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Spontaneous Ovulation?

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anyone experienced or know anything about spontaneous ovulation?  i always thought it was a myth.....


but it is EXACTLY what this pregnancy looks like.

Nov 17th, i had no fertile signs, relaxed, hung out w/ hubby, just had a wonderful weekend w/ him. that night, i had ovulation signs.  none before DTD, but was almost certain that very same weekend that we had unintentionally nailed it.  only had mucus that night and the next morning, but it was EWCM w/out a doubt.  then a dry day the next day after the morning, and a dry day after that.    


my ovulation started up and came a week later (6 days).  but there is some evidence that ovulation was actually that same night.  and w/ the full standard ovulation a week later it seemed likely to be a double peak.


i'm 10 months PP and this was only my 2nd cycle.  my 1st cycle was obviously low progesterone and i only had a 9 day luteal phase and breakthrough bleeding before ovulation.  but this cycle everything seemed to be more, well, functional.


any mamas out there have insight for me?  experiences?  wisdom to share!!

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I know someone who was charting, (mucus, BBT and everything). She *knows* she got pregnant by spontaneous ovulation because her husband was out of town her entire cycle up until around 6 days after her temp rise and she ended up pregnant. NFP would say this isn't possible but she's in her 2nd trimester now!

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WHOAH.  that would shock me!  that is certainly unexpected!!!  thanks for sharing! 


personal experiences help so much!!!


come to think of it, a few of my pregnancies may have been post-peak spontaneous ovulation.... that would help explain my ridiculously late due dates for 2 of them....

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I'm fairly certain Kai was the result of
spontaneous ovulation smile.gif We were technically in the clear, which is why we are using condoms EVERY time we DTDb until we're ready to conceive again!!
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