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Feeling Movement

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Have you felt any movement yet? How far along did you start feeling it? How frequent is it now?


I started feeling movement around 11 weeks but haven't been 100% sure because this is my first pregnancy. However, as of yesterday I feel very confident that I am feeling the baby because it is so much more frequent now. I'm at 15 weeks. I am feeling the baby once every couple of hours when I'm sitting still more frequent when I'm laying down. :)

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I thought I felt movement a couple of weeks ago (I'm 14w5d now), but my midwife said I probably didn't. Today though I am very sure I did!
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I felt my first, for certain, at 13 weeks. With #2 and this one, it was between 10-11 weeks that I started feeling taps and bumps that were clearly baby and not gas.

I am almost 13 weeks and movement is not very frequent still, but it generally happens after having something higher in sugar like apple cider or fruit smoothies and then sitting in a way that presses on my uterus. Looking forward to it being more obvious and frequent in the coming weeks!
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I felt a lot at 13 weeks, but I haven't since then. Last week my midwife said that depending on the way the baby is turned, you can go from feeling them to not feeling them and it's totally okay this early.

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I am 13 weeks and still haven't felt any movement. I feel "gas" bubbles sometimes, but pretty sure that isn't baby yet.

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Last week I drank some chai and it got the baby going. I recognized that feeling immediately (this is baby #4). That's really the only time I've felt anything so far. I'm 13 weeks today. With my others, I started feeling movement around 14/15 weeks.
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I felt little flutters twice at 11 weeks and this week a few more times (13 weeks now). I was surprised I felt something so early, but after a few times around I knew they were not gas :). My midwife did say not to be surprised if it's more intermittent for a bit longer because things are nice and stretched out after a few little ones. So fun though to feel this little one!! We got to hear the heartbeat on Tuesday too, kiddos loved it!

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Im 15 weeks with my first - Nothing yet. Cant wait though! Should be soon. Im sure I felt something a couple of weeks ago but it was just the once.

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I have felt some small movements, mostly while I'm lying down.  Started last week.  It will be a long time before DP or the children can feel anything from the outside.

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I definitely felt movement for the first time on Christmas Eve, at 15 weeks. It wasn't the flutters or kicks I was expecting, but actually like the baby was pushing hard against the wall of my uterus. I could feel a hard lump on the outside of my belly. It was while lying in bed in the morning. I've been feeling that same thing most days since then, but not often. With my first, I felt the first movements at 17 weeks and then consistently at 19 weeks.

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I'm feeling the same ecnarwold, a hard lump sometimes against my uterine wall. So cool! I don't ever remember feeling/palpating baby so early before! Faint, fast and fleeting flutters still at 17 weeks. (at least, I think i'm 17. am I 16?), mostly at night when laying on my tummy, which I wont be able to do soon.

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I've been feeling flutters since around 10 weeks.   That's still all I feel.  Placenta is anterior though so that may be all I feel for awhile.    I can feel him pushing into my hip a lot too, he like hanging out of there and I can actually palpate him there.  It's so cool.

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I'm almost 16 weeks and getting antsy to feel something.

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I felt a distinct vibrating flutter once over the holidays but that's it so far!
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I'm super insensitive (or super distracted) I think. I'm a little over 16 weeks and still definitely haven't felt anything. With my previous 2 kids though, I didn't really notice anything until more like 20 weeks, so I'm not concerned.

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I *think* I felt a few quick kicks the other day (New Years Eve, laying in bed waiting for the ball to drop).  It was like...tap-tap-tap on the right side of uterus....then gone. I don't know! This is my first baby that has made it to the 2nd trimester, so I'm not sure when to expect movement. I'm pretty thin, and I don't think I have an anterior placenta, so I'm hoping I'll feel the baby moving around a lot more soon :thumb

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Yeah I can definitely tell this time how much placental attachment can change things! Last time I was -for sure- feeling movements and flutters by 15 weeks, and -thought- I was feeling stuff for at least a week or so before that. This time, I didn't feel sure about feeling anything until a few days ago, and I'll be 17 weeks tomorrow- ironically I was lying in bed last night with my husband having his hand on my belly, and he was asking when he would be able to feel it, and I said I couldn't remember, but that I was only feeling tiny movements still.... and then he felt the baby! So I'm thinking that's why I'm not feeling as much this time- different placental attachment. i didn't think there was any way he'd feel it this early since it was still so hesitant feeling to me, but he noticed it at the exact moment I felt it too. Yay!

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17 weeks tomorrow, and... hubby and I *saw* little bumps going on! so awesome.

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I have been feeling movement for several weeks, and it's not regular, but it is frequent. This baby likes to 'bump' DD when she's on my lap -- she's 2.5yr, and likes to arch her back over my belly, and I can feel the baby reacting to that little bit of squish, but DD hasn't noticed.

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I felt the baby kick from the outside tonight :) Wowwwwwwwwww (He's kicking very very low)

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