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Raised mole that changed quickly in pregnancy- anyone else had this?

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I have no clue why I am up late at night, writing this....I have had a dark, raised mole on my lower neck since I was a very small child. I am very fair-skinned and have had A LOT of sun exposure (Arizona, frequent severe sunburns as a kid, lifeguarded). Even with this knowledge I have never been overly worried about skin cancer.


6.5 months ago I had my first baby. In the third trimester, the mole changed rapidly- I noticed it got bigger fast, and that the color had changed from solid dark brown to red and light brown and was smooth and became kind of scaly on top- like fleshy. The border changed too as it went from nice round and firm to a little less firm and more flabby.


I thought I should get this checked, but figured I was just being a worry wart. 


So I didn't.


Just they other day I noticed it and thought of it again. So I researched a little online to see if I could find anything about my mole. The only thing I could find close to it was nodular melanoma if it was cancerous.


So I researched more and found an oncologist in my area to go see who specializes in that kind so that it wouldnt be overlooked- if I'm going to have it looked at, might as well be thorough, right?;)


LOL. So the scheduler said normally a derm would check it first but she asked me to describe it and she said she would talk to dr and he said for me to come in. This was Friday. I see him Monday to see if he wants to get it biopsied.


I shouldn't be worrying. It won't change the outcome. I'm trying not to think about it! But, I am wondering if anyone else has a story similar to mine- orignal mole was raised and it changed quickly while pregnant?


I also have another mole that changed quite some time ago. It went from light brown  to losing some pigment- like it was flaking off a layer and oozed and was irritated and bled some, especially when I itched it and picked it, and is now colorless without any ozzing, itching, inflammation. Anyone relate? Thanks!


Lisa Grace

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Please keep me updated. I have a mole that changed when I was pregnant. But I haven't had it looked at. Good luck.
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I don't have any advice on the pregnancy part, but you should get ANY changes in moles immediately checked by a derm.  I know you're getting yours done soon, which is good.  But changes in mole color, texture and shape like you describe are serious warning signs.  My uncle discovered a malignant melanoma on his wrist that he also ignored for precisely the same reasons.  It's really important to get yourself checked yearly by a derm after this, especially with your skin type and environmental exposure.

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I don't mean to sound scary, but you should plan on it being biopsied, and the scheduling will probably be fairly soon (like a couple of days). 

My dad had a couple of melanomas and one that looked like a melanoma but wasn't.  I haven't seen any cavalier attitude toward the possibility of it being the real deal... it is taken very seriously.  I think that part is nice as nobody's dilly dayllying while you're concerned it might be something bad.  After all, who needs another TWW...


One of my dad's melanomas showed up at the bottom of a heart surgery scar.  The derm surgeon who did the biopsy and later the removal of the mole told him that major events for the body can sometimes spur things that were completely normal before.


Please keep us updated... I will be thinking about you and hoping for it to turn out as a BFN (the only time we ever want one of these in a place like this)! 

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