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And shared.

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I didn't know hemp was such an ecological and economical crop! I always knew it made the best diapers and wipes, but now I know why. Thank you! (Shared on FB as well!)

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hemp is grown everywhere in the world and helps put nutrients back into the soil.

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I liked on facebook. I didnt know that hemp was more absorbent and stronger than cotton. I would love to try it!

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Hemp can grow up to 6ft tall!

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I love hemp seeds, but I didn't realize that the plants didn't need any pesticides or chemicals due to how they grow.

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I also shared this giveaway on my Twitter account @livelocaliveraw

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Hemp is exceptionally resistant to pests.

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These are really cool. It's great that hemp doesn't require anything to grow...fertilizers or pesticides... AND that it rejuvenates the soil. I'm just thinking of all the possibilities in over farmed land as such a fast -growing renewable resources!
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So many interesting things about hemp. Interesting history, such a shame it was outlawed for long period of time. Not needing pesticides to thrive isnone of my favorite qualities.
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I learned that hemp is pretty resistant to pests.  I had no idea that hemp was like that at all.  Pretty cool!

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I shared this contest with my friends on Facebook.

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I didn't know hemp was resistant to pests! Or that the roots could grow 6 feet! Hemp is pretty cool stuff :) Oh and I didn't know Henry Ford made a hemp car! Cool!!
I liked all three on facebook!

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AND shared! :) :) :)

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Wow, I already knew hemp was a very absorbent fabric. I use it sometimes for diapering but I had no idea it needs absolutely no chemicals to grow. That's amazing.

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Very glad to know its environment friendly and baby friendly product. And it helpd me contribute in the bettering of our planet by saying no to chemical products. Looking forward to using it for my precious little one.
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Hemp was once used as currency and made up most ship ropes, and was 3x stronger than rope made from other fibers :) 

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This giveaway has ended. Thank you to everyone who entered and to Babykicks and The Mindful Home for the great giveaway!!


The randomly chosen winners are listed below. Congrats!! You will all be contacted by email. 


Winner of the diaper and shoes: Antonia Lafaye

Winner of the washies and nursing pads: Fayebond

Winner of the $15 gift certificate: bazil323

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