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This question genuinely confuses me.  My water broke over 48 hours before our daughter was born.  In the time between I had inconsistent contractions every once in awhile, sometimes more regularly than others.  Looking back I would say I was in early labor, but at the time it didn't feel like it.  My labor didn't actually get going until two days later (after miles of curb walking, hiking up a butte, getting acupuncture, taking castor oil, and trying nipple stimulation).  But when it started, it STARTED.  I went from barely anything to contractions a minute long and 30 seconds apart immediately.   In total, it took me 3 hours from first big contraction to holding our daughter.  I actively pushed (rather than trying to fight the urge to push) for about 5 minutes of that.  She was born at home.  


Our midwife has already cautioned us that we may have one of those mythical 45 minute births this time around.  YIKES

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I agree with lily. The first ten hours of mine was exciting, not really painful. After that there were some complications that slowed things down, and we really wanted it over, but it didn't feel like it took as long as it did.
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#1- 29 hours total. I labored for 18 hours at the birthing center after almost two weeks of prodromal labor, transferred to the hospital. I had an epidural and they discovered my girl was rotated and was presenting face first. 11 hours later on pictocin she finally made it out.

#2- 11 hours at the birthing center. It might have gone quicker if I hadn't panicked and refused to push for a while.

#3- 40 minutes at the birthing center. I went in because it hurt to pee so I thought I had a UTI. I didn't have a UTI, but I was 7 cm dilated. I walked for a few hours, but nothing happened. She ruptured my water and 40 minutes later I was holding my son. I would have been one of those women having their babies in a car had I not thought I had a UTI!


Is it weird that I am actually terrified of going through labor again, even though I've been through it drug free twice already? I had all my other kids 13 months apart, and this one will be almost 5 years since my last.

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I am actually looking forward to labor...am I crazy?

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#1 24 hours, included , them breaking my waters, 4 hours of pushing with no urge to push at all, until the Ambulance arived to transfer me to a bigger Hospital for a section. They would not let me push! Bummer!

#2 1 hour 45 mins included baby dropping past pubic bone, instant transition intense contractions, get into the new car, husband notices before me there is a need for speed! Get stuck waiting for a train to pass at a town we will call "Pen" while push pains start. Get to hospital almost kill a smoker outside of emergency! Refuse the wheelchair (no way I am getting sectioned again!) Husband and security take advantage of contraction to get me in one and get me into L&D, they break my water 10 mins later after 3 pushes we had our girl!

#3 2 hours included instant intense contractions, them breaking my waters, uneventful joyful birth of our girl after a handful of pushes.

#4 2 hours included a planned breaking of waters for induction (though no one told me that would require two men pushing the baby down past my pubic bone!) Pitocine, hate that stuff, I dont even need it! 10 mins pushing and our boy was there, I still think the induction process is why I bled after more than they wanted.

#5 2 hours included not knowing I was having contractions, Just felt off at regular intervals. Get to the hospital, contractions did not even register, but because we were only 2 days off they had to check internaly. 7cm! everyone was freaking out because they could not feel the head, I was like this is great! They break my waters,15 threats of c-sections and telling me I was killing my baby because he was too big and too high later, 3 pushes and our 9 lb 13 oz boy was born.

#6 1 hour 20 mins (we had a midwife this time but had to plan a Hospital birth with her due to being 1 hour away from Hospital) 12:10am, my water breaks! I am in transition but too excited to realise, 12:30 my mom gets to the house, we leave. 1:10 my husband says that it would be funny if we get stuck at the train in "Pen" again, I tell him we wont cause he has to pull over for us to have a baby! We were just outside of "Pen" lol! Call the ambulance and start pushing, in a terrable possition! Ambulance gets there carries me to the ambulance (May I mention it is January in CANADA!) COLD! Next push I crown, hubby missed the birth after all that work because it went so fast the driver had no idea. He was born at 1:30am 9 lbs 11 oz finished at the hospital.


#7 and #8 due July 14th 2014, any guesses as to how long???



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Oh wow that was much longer than I intended! lol!

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#1 27.5  hours - very easy early labor for about 24hrs of it. Not painful at all. Hospital.

#2 6-8 hrs of active labor? Not really sure, I had prodromal labor for 2 days leading up to active labor and it was all painful so... Yea, that one sucked. Homebirth.

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I am actually looking forward to labor...am I crazy?


Nope! I'm looking forward to it too.

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I love birth as well, I can't wait!!

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Hooray for birth loving Mamas!

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I looked forward to labor both times! :)


Baby #1 I was in labor somewhere around 12 hours. I felt like "this is real" labor around 9 p.m. We went to the hospital an hour away around 1 a.m. Both lanes were bumpy and I kept making DH change lanes. We got pulled over due to that. The officer shines his flashlight in during mid contraction while DH says, "She's in labor." I yell, "I really am!" He tells us to be on our way and drive safely. Labor seemed miserable at the hospital. I couldn't get comfortable although we truly did have an intervention free hospital birth. I hated being in the spa tub, and hated every position. Finally, my OB broke my water around 7 a.m. and I pushed on my back for about 1 1/2 hours. I HATED pushing. DD was finally born around 8:40 a.m weighing 6 lbs. 2 ozs. (I'm SO MAD at myself for not being able to remember the exact time!!!) 

Baby #2 was born at home with a midwife after about 3 hours of labor. It was a wonderful experience. I felt like I was starting labor around 3:00 a.m. I finally called the midwife around 3:30 a.m. and she said to call her again in an hour to update her on progress. 20 minutes later I called her and said she needed to come, it couldn't wait. She got to my house around 5:00 a.m. I didn't realize she had to set things up for an hour. While she was bustling around I labored in the rocking chair breathing through contractions. It actually felt GOOD. By the time she was done bustling about and could pay more attention to me I was 100% and 10 cm! That was just a bit before 6 a.m. She broke my water, I got down on my knees in front of the couch, pushed a few times and out came my 10 lb. baby boy at 6:05 a.m.! 

I heard in the past that labor #2 would be shorter than #1, but that labor #3 is just a shot in the dark. But from this thread it sounds like the third labor is almost always shorter than the other two.

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I heard in the past that labor #2 would be shorter than #1, but that labor #3 is just a shot in the dark. But from this thread it sounds like the third labor is almost always shorter than the other two.

I did some research right after my BFP this time and from what I'm gathering "on the interwebs" (lol) is that #3 really is a shot in the dark. I have no idea what to expect this go round!!

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Is it weird that I kind of want this time to go longer. It was so fast and furious last time. I want to walk around a store in labor (or something fun-ish like that). But, I guess I'd better be careful what I wish for, right?!?

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Is it weird that I kind of want this time to go longer.

I'm the same way. My 1st homebirth was so freaking boring and ho-hum (aside from my beautiful daughter to show for it lol), this time I want pics, I want video, my best friend and her DH will be here hopefully and I want to savor the whole experience LMAO!

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I have no good pictures from DS2's birth it went so fast (and I was n*ked, lol). DH was trying to keep DS1 occupied since I wouldn't let him (DH) leave the room, and no family had time to come get DS; it was so fast. DH tried taking pictures from the other side of the room, so they are crummy and full of boobs (not something I can put in his baby book at least). I would love to have another person there to take pictures (my mom was in the room for DS1's birth and she got some good shots). I actually loved that DS1 got to be there (he was 2, and it was 4:30 am so he wasn't really with it), but it was nice that we were altogether as a family immediately.

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I am really looking forward to dd to be there.  She is such a natural caregiver and wants to "help" me get the baby out, so she says.  She will be almost 5, so it will likely be an experience she will remember.  I am very excited to share the labor and birth with her.  In fact, she has been really intrigued by the idea of birth.  Even before I became pregnant, she wanted to watch Gentle Birth Choices and has now seen it 3 times, lol.

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first was 28 hours from the onset until i was able to push, however, it ended in a c-section so i'm not sure how long it would have taken.


second was less than five hours total.  he, however, arrived 13 days past his due date, so that's why i'm thinking it went so quickly.  when he was ready, he was ready!  :)

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First was about 24 hours, 2.25 of which were pushing. In hospital but no meds.

Second was at the birth center. 6 hours from water breaking to baby. Felt fast and furious compared to first. Still a lot of pushing--over an hour. I do pretty well with labor but I really hate pushing. Maybe I will get lucky and have an easier pushing phase this time....
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Baby 1 6hrs

Baby 2 2hrs

#3 also 2 hours

#4 11 hours

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I was in labor with my daughter for 7.5 hours and for my son it was 8.5.  I think his labor would have been shorter if I had stayed home just a bit longer and labored on my own.  I will definitely think about that when it comes time for #3 to make an appearance since a homebirth is probably out of the question due to distance.

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