resisting sweets.  i use stevia mostly in my drinks and to keep my sweet tooth happy.  


oh- i've been making a nettle/hibiscus tea too.  i want to drink anything BUT water.  i'm dairy free except for the occasional parmesan treat, so coconut milk cocoa/mocha has also entered the scene.  and i need to buy some peppermint extract b/c i've been wanting that in anything chocolate or creamy!!!

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I've had an embarrassing craving for Pringles and Coke the last few days.  What the heck is that about?  I never drink soda!  My problem seems to be that if I give in to a crap food craving, then I feel stuffed.  Ugh.  I'm trying to make up for it right now by drinking a smoothie of spinach, carrots, strawberries, mandarin, and hemp seeds.

i almost never have carb cravings- i knew i was pregnant b/c i was envying my husband's wavy kettle chips.  i started craving potatoes.  so i made oven fries, mashed potatoes, more oven fries, a few more oven fries, the crispier and more like chips, the better!  


i can't convince my body that smoothies are chips.  b/c i can't have most snacky textured things, those are the things i crave most!!!  so i make sure to make some crunchy addictive potatoes, and then try to eat them w/ a meal that involves veggies.  


potatoes are my craving go to for pregnancy.  shrug.gif  and bubbly beverages.  i need to start brewing Kombucha again... but not today.  surrender.gif


meanwhile i might ask hubby to pick up a bubbly on the way home!!!

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I just sat down and ate two chicken and apple sausages slathered with yellow mustard and bubbies sauerkraut! So not me. I'm normally not a meat person at all, especially sausages! Looking back, probably the first sign I was pregnant was wanting to eat beef like every meal for three days straight. Usually I eat red meat monthly! Avoiding the sweets entirely. Really trying not to get sick, and for me, sugar is like poison, especially when I'm preggers. I also don't do wheat or dairy but I'm a total rice-a-holic!
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I would like to chime in with the absurdly un characteristic craving for both soda, and meat. I usually abhor soda, and lately I find myself fantasizing about icy coke. The only food that seems evenly remotely appetizing is meat, especially bratwurst . So weird. Also, I have been slathering all my food in horseradish.
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Feeling a lack of interest in food again.  I was digging salads and raw goat cheese, now they disgust me.  And I just bought a ton of spinach!  D'ot!  


I seem to really adore fluids...like fresh coconut water and kombucha.  Mmm.  Coconut water is just so amazing.  But not very filling.  


One highlight:  I had some pastured chicken bone broth with kale a few days ago that made my week.  The best thing I've eaten in ages.  

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I've been eating really great, but when I get sick and can't eat much of anything, but yet am starving!, then I cave into the thing I CAN imagine eating and that helps.

The other night it was salt and vinegar chips dipped in malt vinegar (OMG! can't get enough vinegar sometimes!) and last night it was chinese take out.

I hate eating restaurant food..but I know it's only temporary. :)

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Nothing at all sounds good to me right now. I pretty much force myself to eat every time I start feeling sick. The good thing is, healthy or not, it all sounds awful, so I may as well eat healthy. Ugh. I hope this phase ends soon.
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Plain, raw, baby spinach leaves. What the?

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Originally Posted by crunchy-mama View Post

Plain, raw, baby spinach leaves. What the?


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I drink shakeology every morning for breakfast and it completely curbs my ramparts sugar cravings (even during the holidays with so many delicious goodies)! No fake food, superfoods galore, 5 different kinds of protein (20g+ because I make with raw milk). I eat a ton of our eggs - free range pastured eggs. My midwife has always said that eggs (from a good source) are the best food a pregnant woman can eat. Having fish tacos right now with brown rice shells, spinach, avocado, tomatoes... So good.

I usually have terrible junk food and soda cravings the first trimester (all I want is Coca-cola and I know how terrible that is)... Shakeology has made all the difference for me so far.
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We had chicken fajitas (chicken breast, onions, peppers) over spanish rice w/lightly steamed broccoli and salad for dinner. I went shopping for dinner, was starving, but kept my WAPF guidelines in mind. I ate rice because I just can't afford enough meat for everyone without fillers. 


That was 1.5 hours ago and now I'm STARVING!

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I was eating a strict primal diet..and totally pumped about having a primal pregnancy!  now I'm like WHATEVER I just want something good, that doesn't make me sick at the thought!  I can't do meat at all right now.  


Back to eating rice.  Going to the grocery store right now is very frustrating and nausea inducing.  I did find some nuts I like.  

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I've been all over the place with cravings! One day, pepperoncinis right out of the jar as DH was coming in for his 2nd cup of coffee...he looked at me and said, "Boy, you ARE pregnant!" :lol 


Then there's been: Toast with avocado, Clementines, Pork chops with sauerkraut, Hot dogs with ketchup, mustard & relish (I HATE hot dogs & mustard - what the??), Vietnamese chicken & cabbage with crispy rolls & spicy sauce, Tacos with grassfed beef & crunchy shells with lots of lime, hot sauce & guacamole, etc.

Right now I have a random RAGING craving for cinnamon rolls and/or apple fritters - thank goodness I found an awesome recipe on Pamela's for gluten free ones! Guess what breakfast is today!! banana.gif


Seems like anything spicy, sour, cinnamon-y, with avocado or citrus is really appealing.  OTOH, smelling coffee, alcohol (I'm a server and DH has the occasional drink at night - yuk on both!), or perfume, among other unpleasant things, just makes me gag. Thank goodness this time around, it's much easier - no hyperemesis like the first 2!  I finally figured out that a daily 50mg of B6, along with light carbs upon waking, staves off the nausea. Phew!  Now to make those apple fritters...

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busy busy day yesterday- and my cravings were chicken


wings for lunch, tried not to eat too many of the treats i was making (and wasn't terrible)

then homemade paleo/Chick-fil-A style fried chicken and romaine lettuce and cucumbers.


this morning though i ate toffee chunks and cream cheese mints and cold leftover fried chicken.


no nausea, no food cravings, only aversion was to frying onions for my husband's steak.


if this keeps up i'm betting on boy.  but just at six weeks?  maybe?  i'm so bad at the dating of my pregnancies!!!!  i have wanted meat daily, which is unusual for me.  but not during pregnancy.... and romaine lettuce!  i want Caesar salads every day!!!!


and not wanted chocolate.  and bought ice cream but haven't eaten it.  coconut though, that's daily!

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I am now eating ham (from one of our backyard pastured pigs) and horseradish for the third time today. This is weird! Oh... Beets too. Beets twice today and vanilla shakeology with almond butter and banana (that wasn't so weird smile.gif
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