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I am completely and totally exhausted. Isn't this the time that we are supposed to have a ton of energy and want to do the whole nesting thing? I just want to go to sleep! I took that glucose test and tested fine, but I still feel like I seriously CRASH after I eat anything. 

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I never had any nesting urges with my son. This one I totally did.... until this last week. Now I am tired and just want to curl up and read all day while eating cookies ;)

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I am super tired too! I am finishing up school so I have kinda been nesting - as in I want to do anything and everything besides school stuff! LOl so I have been super productive in other areas but when I sit down to write papers and such I fall asleep almost instantly.

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I have days where I have tons of energy and others, not so much.  I am always pretty exhausted by 8 PM or so :)  But I have had nesting energy for months now, lol!!

Unfortunately, I have older kiddos...so laying around and being dreamy is not usually an option, but when it is I take full advantage.  Hugs!  We are almost there!!!

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My energy levels really fluctuate too. Most days though I am usually yawning by 6:30 and ready for bed by 8:30... Luckily it's not like the fatigue I had during August...that was horrible.
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Midwife told me my thyroid levels are super low which explains the lethargy that has been overruling me this pregnancy but I honestly think its running after my spirited two year old and 20 wk old puppy that's making me want to sleep 12 hours a night, tee hee.
Mothering › Groups › March 2014 Due Date Club › Discussions › Exhausted