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Looking for advice on weaning...

Poll Results: Should I move her to her own bed?

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    Stick with the floor bed
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I am posting this in the cosleeping section as we cosleep and there is no other option. I have 3 kids, 3 bedrooms, and my husband works nights. He's either not home to help, or in the living room which is the only real option for having her in a palypen vs my room. I'm not going to run up and down the stairs several times a night to settle her. Just not going to happen. I can't even bring my exhausted self to put her back in her bed after 11:30.


Back Story:

Back in March I started working with getting her into her playpen to sleep (she was 9mo) because she had taken to diving off our bed. I had a bed rail up to keep her safe, and this worked great for the others, and also for her until she decided she should seriously dive. It was no longer safe for her to be in my bed, so I started transitioning her to her bed.


I would go through her bed time routine of washing her face and hands, potty, change her bum, get her in her pjs, wrap her in a blanket, read her a story, say prayers, and sing her to sleep rocking her with her nursies. When drowsy I'd unlatch but keep rocking and singing. This worked just fine to put her to sleep, but she WOULD NOT TRANSFER! The process would take 20-40 min, then an additional repeat of 40-90min to get her into her bed. After a month of this with her sleeping in her playpen for half an hour to two hours and then having to do the whole thing again, I read about floor beds.


I continued the bedtime routine, but laid down with her so that there was no transfer. This has worked fabulously! I am now in the predicament though of when I get her to FINALLY (it has been two weeks of her throwing a fit from 11:30-2/3:30 including biting me, scratching, kicking, screaming, hitting, banging her head into me and finally getting to under 20min) go to sleep without nursing, she lays across the pillows. If I get her to sleep in her floor bed she wakes at 11:30 and refuses to go back to sleep. If she sleeps in my bed she's across the pillows and I have no where to sleep!


I've tried wrapping her so her bed feels warm, but she hates swaddling. I've tried patting or rubbing her back, but she doesn't want to be touched! Any insight appreciated! And I know I haven't said all I could, so if you have a question, shoot!

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Your little one is 1 yo? I would keep her in my bed and nurse through the night. Do you want to nightwean her, or wean her completely?

In my own experience, the least we fight to make them sleep by themselves, the more sleep everyone gets. My kids also used to hog the pillows and I had to drag and push them in their sleep a couple of times a night to make some room for myself. But I'd rathem do this than have them fight sleep for hours.
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