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Advice/help/suggestions for Pre-mom!

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Hello all, I am in that space in my life where I am wanting to get my hands on any and all "healthy family"  and "healthy home" type reading. I am definately going through the phase of my life where all I think about is starting a family, I do have a few medical issues I would like to take care of first, but aside from that I am feeling somewhat lonely and without any warm of friendly aquaintances nearby (aside from my husband that is). When ever I do a search online for one of my recent interests, I am almost always lead to this thread, on this site! So I figured I might as well post this question here, I hope nobody minds!  I did experience a short bout of Waldorf education when I was younger and I feel it completely changed a part of me and have always intended on doing my best to instill that into my children someday. Ok NOW to the question!... I am finding it very difficult to find resourses for PRE child waldorf-type living publications and/or online community (if that makes any sense?)  I am wanting to know if there is anything for people in the stages of life before children yet still waldorf-esque?

 I appreciate any advice and really hope nobody minds a not-yet-mother asking for advice in this thread :) :)

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Hmm...the ones I have known mostly are or become teachers. ;)

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I wish I had read Simplicity Parenting before becoming a parent.  It is so much easier to do things the way we would like them from the beginning rather than having to go back and fix things later.  I would also read Heaven on Earth.  Hope this helps.  Otherwise, keep things as simple as possible, be present and enjoy nature.

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Waldorf is really just an offshoot of Anthroposophy.  You need to find out all about Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy before you decide if Waldorf is really right for you. You could also join the Christian Community.  That's a church for Anthroposophists.  Make sure you read books like "An Outline of Occult Science" by Steiner, for instance.  You will find that there's more to it than pretty toys, baking bread and feeling crunchy.  Good luck to you! 

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I second the recommendation for Simplicity Parenting. Maybe things related to "voluntary simplicity" and "slow food" might appeal to you too. You might find a kinship with people who practice yoga or meditate. 

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