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Baby socks

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Anyone have a knitted pattern recommendation for baby socks that actually fit? All the patterns I have tried so far would only fit newborns in the leg or just dont look like they would stay on, etc. Also what is your favorite cast on method for socks?
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Idk about knitting, but I do know that the only ones that stay on Julia are knee highs with tapered ankles. That might be a feature to look for. Length, and narrower ankles.
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I made a pair of knee socks from an adult pattern and just reduced the ankles above the heel and adjusted the pattern accordingly on the heel flap. Here's what I do...(Caution, not written properly, even a little bit)
So for example I cast on 38 (long tail is my favorite) did a rib stitch cuff, knit to a bit before the heel flap then k4, k2tog all the way around leaving you with . Split- 14 for the heel flap, leaving 16 on instep. Do your heel flap, turn heel, pick up sides and then reduce instep etc. and then divide to 15 each needle to toe. I use the magic loop so I don't have specific needle divisions.

Eta: this was with sport weight yarn and wee needles. Maybe 1 or 2's. I didn't really follow a specific pattern so I don't have specifics to offer.

I would do a rib the whole way down to the heel cause my boy had those hand knit socks off in two seconds.

Knitpicks.com has a free pattern called Tubies for kids. I can't do the link right now.

Knitty.com has a free adult pattern that is a great basic pattern for socks. It's called "thuja" and cans be found in the pattern index. I will try to link when I can get on a full size computer.
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I found the link - thanks for sharing, wrenmoon!  I'll have to give this to my mother, who's been knitting all kinds of socks for Oliver.  I've been known to knit a sock or two, but I'm so lazy about finishing projects that I doubt he'd get any mileage out of anything I'd do.


and speaking of knitting, I was wondering whether anyone had had any luck making something like the babylegs?  or perhaps just long, long socks that go up to the diaper? 



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We've been cheating and using ladies bamboo dress socks from Costco. They stay on GREAT and are super warm. 

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I made some baby legs from some women's socks, I cut the toe and heel off, folded the instep in half (right sides out) and sewed that to the leg part. The folded piece became the cuff and for a medium length women's sock it made a perfect length for a baby. The hardest part was keeping the three layers together while sewing. I pinned the heck outta them and used a walking foot. Two pairs took me 15 minutes.
There were polka dot and striped socks in the $1 bin at our local craft store. What a score.
We've been keeping socks on with those little leather soft soled shoes over them. That with the baby legs is a pretty warm leg.

I'd love to post pictures but my phone & computer are acting special these days.
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Thank you for the pattern recommendations! Originally I was only looking on ravelry which I see now was a mistake. These look promising to help use up my loads of sock yarn. http://www.craftsy.com/blog/2013/07/knitting-baby-socks-tutorial/ I will let you know how they turn out and if they stay on.
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Does anyone else babys feet sweat? I cant tell if its too cold too warm too tight whatever. After getting out of bed we rotate between things but nothing feels right or stays on. I better go thru our bigger clothes with attached feet though thats only a trmporary fix. My darn diapers are messing up our sizes & making necks too loose too. I'm too busy to perfect this but can't stand her fluctuating feet, she must be so uncomfortable.
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