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Baby Comes Too; Do you bring your baby places they don't normally go?

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My 19 month old son goes everywhere I go, besides a 5 hour stretch once a week when I work out of the house. He is my nursling, my constant companion.

   Since having my son, I am discovering  the numerous situations where babies, toddlers and even children are "not supposed" to be. 

  For instance, I was urged to attend an important union meeting with my colleagues when I was on Maternity leave, and little L., then 7 months or so, was there with me at the breast and in a very drool-ly phase at the boardroom table. 

  I also brought him to 8 sessions of counselling where he nursed steady, between 4 to 6 months of age. I didn't ask if it was o.k. to bring him along, and I am glad I didn't ask. For me, it was natural that he would be there too. However, the administrator who came to open the door of the office assumed I was at the wrong place when she saw I had a baby strapped to my chest. It is just so out of the ordinary, it surprises people!

   I don't mean this to sound as if every mama should bring their child everywhere, if it is not what works for them, or to idealize other cultures, perhaps more traditional ones.

I just wonder about the situation in the context of a major urban city in Canada, and beyond.

While I never got any direct flack for bringing him along, I certainly felt that I was doing something out of the ordinary and could see a little wheel turning in people's minds like, 'hmmmmm, a baby in a meeting room?'


Do you bring your baby to places that they are not normally found?

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I brought my daughter to meetings when she was very little because she slept a lot in those early days.  But I have a very supportive family-friendly department and people were happy to see her.  I stopped when she became more interactive because it was a distraction for both me and my colleagues.  I think it's fine to bring babies places as long as a host, for example, has not explicitly told you not to or as long as it does not interfere with the work being done.  And sometimes, just the presence of a baby is distracting.  People find themselves less comfortable, etc, which is why I always err on the side of not bringing her unless I know what the environment will be like.

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I brought my 18 month old to all of my prenatal appts including my long anatomy scan during my last pregnancy. It never even occurred to me that that is not usually done. Someone on MDC here had asked a question about not being "allowed" to bring certain people to her appts and that was really when I realized that was not the norm. Our first was a full term stillborn so I assume my OB would never dream of making me feel like my kids weren't welcome but I am sure I am one of very few who do the same. Actually, my first appt for this current pregnancy I had my 3 year old, 6 month old, and husband crammed in the u/s room with us. OB just thanked me for bringing my kids to see him (since he delivered them) and didn't make a big deal of it.


I have also brought my oldest to weddings, everywhere really that I can think of, she came with. There was a wedding in a neighboring state that my husband was in and we had to be gone for 2 days and I think that was the first time I had ever been away from her for more than a few hours. I think she was a little over 18 months by then. She was pretty mad at us for leaving her when we got back and we really haven't been away from her for more than a few hours and now she is 3.

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This member of the Italian Parliament brought her baby to work with her.

Here's a story about her bringing the baby to work when she was 2.

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Inspiring images, thanks for sharing PokeyAC!
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