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Oh Braxton Hicks Contractions!

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I have been having some strong BH contractions lately… the “take your breath away” kind!  I remember having them with my first three kids, but I don’t recall having them this strong, this early…chalking it up to it being baby #4?!  I’ve had a few where I had to lay down for a few minutes until they passed.  I am mostly getting the strong ones after exercising or after being on my feet and doing a lot around the house.  Anyone else experiencing this?  It’s certainly making me feel like labor is just around the corner.    

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This is baby #2 for me and yes I get them after I empty my bladder or stand up after sitting for a while. I try to walk through them but I have had some that I have had some where I am totally breathless and have to hold on to something and sort of breathe through them. They say they get stronger with each pregnancy so I can understand with baby # 4 it being challenging!

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Ugh! Yes! This is #3 for me, and they are so much worse this time. Much stronger and more frequent. It makes me paranoid that I'm going into PTL. They come in spurts usually at night when I'm already laying down. They last for several hours and so far tons of water and hot baths have been able to slow them. I'm actually laying down now trying to get them to stop. I've also noticed a correlation with big baby movements and gas/BMs triggering them.
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Mine are so strong and frequent too, they worry me...Seems like I can only walk about 4 steps and one happens, but...hopefully bodes well for a well-toned uterus/a faster labor?

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@wildflower - it would be awesome if BH meant faster labour! Here's hoping!
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Mine started around 30ish weeks but it took me awhile to realize what they were bc they really just felt like menstrual cramps to me. Now they still feel like cramps but are also accompanied by that tightening/hardening feeling I see referenced most often. Would totally love if they somehow portended an easier labor but can't help thinking if I have painful BH contractions the real ones are going to feel awful!
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