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At night we have been reading Else Holmlund Minarik (Little Bear books), Arnold Lobel (Frog and Toad, etc), Esther Averill (Jenny Linsky and the Cat Club books), and Winnie the Pooh (of which he is not too fond).


Winnie the Pooh is really odd. It was the first chapter book I tried reading to my son at 3 and a half years and I was shocked that he loved it. I was actually more shocked that I loved it. Of course I've known about Winnie the Pooh my entire life, but the movies, tv shows, watered down books, etc. really don't do it justice. The original A.A. Milne books, in my opinion, are hilarious in that the author's dry humor shines through. I thought some of it was so funny I would read passages to my husband after my son would fall asleep. Of course my son missed all that, which was why I was surprised he liked them too, but I think that he took them so literally and the plot lines were so simple, that he was able to enjoy them with minimal explanation. Now, 6 months later, he's less interested in them....we didn't quite make it through The House at Pooh Corner, but he hasn't asked to finish it.


Anyway, I'm not sure what type of child it takes to like Winnie the Pooh and what the best age for it is, but if you've never read it, I recommend at least borrowing it from the library. I suggest changing the tense of the first chapter (which is written TO Christopher Robin) so it's less confusing for the child, but after that, it's written in third person, which is much easier.

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Old Mother Westwind and the series are great, 5 year old appropriate in nature books.  

Magic Tree House are good for 7-8 and older as far as content goes.  

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I second all Roald Dahl.  My daughter also really liked The Wizard of Oz.

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This past year we read Charlotte's Web, the Ralph S. Mouse series, Ivy & Bean (by far her favorite series), and Ramona Quimby with our, then, 5-year-old daughter.  This year we're going to start a new series Heidi Heckelbeck.  They're out of print now (you can find used on Amazon), but we were gifted the Donovan Willoughby series and she loves reading those--not quite chapter books but long enough to split over two nights.  I'm debating Peter Pan... maybe I'll hold off a year or two.

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The Wizard of Oz! The original book by L. Frank Baum. We recently read this to my 4 1/2 yr old, and he was mesmerized from the beginning. He followed along so well, and we recapped each chapter the next night before starting again. after we finished the book, we watched some Youtube videos of the songs, then we were able to take him to go see the musical performance, and then watch the movie (sing-along version). It's been such a wonderful way to really immerse him in the literary experience!

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My 4-yr-old also loves chapter books -


She currently loves books by Roald Dahl - especially "The Giraffe, the Pelly and Me"  (which is really more like one longer story, with line-drawn pictures like in chapter books for younger children)

 Her brother loved "Charlie and the Chocolate factory" at this age too!


She ADORES the "My Naughty Little Sister" books by Dorothy Edwards - think she identifies with the main character!

These are proper chapter books, with each chapter containing another story about My Naughty Sister's doings.


She is also keen on Rumer Godden's "The Doll's House"  - might be hard to find, though - I'm not sure it's still in print


My other daughter was very keen on "Milly Molly Mandy" at this age - more lovely stories about the lives of little girls in past generations!

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Subbing!  I need more bedtime books, especially for my newly 6 year old son--but most of these do seem too advanced, have so far been on picture books and Curious George...he is stll quite a long ways away from reading.....

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I second 'The Children of Noisy Village' - a huge favorite here! My four-year-old is loving 'Mr. Popper's Penguins', too. Have you read the Brambly Hedge collection? Somewhere between picture and chapter books, but SO well-loved in our house. Enjoy this new stage! Such fun.
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I love books like Pooh because they are written for adults, too. Books like Berenstain bears and Dr. Seuss drive me nuts.


Not a chapter book, but nice and small if you are lying beside a small child in bed are the Beatrix Potter books. Some are better than others for 5 year olds and they are charming. Good vocabulary, too, and no "filler." Just straight story.


Rutabaga Stories 1 and 2 are fanciful and fun to read. Mary Poppins. Raggedy Ann. Kids love the magic. Wizard of Oz is too scary for 5 I think.  Uncle Wiggly (which was serialized in the newspaper when I was a child.). They are totally dumb but full of lovable characters. Any danger is quickly averted (in 2 sentences) so no stress, a good thing at bedtime.


Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories are wonderful. Raold Dahl is great but might be too scary for a 5 year old at bedtime.


The Borrowers, about tiny people who live in the walls. A Treasury of Curious George has 8 stories.


Here's a website that has collected a list from readers. http://sarahjanestudios.com/blog/2010/02/chapter-books-for-the-younger-kids/ Read the comments, too, because people have added some and criticized others.


I loved reading to my kids and now I love reading to my grandkids.

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My little 5 year old loves the "Daisy Dawson" series, "Amelia Bedelia" books, "Judy Moody" books, "Clementine" books, "Anna Hibiscus", the books from the Our Generation girls at Target,  and "Nancy Clancy" or "Fancy Nancy" books.  

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Little House in the Fairy Wood and Wind Boy by Ethel Cook Eliot

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Anything by Enid Blyton!

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My daughter is 5 and loves reading and being read to. We did the Little House books. Right now we are reading The Secret Garden. A huge favorite at our place is The Little House in the Fairy Wood which you can get for free on Kindle if you have a device that does ebooks. It is the perfect bedtime book and so beautifully written!

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My 5-year-old and I take turns reading the Magictreehouse series and the Junie B. Jones series.  Those are both about 10 chapters that are short and have a few pictures.  She loves the Narnia books and Harry Potter, too. 

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My four year old and I really enjoyed the Disney Fairies chapter books. I recommend Return to the Hundred Acre Wood by Benedictus. Great for both Milne fans and those who find him too wordy. We also liked Kenny and the Dragon and Tale of Despereaux. We couldn't get into Ramona. We homeschool so the books that are set at school like Junie B are a bit hard to relate to. Toys Go Out was also great. I can't wait to check out some of these other recommendations!
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Here are some of my favourites for read-aloud chapter books:

By Astrid Lindgren: Pippi Longstocking, Pippi Goes On Board, Pippi in the South Seas, Pippi on the Run, The World’s Best Karlson, Karlson on the Roof, Karlson Flies Again Emil and the Great Escape, The Children of Noisy Village, Happy Times in Noisy Village, Lotta on Troublemaker Street, and more…


Betsy-Tacy Books by Maud Hart Lovelace


The Finn Family Moomintroll books by Tove Jansson


Tumtum and Nutmeg books (there are a lot of them!)  by Emily Bearn


The Wonderful Adventures of Nils by Selma Lagerlof


The Wind Boy by Ethyl Cook Eliot


Half Magic, Magic by the Lake, Seven Day Magic and more by Edward Eager


The original Mary Poppins books by P.L. Travers


Charlotte’s Web


Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle by Betty MacDonald

Nancy and Plum by Betty MacDonald




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Mamas, you are awesome! 


We started on Beverly Clearly with Ralph S. Mouse, but only read the first book before moving onto Ramona.  My daughter adores her, and we're nearly finished "Ramona the Pest" (second book). The issue with chapter length appears to have been limited to EB White because we read at least one chapter a night (but usually two, and as many as four with her prompting).  I'm so excited to start in on some of the others that have been suggested; especially those that I haven't read myself! 


See you later, Berenstain Bears....you are dead to me.  :p

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Glad you found some books you both enjoy! We haven't read Ramona yet, but it's on our list. The Roald Dahl books I mentioned in my previous post seem to be for older kids.. we will try again in a year or so. I do remember them fondly

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BIG WARNING about "The Children of Noisy Village!" This may have ruined Santa Claus for my friend's kindergartener. She's an advanced reader so it couldn't be edited. The characters don't believe in Santa and this raised uncomfortable questions. It's a delightful book otherwise, and I love Astrid Lindgren in general.

I think a great starter book of hers, a lesser known one, is "Mio My Son." The language is more accessible for a 5 year old, and it's a wonderful take on the classic hero-and-companion adventure story. If you love lord of the rings but it's far too early to break out "The Hobbit," try this one.
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Boxcar Children series - we love it!
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