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Anyone thinking about having another baby?

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My little baby is now 10 months and still not eating solids, only nurses. With that said, I have been thinking a lot about having another little one.  Anyone else already thinking about getting pregnant again or feel it's a little too soon?  


Side note: I noticed that House of Peace is pregnant - congratulations! - and my feelings have now intensified :)

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oh my hop!!!! congrats!!!!

dh is done, that being said, we dont use protection.... no af (usually comes back at 15 or so months). i would have another....

just a warning to some of you first timers..... my milk dries up immediatly when getting pregnant. my dds both dry nursed through pregnancy, but it could have easily went the other way. so, there is a chance your nursing relationship could be oven when that bfp comes.

cant wait to hear of more bfp in this group.
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What what what?!! HOP! CONGRATS!! Where was this announcement?!


I'm so excited for you!!

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BUSTED!  i meant to announce but hadn't gotten around to it!!!


w/ my 2nd, she EBF til 15 months old.  i was pregnant w/ my 3rd when DD1 was 10 months old.  it wasn't easy, but it wasn't as hard as i thought.


when DD2 was 9 months old, i was nursing DD1 who was now 2 1/2, and DD2 and got pregnant w/ DD3.  i weaned DD1 and nursed DD2 throughout my pregnancy and then tandem nursed DD2 and DD3 for only about 3-4 months.  DD3 weaned when i was 3-5 months pregnant w/ DS2.  

i want to nurse throughout, but know that i lactate pretty seriously no matter what.


i always feel like 'it's a little too soon' but obviously, i can only do so much.  our odds for this pregnancy were REALLY SLIM.  and i was spending a lot of time ogling my friends' new LO's and thinking i would love another newborn.  we were thinking we'd wait a few years and then possibly have another (or another cluster) but apparently we need a large cluster of adorable spazzes, NOW.

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ah! HOP! so exciting!

we are waiting until next summer to try for our next babe. :)

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anyone experienced or know anything about spontaneous ovulation?  i always thought it was a myth.....


but it is EXACTLY what this pregnancy looks like.  i had no fertile signs, relaxed, hung out w/ hubby one weekend. that night, i had ovulation signs.  none before, but was almost certain that very same weekend that we had unintentionally nailed it.  i suspected that it might be from my ovulation a week later (6 days).  but my there is some evidence that it was actually that same night.  and w/ the full standard ovulation a week later it seemed likely to be a double peak.


just asking!  going to ask the same question in the fertility threads!!!

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I just realized I never actually answered the question because I was blinded by the new information.


I really, really want to have another baby soon but we simply can't afford to have more than one baby in childcare at a time and I'd be worried about having DH as a stay-at-home-dad (and I'm the breadwinner and mentally could not handle being at home permanently). Unless something unexpected happens with his job or if we have a surprise pregnancy, we'll be waiting until M is 3 to start trying for #2 so I'll get my year of mat leave and by the time I have to go back to work she'll be in school and we'll be back to one child in daycare again. The trouble is that I had initially thought we'd have a max of two, maybe even just one baby, but now the thought of having three appeals to me.


I've made a rule that I'm not having babies after 35 because I want to be able to have a life again after they're grown up and I want to be part of their adult lives too, so I have 8 years left to have whatever number we end up with. I've been doing a lot of "in ten years, my ideal life would look like..." lately. In ten years, I'd like to have three babies, a house with a yard, and a dog.

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^^^ what a beautiful picture!!!


my husband would be a terrible SAHD.  we thought originally when we started a family that there would be more balance there (we were both in grad school, had been married in undergrad and both worked while in school, always split chores, shopping, life, etc) but then we had my son.  and it was a revelation for us that our family dynamic was going to be different than our couple dynamic.  i did go back to school while pregnant w/ DD2, and husband had kids for weekends.  and he's taken up shopping a lot and certain housework, but his personality just wouldn't deal well w/ being home and w/ kids.


i  have an unusual SAHM personality(INTP), but it seems to be working.  i still do health counseling, and need routines, adult interactions, mental stimulation (i'm a compulsive reader/learner), but love being home w/ kids b/c they are honestly my favorite people in the world.  and my way of liking people is just to hang w/ them and do life.

i also want to stop before 35 for same reasons.


looks like i'll be finished up at 34 unless another surprise happens!


8 years is a long time!  i'm excited for you whatever you guys decide!  

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I'm doing some thinking about this right now. Like Kelly Beth i think we might TTC next summer. A has been such an easy going baby he's given us this idea we can handle two smile.gif.

And HouseofPeace, congratulations!!!!
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I've been following the pregnancy threads lately, that's how I found out about you HoP! Forgive me for spoiling your news in any way.


Even though I exclusively nurse, all day and night (baby girl also doesn't use a paci or suck any fingers), AF returned at 8 months pp. She's also 26 lbs and is a chunky little one :) she's my biggest baby so far at this stage of the game.


If I do become pregnant, I hope I could possibly continue to nurse this little one. I was able to nurse my oldest (1st grade twins) until  they were 14 months old - I stopped when I was 10 weeks pregnant with number 3. 


Here I thought I wouldn't have anymore children after number 3 and God blessed us with number 4. Now, I'm hoping for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby again!

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I'm not sure yet if I can do this again. I've been having a really hard time dealing with sleep deprivation. I get really stressed and depressed when I don't sleep. And I've only had about 2-3 months out of 9 where she's actually slept well. DH wants another but I just don't know if I'm able to handle it. Sigh.
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Oh, HoP, blessings to you!

I have had a million AFs already, but I'm so not interested. I will say I do see now why people want to kind of "get it over with" (the infant/toddler stage), by having a couple closer than 3 years apart, but it's just not in my frame of reference. I am 10y older than my brother and no one in my family of my generation is closer than 4 apart. Still vaguely planning on about 4 years apart-- maybe TTC when she's 3-- with a possibly one and done clause.... Though I have few complaints and we love being parents. I admit, DH is big into joking with Miss L about being a big sister (he is 1 of 4), but he is fine with whatever I feel comfortable with. Obviously! He waited 17 years for me to be ready for this one!
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I should say... I see why people want to get it over with not because we are not enjoying it, but more the convenience stuff-- like being able to do xyz because you're no longer breastfeeding, kids STTN, potty trained, maybe in school all day, etc.
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My main goal was prioritizing my breastfeeding relationship with Margot. I really wanted to make it to one year before even considering trying for #2, simply because I didn't want to risk getting pregnant and disrupting lactation. Margot is 10 mo and I still have no signs of returned fertility, so it's looking like we'll probably make it to a year no problem. Then we're hoping to just let nature take its course. Our "optimal" spacing would be three years apart just to give us/my body a bit of a break. But we'd welcome a new baby sooner than that, too, because we've really been feeling like Margot could use a sibling! And with me possibly going back to school in two years, it might be better to have our first two close together, then try for another cluster of kids in a few years.

We practice NFP so babies are literally ALWAYS on my mind.
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