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Still confused.. Could I be a gassy mom to be?

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Hi Ladies, My name is Jaime and I'm new to this site. I came here for a little support and insight to the life of pregnancy and thrills of TTC. I posted a thread a few days ago, and I still haven't gotten a reply. I don't really have anyone to talk to about this (that can help at least..) and I don't want to worry anyone with it.


Anyways, Here's a little info about my current situation.. and I wonder if anyone else is going through it too.

Last period was Nov. 8th


Nov. 29th I experienced light bleeding.. which is weird for me because it's usually like flood gates being opened.. lol but it only lasted a couple of hours that one day. The next week after that I experienced extreme emotions, really bad gas (I swear it's not a normal thing for me lol), slight nausea, and a slight headache here and there. 


Believe it or not, I didn't even think about pregnancy till the day right before AF was due back (last Friday, Oct 6th) when I got moody with my sister and she said "Jeeze, what are you pregnant?!?" It all hit me like a ton of bricks and I remembered all the things that had been happening to my body. 

I decided to buy a test and take it the morning my period was supposed to be coming.. BFN 


But since the negative, the "symptoms" have eased to nothing except I'm still a little emotional and moody.. especially with my man (which might just be because he's a typical man hehe) and every once in a while I'll feel like my period is coming.. but nothing. 


Is it possible that when I tested, it was too early? 

..or.. is it all in my head?


I'm afraid to test again.

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You could be pregnant and you may not be. My recommendation would be to relax as much as possible and test again in a few days if you feel you should. I was 10 days late with a ton of symptoms and was still not pregnant.
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Background story: I have extremely irregular periods. Always have. I will go 8+ moths without a period and AF will finally show up for a couple days then the same cycle happens. I will have a normal cycle with birth control of course. So I have been off birth control for 10months. We have been trying. Months go by and still AF or BFP. Nov. we went to a fertility doctor. He put me on Provera to start AF and Clomid to O. Nov. 18th- AF. Dec. 2nd- O. I took a HPT 7DPO and got a BFN.

So that leads up to today. I'm 14DPO. I tested this morning and still got a BFN. I called the doctor like I was suppose to after my 2WW and his nurse said that he wanted to do a blood test just to make sure since it is the most accurate and depending on the results either schedule a pregnancy app or start Provera and Clomid round 2. What are the chances that I could get my BFP on the blood test? I feel like we did everything right. The doctor said our only problem was that I wasn't ovulating. I understand it could be positive if my levels weren't high enough before. I've just been really upset all day because I really thought my BFP was today. Opinions please?

Thank you,
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