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Kids Names That Go Together?

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I'm just curious about what people think about families that have a common theme between their children's names. Whether or not it was planned, she won't admit, but my mom named her four kids such that our first initials in order spell MAMA.


I know it doesn't really matter, and I'm probably over-thinking this, but my first two children coincidentally have names that start with the same letter. When people find out I'm pregnant, oddly the first question I frequently get asked is, "This one gonna be an E too?" I can't decide how I feel about this. Our top contenders for girls names didn't start with E, but I found out I was having a boy. We have two top choices for boy's names. One starts with an E and the other one doesn't. (I really like E names for some reason.) So now the question is, do we use the E name or the not-E name. And if we have another kid which turns out to be a boy, and we end up using the E name for our fourth child, will our non-E third child feel left out?


What do you think? Do coordinated names promote a sense of comradery or are they just plain weird?

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I'm not sure how the kids feel about it, but I know a family with Anna, Ian, Aden, and Abby. It's a little hard at first to keep track of them with all those vowels, but you get used to it pretty fast. (They didn't plan all vowels, it just happened.)

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I like when names go together in the sense that they are the same style, but I'm not really a fan of having names that sound too similar or all start with the same letter. It gets confusing, and then you can't just use initials as a shortcut for labeling things either. Then if you have more kids you can end up stuck trying to come up with a name with the same letter and possibly not being able to use a name you do like because it doesn't go with the others.

In your situation, I would personally probably choose the non-E name if you like them equally, especially if you don't have another E name for either a boy or a girl if you have #4 eventually. of course, if you don't mind having 3 E's and then a non-E, it won't matter so much.

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I have 4 J boys, and this next baby will make 2 E girls. There's pros and cons. Luckily, I still like all their names, tho, at dh's insistence, I did feel under pressure after the 2nd child to keep up w/ what we started (lest baby feel left out later) Had I had better foresight, I wouldn't have done it. while I do have a preference for similarly themed/matched names (for instance, my oldest daughter, 3, is Elora, and this daughter will be Eilish or Esca, w/ two middle names like hers), I never would have guessed I'd have 6 kids! And it's a really good thing i'm not having boy #5 because I would have been completely stumped as to which way to go w/ naming him. (like you researchparent, I just seem to be inexplicably drawn to E names atm, and felt really tempted to name him Emrys despite the J theme!)


I think if you know for certain you're only going to have a limited amount of kids, it's a really cute idea. And also awesome to honor your first and true preference. I feel confidant w/ having 2 E girls because w/o a doubt, I'm done!

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My first two both have middle names that begin with C. I decided not to keep it up, though. It seemed too cutesy. My youngest son's middle name is Laith!
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I tend to agree that too many kids with all the same first letter can sound a little cutesy for me. However, names that bond siblings could be really important. If we have a boy, I am going to name him Nicholas. My older son is Nathan (Nathanael). We like the name Nicholas on its own, but also like the idea of something to bond the two boys given the 6 year age difference and different father. For a girl, we are going with an A name. I don't know how I would feel if all my siblings had E names, and I was the middle child with the odd lettered name--definitely would notice it. Might be beneficial to keep them together in the E pack rather than one solo. Good luck :)

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I find I get my kids names mixed up as it is and their names are completely different , if they were similar or started with the same letter I would be doomed! I knew a woman in one other online baby group and her 4 girls were all something like, Aliya, Amiya, Alana, Aliana ...I just kept thinking...poor lady! so. confusing. 

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My opinion on names starting with the same letter is that if you go for a 3rd matching, it would seem off to have a 4th not match (although LadyElm's J for boys, E for girls makes sense too). 


Any of you read Swistle's naming blog? A lot of people ask questions along that vein and she has great suggestions.

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Thanks for all the input. Although the idea of being "cutesy" makes me cringe, I think we're gonna go for it anyway. Our two kids are Eli and Evangeline and my husband and I are just too in love with the name Ezekiel to pass it up just because it matches. I agree with people who think you've committed to the trend after 3 kids, but we're only planning on having 3 or 4 kids anyway. There are enough other E names we would consider (Everett, Ephraim, Ezra, Elsa, Eleanor, Estella, Emogene...I also really like Elora), that I think we'd be okay if we had a fourth.

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It's a long story, but I didn't get to name my oldest daughter, and she ended up with the name Marilyn. I've always regretted it. My dh (different dad) named our toddler Audrey, and even though the hollywood theme wasn't intentional, I think it's fun, so we're going to try to stick with it.

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We decided that all of our kiddos will have 2 middle names. I like the idea of themes but didn't want anything too obvious or hard to keep up with if we have all boys for example.
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I think it would be weird for me if I felt I had to stick to a theme. My boys are Lucien, Florian, Vivien, Evelyn and Aurelian. this was unintentional we did not try to match the ending sound. right now we have  Lucien Mallory Rune, Florian Ewald D'Arcy, Vivien Sigismund Wolfram, Evelyn Waldemar Allaric and Aurelian Aethelraed Frey. (Germanic pronunciation) If we have another boy he will not have a name!!! let alone three....We are still pondering names but will not be finding out the gender until the baby is born, that means we have five days to name a sixth son! Husband will not talk boys names at all, as he feels like it would jinx his chances of a daughter....**We birth unassisted and have five days to register the birth.

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Our naming 'pattern' isn't an obvious one I don't think, and it only matters to me (DH doesn't care). Each child has their 'own' name, and then 2 other names - one from each side of the family.


For DS, his 'own' is his first name, and for DD her 'own' is her 2nd name -- although, we realised just before she was born that it was also my great-grandmother's name, so she accidentally got 3 family names. Everyone's first name has a long formal version that is on the birth certificate etc, and a short form for 'every day' use.

For the babies, I think we've settled on names, but we're not 100% committed yet. DS wanted to learn more about the family tree and our ancestors this winter, so we had lots of family names to look at -- the information I got from MIL went back one or two more generations than I'd already known about. The babies will follow DS's pattern, and have their 'own' first name, with 2 middles names - one from my family & one from DH's.

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