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how to catch up on vaccines?

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Hello, my children have *some* of their vaccines.  They are so old now, that probably they have missed their boosters so a portion of them are ineffective anyway.  I really don't even know because they are more or less without a pediatrician since most refuse to see them unless I come in and let them give them quite a few in one sitting to catch them up.  I have found one that will see them without their vaccines, but I do not want to make an appointment to go in and discuss it with her in person in front of my children.  I can't decide what to do, and, if I do decide to *catch them up* I am unsure of even how to go about it since I would not like to do multiple vaccines in one sitting.

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I'm going to move your post over the Vaccinations forum as you are likely to get more responses there!

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Look for the CDC "catch-up" schedule (or the equivalent from your country's government if you're not in the US). It is designed for situations like yours. That will help you figure out which shots they need. Usually boosters don't need to be repeated. Explain to the provider you see that you would like to space out the process of getting caught up on the shots. If you've got a good one they should be willing to work with you on setting up a schedule to get caught up. 

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Get the CDC catchup schedule. There is actually a different number of vaccines and all that are to be given in the case of 'missed' doses. I followed the CDC catchup schedule with my son as a schedule for selective/delayed vax thus giving me government record of what vax he needed and how many so we didn't get as many shots. I started him after 2 and it allowed us to miss quite a few shots. I only allowed one shot at a time coming back about once every 2 months for another when we did start getting them. I'm not sure if it will help you or not but here's an idea... Our ped was a jerk about it too and highly pissed that we wouldn't vax on his schedule to the point that we had major issues if I came through the door. I started taking my son to the local health dept. They provide vaccinations for free or for a nominal fee (I think the most I ever paid was $20 per shot?). They don't "like" to do one at a time but they aren't your primary care so they just grumble and go on. I also at times said that we were seeing our regular doc for more but wanted to get this one until our appt or that we'd had reactions yada yada. I never had any real issues. Every shot goes into the state registry as well so if you DO decide to see someone else later it'll be there. I brought a copy of the CDC catchup schedule with me as well because most providers are uninformed (or unconcerned) about the recommendations for catch ups. Good luck.

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Oh also.. I found that once we'd started getting the vaccines we had less issues with our pediatrician when we went back. A change in doctors could be in order as well though if you are having communication issues. 

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You can opt out of most state registries. I did in the past two states. We see a ped who is supportive but are switching to a supportive family practice as it's closer and less overrun.One at a time, usually 1-6 months apart (depends on what we are getting). We started after two and we don't do all of them now. We are looking at getting 4 dtaps, 3 ipvs, 1 hib and 1 mmr. Then around 11-12 we'll get hepB. And that would be the end.

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