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Co-Sleeping Advice

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So my son is 18 months old, still nurses, and still co-sleeps. I am now 10 weeks pregnant and we would really like to get him in his own bed before the next one is born. Any suggestions?

We tried for a good week or so getting him to sleep in his crib but it was a fight and exhausting. Then I became exhausted from this pregnancy, my husband works graveyard shifts, and I just couldnt deal. I needed my sleep so he's back in bed.

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I tend to take the path of least resistance -- the strategy that has worked for me has been to put them to sleep in a bed I can fall asleep in comfortably. If he's not waking often at night, you can put him to sleep in his spot and hopefully the space will help keep him from waking. If he does wake, you can lie down with him. That's what has worked for us. It does mean some back and forth at night if he's having a rough time, but overall, it was easiest for me.
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We do have a twin bed in "his" room... I will definitely give that a try. Though its so weird to have him in a separate room, lol.
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I know what you mean. If that is too much, you could try moving the twin bed into your room, instead of the crib (I'm guessing that's in your room now).

Good luck! I know how precious comfortable sleep is.
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I know it is a totally different boat, but we are working on the same transition, however dd is 4yo and we have all been cooped up in a double bed for the last 4 years.  For the last year, she has begun in her own bed, but crawled in with us whenever she woke.  DH was away for the month of November and when he returned we ALL realized we were super squished and uncomfortable (not sure how we made it that long in a such a little bed anyway).  So, our solution was to keep with the bedtime ritual in her own bed, but when she awakes, we have a little bed that we call "the nest" in our room that she can sleep in.  At 6am we allow her in our bed for an hour of snuggling.  At her age, it works because she is becoming more reasonable and was also feeling the squeeze!  So, we are about 2 weeks in and it's is going remarkably well.  Our thought/hope is that she will get used to sleeping without our touch and then maybe, eventually, she will just sleep through the night in her own room.  If not any time soon, at least she is not scared because she is near us and we are all getting comfy sleep. 

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I finally have my 2yo 100% nightweaned. Previously, I had him partially night weaned where I didn't let him nurse until at least 4am. That gave me a good stretch, but it was almost worse because then it was a feeding frenzy for HOURS! And would freak out if I tried to pull him off. It reaches a point I can't sleep through it and then my sleep is absolute crap, and if I refuse to nurse, then no one sleeps. After getting completely fed up with that nonsense, I got extra extreme. The point in the morning when he is allowed to nurse? Not until we're up, dressed, out of bed, downstairs, and it is a convenient time. (so, usually not till after I get dd off to the bus) I just completely cut nursing out of the morning "wake up" routine. He was pretty pissed at first. There was plenty of crying (while being cuddled in our bed and comforted) for a week or so. I just kept telling him "milk is sleeping now" and "we'll have milk in the day time" and then he "got it" and was completely fine. If he wakes at night, he doesn't even ask, he just accepts a snuggle and goes back to sleep. He now sleeps so much better! It was totally worth the week or so of rough nights.


He starts the night  on a mattress on our floor, pushed up next to ours but a few inches lower than ours. He usually ends up in our bed at some point in the night. Could be 10pm, could be 5am. totally varies. At some point I hope to transition him to the 4yo's room directly across the hall. But I'll be okay if he sneaks into our room at night. If he still does once the newbie is born, he'll just learn that he's stuck cuddling up to dad. it worked okay when he was a newborn with his older brother. We have a king bed. I wouldn't be able to tolerate anything smaller

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I think for me it's most important to have bedtime squared away. DD was all over the place with bedtime and we were all just falling into bed exhausted, dreading the inevitable wake ups. DW finally figured out a system that works and that is putting her to bed absolutely no later than 6:15 (fully asleep). Even five minutes later and we're in trouble. It's a bit of a pain because it means no night time activities, but it's well worth it for the quiet adult time in the evening and knowing that if sleep sucks one night we can anticipate going to bed at 6:30 the next night if needed.
She still gets up and comes to our bed most nights, and still occasionally has long periods of wakefulness one night every other week or so, but this early bedtime has been amazing. I'm often in bed by 8:30 these days which is great.
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We have been co-sleeping with both of our DDs until recently. DD1 absolutely refused to sleep in her own bed. So with me being pregnant now and still breastfeeding DD2 at least 2 to 3 times a night and being squished in bed every night. I just could not take it any longer. DD1 sometimes starts kicking her legs really hard at night in her REM sleep and hit me in the belly and that was the straw for me. We moved her bed so it would face the same direction as ours when she sleeps plus we put up a princess-like mosquito net over her bed. She was all proud about it and no more fuss about which bed to sleep in. We basically still all sleep in one big bedroom now but DD1 sleeps in her own bed about 10ft away and DD2 goes to sleep in her own bed right next to mine as well. She wants to feed at about 4 pm and then I just tug her back in my bed or hubby has to put her back in hers. As soon as I pick her up and try to put her back down she is up and awake. My sleep is much better now but to be honest I would love to at least night-wean.

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Subbing.  My 3 year old cosleeps and nurses on demand, and I'm hesitant to do anything to change that (she is the sort of kid who reaches milestones fully and suddenly, of her own accord, like the day at barely two she went to the bathroom, sat on the potty, and was fully pottylearned with no accidents from then on) but I'm still considering the options.

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I think part of our issue is hubby and I's work schedules. I work late (I usually get home between 11:30pm and midnight) and hubby works overnight.  When I'm at work, hubby has no problems getting DS to sleep.  BUT when I'm home he will only take boob.  He literally throws the bottle\sippy across the room.  We try to get him to bed at an earlier time, but then he wakes up earlier and I just can't deal with that right now. =\


I guess for now I'll just let him do his thing. I've heard supply somewhat drops towards the second trimester, and I can already tell that mine has dropped.  He has taken some bottle from me the last few nights.  I'll probably just have to go on his pace.  I know my boobs would like a break though, lol.

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