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Scratching and biting in carrier

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Hi mamas,

My 12 mo wants to be in my arms 60% of the day. Obviously baby wearing is the only way I get much accomplished/keep my arms from falling off, this kids is HEAVY! Recently he scratches, bites, hits and pulls my hair in the ergo, both front carry and back. I've been giving him a warning: "gentle hands/ no bite" and then immediately putting him down if he repeats the action. He follows me around crying until I pick him up again.

I just don't know what to do with this behavior. I miss being able to peacefully wear him for long periods. He seems to do better in the ring sling, but it's too much weight on my shoulder to do for too long. Should I try a wrap or is he too big to bother? Any other suggestions on how to handle this?
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If he likes the sling then I'd definitely try a wrap. It feels very much like a ring sling to kiddo and different from a structured carrier like ergo, etc. I don't think he's too old at all. My nearly 3 year old loves going on my back even though I really didn't wear her as a baby. If you can borrow a wrap from a local mama, that would be ideal. Some moms have great success clipping a toy to the carrier or wearing a nursing necklace too to keep busy little hands occupied. I hope you find something that works!
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it will pass.

there was a period I had to wear necklaces backwords in a back-carrier, to occupy them.

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Definitely consider a wrap- I think it may feel more secure- and the ergo is outgrown by bigger kids anywhere from 12-18 months.  As he looses that true M position in the seat, he will be more squirmy. 

Of course, there is also the 'I am a toddler, see me explore!' stage which makes those nursing necklaces invaluable. Also, clipping toys to the carrier can help. 

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