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38 week nausea: Need a last little boost of encouragement

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Hey ladies!


 Well I thought that since the last 3 days were AMAZING... (My papaya enzymes, kombuchas, & acidopholus finally seemed to cure the nausea and vomiting that re-appeared) that I had every reason to continue our UC plans in confidence. Another toilet session at 4am last night just left me feeling discouraged though. We have Medicaid so I went to the ER when this happened for several hours a week ago and my blood and urine tests came back just fine, they said baby's heartbeat was "happy and strong".


 Did any of you experience this in the last stretch of pregnancy? Vomiting has always been my least favorite part of life, and 5'2 me got a LOT of it with this first pregnancy. I am so into Laura Shanley's book and everything I read about mind over matter, but when I'm sick like that I get hospital "what if" visions and fears that start to run through me and I got down about it last night.


 Birthing at home is so important to me, it's a deep embedded dream in my heart, and we really want this. I booked a doctor appointment for Monday... but I know she'll want to do vaginal exams, strep b test, and all of the things I've missed by discontinuing OB prenatal care these last few weeks. I don't know, I'd just love some feedback from other Freebirth mamas.


<3 Thank you friends

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This will be my first uc and I'll be honest, I still get the what if jitters. But I know for me it's only because I'm stepping out into the unknown, doing something that I don't know of anybody that's done it as far as friends and family. All I've ever known was the typical American way of birth, what u see in movies, what you know of others who as far as I know are all hospital induce, epidural, c section and so on...this whole natural childbirth and especially uc is so foreign, yet to me feels so very right. The alternatives of hospital and even midwife don't sound appealing to me at all. Anyway, when I get the jitters I just go back and read more unassisted articles, birth stories and so on, and of course remind myself why I'm choosing this route to begin with. Having said that I too have been a bit on the nauseous side. Although mine is commonly after I've taken my prenatal and thyroid pill in the morning...but who knows, considering its only more recently bothering me maybe mine has been nerves as well. Due Dec 12th, so playing the waiting game now :-)
I personally wouldn't go in to the hospital now...yikes, I don't trust them at all. I had some prenatal care first half of preg, but haven't had any since...and considering I birthed my first child there I know how pushy, rude, and downright shaming they were to me when I wanted to do something against their typical procedure, like for instance wanting to go home after one day instead of two...Ya, that was a blast lol. Unfortunately I'm rh negative and will most likely be going in after birth for my rhogam shot which I'm completely dreading, not the shot, just facing them in general after doing a uc. Anyway, I'm rambling... :-) hugs mama! All will be ok. You're doing great and just keep your chin up! Ps-love my kombucha as well...gotta have it every morning! :-)
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Thanks for your message Mama! I am so excited for you!!! You're sweet angel is so close to being in your arms, yay. Do you know if it's a boy or girl? It's nice to hear other women feel those fear spurts too. I guess it makes sense, we are literally transforming very much ingrained beliefs back into a sacred way of living. That's quite a process to undergo, especially when you don't have examples around you to point and smile at. Thank goodness for internet networking I have to say.


The cool thing is that the last two weeks I've felt more natural confidence (in general, not when I was sick) than I've felt in my entire life. So even though I still have doubts to deal with here and there, I feel that my journey into motherhood and my choice to freebirth IS making me stronger than ever. That inner strength has died in so many women, and I'm glad we are ambassadors for a beautiful way of birthing and parenting.


My morning readings left me with some great quotes for the day; "The road will require courage and stamina to travel, yet it offers many beautiful views and rewards along the way. This is the power of the journey." "I allow my inner voice to guide me on my path." (As I sip my morning kombucha ;)


Thank you so much for sharing, all of my blessings to your very soon birthing! We GOT this, so excited to hear your story.

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Yes! Don't know what I'd do without the internet and networking :-) I do feel really good though about "paving that path"...possibly being an inspiration for others. Hospital really isn't the ONLY option out there! I have many family members who in the next few years will likely be having children...I look forward to what kind of effect I'll have on their lives. :-)
And I'm having a boy. Couldn't be more ecstatic about that considering I already have a girl and my hubby REALLY wants a boy of course. He wants a little mini him. Haha, which will probably happen as he has darker hair, eyes and I'm redhead with blue eyes :-) our daughter looks like a mini him but a girl of course. Hehe.
I think most of all I'm excited about getting through this. Having that empowered, "I did it"!!! Feeling and I know that I will be happier than words can describe about choosing this path for birth.

And one tip! I read recently the benefits of just plain deep breathing and wow! It does so much more than I ever imagined, but best of all is it's relaxing when anxieties happen :-)
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How wonderful, you get one of each right off the bat! My friend is pregnant with her 4th boy! Haha. I hope he's got red hair like you, I love redheads.


I hope you're having baby right now! I am definitely ready for the "I did it" moment. Best wishes to you and your family right now. I am trying to stay on top of my relaxation these mellow few days/week before labor, for sure!

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