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almond butter pancakes have hit the menu daily.


i eat more carbs when pregnant, and HATE the smell of onions or bacon cooking.  but otherwise eat mostly the same as before pregnancy.  i ease up on veggies for a while.  but then craved romaine and citrus, so still eating good stuffs.


LOVED real food for mother and baby b/c she's REAL about it!  liver weekly?  hehe.  cod liver oil?  the SHEER AMOUNT OF FOOD the traditional foods/ brewer's diet recommends?  TRY, but also give yourself grace.


ate more potatoes in the first trimester but was done w/ those a few weeks back.  chicken or beef or pork nightly (salmon sounds AWESOME) and smoked salmon omelets many days of the week.


and cutting back on dairy.  my back and cheeks were starting a nasty puberty sort of outbreak, and if i can reduce that, it would be greatly appreciated!

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I don't think prepregnancy diet has alot to do with what you crave when pregnant. So many of my friends, like me, have craved things that they would never eat when not pregnant. In my non-pregnant life we ate very clean. We have a huge garden and grow all our own vegetables in summer. We can them or freeze them . We eat very seasonally, we hardly ever eat processed food as we make everything we eat from scratch. I live in Indiana, we get our dairy from the organic dairy that is right up the road from our house. We get our grass fed beef and free range chicken, eggs and honey from my very good client and friend whoes farm is about 5 minutes away from my house. In the winter I do get my vegies and other staple items from whole foods and fresh market. Our 80 year old neighbors just south of my house have 30 acres and they grow the best blueberries, raspberries and strawberries I've ever had. We pick and eat them in season, last summer I froze 30# of blueberries, 20# of strawberries, and 20# of raspberries, my smoothies taste like summer time!We also live very close to an orchard where we get our fresh peaches, plums and apples in summer and fall. Every week I plan a healthy menu for the week, I make it, I pick at it and literally choke it down, my husband has been taking the rest of it for lunch the next day. So here I am surrounded by healthy wonderful food and all I want is hotdogs, chips, salami, beef jerky, blueberry pancakes, bacon etc. Sigh. And this too shall pass.
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^^^ true- it might not affect cravings.  i was a raw foodist in the first half of my first pregnancy and craved hot dogs, pistachios and hot and sour soup as well as cheese covered french fries.


BUT it's impossible for me to get much outside of my usual routine w/ 5 kids and family budget, so my last few pregnancies i haven't been able to really indulge many cravings......  but perfect a new recipe w/ each pregnancy.  my last pregnancy was SPICY WINGS.  yeah, still eating those.  had a pizza pregnancy, and a roast chicken pregnancy, and haagen-daz (first again) pregnancy.  and a fish and chips pregnancy.  

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I didn't deprive myself beforehand, but I normally ate balanced home cooked meals full of fresh produce and lean meats (or beans), and they always had a starch with them or I would feel hungry after an hour. I salted liberally (I'm Italian, what can I say?). Eating healthfully was mostly my mandatory thing if I wanted to be able to get to the sweets, which I always craved. Bready, sweet, fruity or chocolatey. 


Now, I don't really want meat unless it's fried on a fast food bun, I can't stand vegetables aside from the occasional tangy salad and grape tomatoes, for those who refuse to think of them as a fruit. I'm not enjoying sweets unless they're sweet fruits (like cobbler that's lightly sweetened with ice cream, or a fruit sorbet), and I want fruit every minute of every day. So I guess I'm pretty much night and day? Still trying to eat healthfully but I'd choose a chic-fil-a chicken sandwich over a fruit danish in a heartbeat. 

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I'm feeling similarly.


I'm salting my food much more than usual. And the fresher, the better--sliced tomatoes, tangerines by the dozen, cucumbers, green salads, pineapple, sliced apples, etc. That's one thing I regret about the timing of this pregnancy; with my other two, I was early-pregnant in the spring and summer, and the farmers market looked like a candy store to me! Really hoping these types of food are what I still want when it's blackberry, blueberry, strawberry, and watermelon time!


But it's a great relief to me to have an aversion to sweets and baked goods. I struggle with sugar intake when I'm not pregnant, and want very much to limit it this pregnancy. I had an 11 lb. baby last time with unchecked sugar consumption, and while I know that's not a contributing factor for all women, I strongly suspect it was for me.


And man! I feel hungry ALL THE TIME. I wake up twice in a night with hunger pangs. I am hungry again an hour after eating, even if the meal was substantial! But, I haven't gained any weight yet, so I suppose my body's using it all...

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Food. Blech. I've been sicker with this pregnancy than any other. Only threw up once, but often I'm on the edge. I'm 11.5 weeks! Usually, Im better by now. :/

Dont want breads or sweet things, don't want dairy. Don't want vegetable, except maybe a room temperature salad. No mayo, and no fatty/greasy food. And no fruit. Beef jerky sounds edible.

Mostly, living on candy canes and life savers. I don't want them either, but at least I don't feel sick with one in my mouth.
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i havent thrown up once and the only time i feel nauceus is when im in the passenger seat of our car going down the windy roads towards where we lived up until couple days ago. I love the idea of farmer market candyland! i can see myself on my bike all summer with a backpack full of cucumbers and red peppers and being satiated all day. Ive never felt so hungry as i do these days but eating doesnt always fix the pangs in my stomach... usually bananas do the trick or an avocado with the hole in the center filled with braggs (soy sauce substitute) to be eaten with a spoon. sometimes i have a hard time believing im even pregnant. i cant wait for my belly to get big especially thoughout the summer where i want to dance to tons of music and bike around and be active like Im really not being at all these last wintery days. granted ive never been pregnant before and dont know what its like to carry a baby around on my belly... for now, eating tons of kale and red peppers and avocadoes... Much love to all of you!

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Whatcha Eating?


Well today it was about 5 oz of honey goat cheese devoured in about 5 minutes. My husband found me and reminded me that technically I'm not supposed to eat it. I felt bad for a minute, and then I licked the container clean. oops!


and then I ate Nutella with a spoon.

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I dug out my old, beloved Moosewood Cookbook today and made Gypsy Soup. I ate a QUART of it in no time, flat. Man, there was something--or probably many somethings--in there that I needed baaaaad.....


hanny, I could do me with some goat cheese! I had such a disappointment the other day. Splurged on a container of marinated fresh mozzarella at the deli, got home, psyched to eat it with some fresh tomatoes, opened it up, and my super-pregnancy-sniffer put on the brakes--it was rank. BOO.

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Awww what a buzz-kill @MarieHoney!!!!

Caprese salad has been one of my go-tos!! YUM

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I am eating SO SO badly and I can feel myself just packing on the pounds.  I am hungry 24/7, no matter what I eat.  it is absolutely awful.  I am a full-time student and spend most of my time on my butt, in coffee shops.  that translates to me scarfing terrible baked goods, just because I am starving and they are around.  I am easily, easily consuming close to 3,000 calories a day, but I'm just hungry!  and for the worst things!


this pregnancy is incredibly frustrating.  

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I have been loving bananas lately and yogurt topped with granola. But my guilty craving was Doritos but instead I bought the organic cheese-flavoured popcorn which was almost as good (okay not really but it was better than nothing and I would still love a bag of Doritos). My husband and I are hunters so we have a freezer full of moose meat from fall which is nice and I generally try to add lots of fresh veggies. I've been trying to go gluten free for almost a year but my hubby is not onboard at all so we've just cut back a lot. Ooh I also really want to make homemade apple pie but have substituted warm apples with cinnamon and stevia sprinkled on top
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I've been trying to eat healthy lately, but it's difficult to think of things that sound good and will also be gentle on my (very iffy) stomach. I made some granola this morning and that was nice and filling, and fruit always sits well so I stocked up on blueberries and grapefruit again today. And probably the best food decision today were some simple black bean quesadillas...I had to make seconds because they were just soooooo good! Anything with tomatoes or meat hasn't really been working for me (except for the fake fast food stuff! Proof that it's not regular old food), so I feel like my options are incredibly limited. 


I did have a well toasted roast beef and asiago cheese sandwich the other day and it was delicious. Unfortunately, I had it with kettle cooked potato chips which I didn't realize would taste like heaven during pregnancy. As someone that's not usually a chip person, I was floored and ate two mini bags, licking all the oil and salt off my fingers afterwards :Sheepish

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My meat aversion is going away.  I especially seem to have an attraction towards eating poultry...although the other day I ate a lovely grassfed hamburger.  I'm also making myself do green smootheis at least 2x a day...bananas + pineapple + spinach + cucumber.   It tastes SO SO GOOD, I feel my body just going nuts for it, but then of course I spend about 2 hours after feeling sick....I don't care though, I can feel my body needs greens, it just really adores the green smoothies when they're going in, so I'll do what I need to do.  

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I'm loving passionfruit at the moment! So sweet and delicious, and quenches my mega-thirst for a little while.
Pity they're so expensive here right now.

I craved them in my son's pregnancy too, but I was further along, mid second semester, I think.
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I honestly don't think I've ever had a fresh passionfruit! I'll have to get one next time I'm at the grocery store :)


This morning I had a tall glass of fresh juice with what I had on hand- 3 stalks of celery, 3 carrots, 2 green apples. It was SO good, but I'm feeling so bloated right now. 

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Where I grew up everyone knew someone who had a passionfruit vine, yum. My Dad had them growing wild through his rainforest property, which was really handy when I was craving them in DS' pregnancy!

I hope you enjoy it when you buy one. smile.gif
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went to FL and ended up eating mostly nuts and fresh fruit (yum on fruit!) and only one real meat/veggie meal a day.  lost some weight b/c baby picked up nursing more and we walked 2+ miles every day (AAAAAAGH I'VE MISSED WALKING!!!  winter be gone now!)


and since i've got home i've made cucumber avocado sushi rolls every single day and eaten 3 or 4 rolls.  SO GOOD.  


i thought i was done, but sitting here folding laundry and started to think of making another batch of rice to make the sushi rolls.  i know part of it is my body needs the extra carbs to make more breastmilk and my production is WAY up right now.  but i keep thinking i need to eat more balanced meals.


sushi cravings anyone?  i'm still eating some meat, and made a roasted banana/coconut pudding last night (roasted bananas and dates blended w/ coconut cream and milk, YUMMERS), but it's the sushi obsession that's very powerful and convincing.  I don't feel great on white rice, but obviously it's working okay.

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You just convinced me that I need sushi for lunch today, just as I was trying to figure out how to soothe my growling stomach! :thumb

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aw snap- now i HAVE to go make some!!!  let me know if it as delicious as i think it is!!!


also making quinoa for a cake for my in-laws.  hoping if i eat sushi i won't be as tempted by cake.  but it's probably gonna be chocolate and i'm so not into chocolate right now.  lemon cake- yup, ginger-you bet, clove/cinnamon/allspice/nutmeg- PLEASE!  but chocolate?  egh.  i was considering cheesecake, but that would be too much temptation.  and i never eat proper portions of that!


excited to have in-laws to play w/ kids and to cook for.  i LOVE making food for people!  and they do grocery shopping a lot when they're in town, so we get gourmet cooking PLUS.  

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