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Normal or Not?

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Pants really tight at only 9 weeks.  Stomach super bloated.  Is this about the time when people start feeling thicker around the middle?  I've watched a few of my skinny friends not change at all until second trimester.  Not so much for me.  I've never gone through this and would love to hear how everyone is fitting in their pants at 9 weeks :)

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Just this pregnancy...I am showing already (12 weeks tomorrow) but my clothes were too tight around 8 or 9 weeks as well. I did not show with the twins until about 15 weeks so this is crazy for me so relieved that it is just one and not twins again!

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My pants got pretty uncomfortable around then the first time.  Since this is my second go-round, I'm already in my postnatal pants, which are about two sizes larger than usual.  I'm definitely really bloated, and all the eating to ward off nausea certainly isn't helping anything. 

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I started being uncomfortable in my pants around 9 weeks too, mostly due to bloating, but also because my low rise pants touching my uterus was very uncomfortable.  Not everyone has bloating issues, but it is very common. 

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i am  10 weeks with twins, and having a  really hard time fitting in my clothes, which i wasn't expecting at all, starting out plus-sized. I expected to be in regular clothes until 16 weeks or so. yeah, no, i am going maternity shopping any day now. Fat can be squished around, but a full uterus can't. 

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I think I switched to maternity pants around 8-9 weeks as well--just the bloating and the constant full stomach from eating every hour and a half to keep the nausea at bay. This is my second, and I swear I am seriously showing already.....it happens a lot quicker the next time around!

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First pregnancy I did not fit my clothes at around 9 weeks anymore and found had to wear maternity pants already.

Second time was even sooner. I think around 7 weeks.

This time I already have a huge belly at 12 weeks but most of my pants still fit.

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I switched a size up in pants at about eight weeks, mostly because someone have me new pants and I was excited to wear them! But now at ten weeks I'm just noticing how I can't just squish anymore. My new pants are still fitting and ok, unless I need to lean forward! I may get another two weeks before I need to switch to maternity, maybe.
There is nothing I hate more than pants shopping! greensad.gif
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9 weeks here, and I am very thankful for the dollar rack at the second hand shop in town. I can go up a size and not worry about the price of all the clothes. smile.gif I did go up one size already, plus found a nice pair maternity pants that fit. Now I should be set for another couple weeks.
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7 weeks 4 days, I'm sitting here in maternity jeans.  4th baby, 5th pregnancy.  I CAN still wear my normal clothes but they don't feel very good any more. 

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My first pregnancy I wore my normal jeans the whole time. Second one not so much - I like thrifting a lot and just kept going up in sizes until nothing fit comfortably, then lived the last few months in dresses. I was so huge! I am hoping maybe this baby will be a bit more dainty. I'm 8 weeks and I can fit in my normal pants, but they get uncomfortable by the end of the day.

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I am a little heavier this fall/winter than I was last winter so I only have 1 pair of jeans that fit comfortably  anyway. I have a couple that are higher waist that I can wear but certainly not comfortably and I am all about being comfy. I got a pair of maternity at a second hand and they are super cozy:) I've been wearing yoga type pants a lot too.

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I was already getting ready to move up a pant size before getting pregnant, but the bloating is definitely moving things along quickly.  Pants fit fine in the morning, can't keep them buttoned by afternoon.  This is my first pregnancy and I am just past 9 weeks.  I am a thrift store shopper so I am not worried about the price, but I am very short (4'11) and worried I am going to have a hard time finding pants to fit around the the middle that will still be short enough, it was already a battle.  Any other short ladies have any tips or places to shop, without having to hem or get altered?

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My stomach popped at 10 wks (11 tomorrow) and all this week I can feel my uterus popped above my pubic bone, my skin tightness/organs feel very tight down there. But on top of that, my actual stomach area is being pushed out stupid crazy. Never had that happen before and it's really weird. I don't like it much... lol


Thrift store shopper here and just waiting for warm weather to bikini this pregnancy. LOL!

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With all these newly showing mamas, we need to get that "belly picture" thread updated, so we can document our growing buns.  I too am guilty of not posting a picture there, but I must, as I am seeing that acquaintances who don't know I am pregnant keep staring at my belly, wondering, but politely not daring to ask...I just giggle to myself.  I tried to take a picture of myself in the mirror, but I could not figure out how to get the flash to stop blaring in the mirror more than me.  I've got to get DH to get on it for me.

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Ugh. I'm totally showing. One of my coworkers was even like, 'wow, you're going to need a new coat, huh?' the other day. She's right.
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