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Co-sleepers, I just don't get how it works with #2...

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I've co-slept with DD since birth and it works well, but remembering how incessantly newborns wake up and how long they can be up in the middle of the night, I just don't see how DD can be there and get any sleep. Maybe if she were a heavy sleeper but she takes after DH and wakes at the drop of a pin. What did you do with your co-sleeping toddler when your new baby was born?

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I don't have an answer, but trying to figure out the same thing. My situation sounds similar to yours, my DD is 17 months and has co-slept since birth and is also not a heavy sleeper. She currently wakes up several times a night yet. I'm thinking that I will need to get her into her own bed because I don't know how I can do it with two. My DH works very early hours and I stay home, so he can't really help at night. I'm very interested in hearing what others have done in this same situation!
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Following.  Exact same situation here.  I think one thing that will help is having a bigger bed.  We have two queen sized mattresses pushed together to make one giant mega bed as I need a lot of space when I sleep anyway.  Planning on having toddler between daddy and I, with baby on the edge (our mattresses are on the floor).   

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I have some experience with this! My second baby came along when my oldest was almost 18 months. Around 15 months, we night-weaned (Dr Jay Gordon) and after that was successful, we moved him to papa's side of the bed, on a crib mattress on the floor. So, when he would wake up, he would get papa as the first line of comforting. It worked really well for us and he just slept through the baby. Even the light sleepers adapt and for the first few weeks I would actually get up and nurse on the couch so that it didn't disrupt anyone's sleep. Around 28 months old he moved into his own room, very easily, on his own. He nursed for 5 more months after that (weaned at 33 months), so it didn't disrupt our nursing relationship.


I would say to go into it relaxed, with the mentality that you're just going to make it work. If it means your DH has to sleep separately with your toddler for a bit, it's what we did to make everything run smoother at first. We also EC'd from birth with our second, so I was up a lot more anyway to try to help establish routines!


Good luck - it's not as difficult as it may seem to be :)


Any other questions?

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My older daughter was 34 months when my younger was born and she was sleeping in her own bed up until I got pregnant and she decided she wanted back in ours. She wasn't a super light or super deep sleeper (though she is a super deep sleeper now!) but she almost never woke up when the baby did. If you're co-sleeping, it's not like the baby will be screaming and crying. They fuss a little and you latch them on, hardly aware of it yourself. Ya know?
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   When Ds1 was three years and four months old we had our second ds.  I wanted to cosleep with both so we had a Queen bed (for me and ds2) pushed up against a queen size futon mattress (for dh and ds1).  It was a pretty big room.  We tried it for a little while, but it didn't work for me.  I don't really remember ds1 waking up all that much from the commotion, but I felt a huge stress that, not only did I have to take care of the baby at night, I was also responsible for the quality of sleep for every person in the family by keeping the baby perfectly quiet etc.  That may not have been exactly true, but I felt that way.  We ended up moving ds2 out of our room into a room by himself and he actually did fine.  He was about 3.5 by that time though so I didn't feel too bad.  Good luck finding what works best for you!

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