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2.5 year old nursling-- is she nursing too much?

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My daughter is 2.5 years old and still nurses a lot. Sometimes, she just wants to spend the whole afternoon lying next to me and nursing, especially if we've been apart (she's enrolled in a toddler program from 8am-3pm). 


She still wakes up at night and nurses 2-3x.


When she's with my family, she'll forget all about me and nursing up to 24 hours, so it's not like she needs the milk...


Is this normal? I don't know anybody who nursed past 2 years old. We barely nurse in public anymore because of all the negative comments we get. 

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It sounds normal to me.  It sounds like she is trying to connect with you after a time away, which is normal, because nursing is such a comfort to young children. Toddlers of this age seem to get really attached to nursing, or perhaps it's just my perception.  It seemed like just as I was thinking they would slow down on it, they'd nurse even more, perhaps perceiving that I was tired of it and wanted it to stop, which made them cling on all the more.

Especially at night, it seemed like they would wake up more than when they were babies!  If you are getting weary of nursing her all afternoon, you can try to substitute other means of connecting.  I remember my daughter coming to me when she was three, asking to nurse, and me saying, "awww, you seem bored, do you want to play a game?"  And she really was bored, and just wanted me to do something with her. In any event, the immunities in breastmilk are even more concentrated, and maybe with all the experiences of the toddler program, she just really needs to come back to you for all the warmth and comfort of nursing...and if she's getting sick, she might nurse more then as well.

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It sounds totally normal to me too. My dd is almost 4 now and usually only nurses once or twice a day. But if upset it is way more.

But at that age it felt like all day every day. I started using dissertation too.
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I've been wondering this myself! My 2 year old nurses a lot at night lately. He'll sleep for 3 or 4 houurs at the start of the night, then wake every hour and a half or so to nurse. It's really wearing on me, as I have a 2 month old nursing, too. My toddler actually nurses more than the baby at night!!

Sorry to hear you're getting negative comments while nursing in public.
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Thanks everyone. My dd seems to be nursing more and more now, even though she can easily 'forget'. When she's bored or wants to play or feels sad or just wants comfort, she ass to nurse. My nipples are getting dry and sore again like in the first year.


The hard part is she gets very upset and cries when I ask her to wait a bit to nurse.


I just assumed she would start nursing less. A few mothers have told me their child self-weaned before 2.

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That sounds just like mine at that age. I was grateful esp. with my younger dd because that was the only time I got to sit still for awhile. wink1.gif
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Hi mamas, I know I'm chiming in late, but I can completely relate. My guy has just turned 2 and he nurses so often throughout the day. I was thankfully able to nightwean him gently at 22months which is still going well, however this did also really increase day nursings. I'm wondering ... at what age (from others experience) could we expect our little ones to ease off???
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My DD is 27 months old and she's still a big fan of nursing. Unfortunately it's getting to be finger nails on a chalkboard for me (especially right before my period) so I've started limiting her access a bit so we can preserve the relationship. She nurses at nap time and bedtime, and at least once at night. On days I work she nurses when I get home. When I'm home with her she'll ask a bit more and I'll offer her a snack or cuddling (or I'll know it's time for a nap). At night, she can nurse the first time she wakes up but I can't do the boob buffet thing anymore, and I'll tell her "nursing is all done right now". She cries and I empathize and rub her back and we get through it. She does seem more insistent about nursing now, but it could be because she asks for it very articulately smile.gif
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I have a 2.5 year old who LOVES to nurse.  We night weaned a while back, though he still wakes me up eaaaarrrrrllly to nurse.  We also still nurse at bedtime although he doesn't fall asleep there anymore unless he's missed his nap.   I really kind of wish we could be all done nursing.  Or maybe at least with the mornings.  He routinely tells me, "Mommy, I LOVE your boobs! Thank you for giving me milk!" even though I don't really think there's much milk in there any longer.  I think if it's not bothering you to nurse that much, go for it, and if it is, you can make small changes to nurse less, and she will adapt.  Sometimes they cry some and get upset, but they learn to accept other kinds of comfort, too. 

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So true, my DS wakes between 5:50am and 6:15 every morning since night weaning. Bless him, he can't wait any longer.

I don't know anyone else who has nursed past one so I really expected my DS to need nursing less as he got older but we are not near there yet. It's quite intense some days but this is such a crazy age anyway. :-D
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