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Possibly a stupid question from a newbie about cloth stash

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I think I'm ready to jump in and use cloth diapers for this kiddo, at least on a part-time basis. All of the options seem overwhelming, but seeing as how I don't work much and am wanting to use cloth at home only (depending on how it works out), I was thinking of going with prefolds and covers.


From what I've read, it seems like general recommendations are for 2-3 dozen prefolds and 4-6 covers for a stash to only have to wash every 2-3 days. (Does this seem right?) I think I want to go with Green Mountain Diapers for these, but if anyone else has prefolds that they love I'm open to researching other brands.


Now to my question: This is kiddo #2, and will 100% without-a-doubt be our last child. My daughter was 9.5 pounds at birth, no gestational diabetes but I was 12 days past the due date. My husband is a big guy and I think we just make big kids. I'm expecting a boy this time, and while I am doing my best to eat healthy and exercise this time, statistically speaking he will probably be just as big if not bigger (ugh).


In my situation, would you mess with ordering the newborn/orange size prefolds or go straight to the yellow size (that starts at 10 pounds)? Is there any benefit to having newborn size prefolds later on?


Thanks for your help!

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I've heard Green Mountain's prefolds are good. I used Imagine "Smart Fit" prefolds from Nickis Diapers and I think they're very absorbent & I like them. If I was you I would skip the newborn size prefolds & use disposables until his umbilical cord falls off. Especially since you already have a kid, the less you have to do the first week or two the better. If you're gung-ho about cloth from the start, I'd get pro-wrap covers since they have a cut out for the cord & you can just fold the small prefolds in half so they fit.


Your numbers look good for prefolds & covers. I use Thirsties covers for my chunky baby and I like that there are two sizes for a better fit when little.  But different covers work well on different babies. You can start with a variety and see what you like.

  • hook & loop - pros: they’re faster to put on and they always get a snug fit. cons: they wear out faster & can sometimes come undone.

  • snap closure - they last longer & once they’re on they stay on, but they’re trickier to use.

And, once you figure out the washing, you'll find that it's really just as easy as disposables. Good luck!

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Thanks for your help!

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I would skip the newborn size too. I also love Thirsties covers and thirsties bamboo prefolds are AWESOME! I liked hook and loop when my daughter was really small but once she became more mobile I preferred snaps. I found the hook and loops irritated her skin. I have heard the green mtn prefolds are awesome too! Good luck!!
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Ps- there r NO stupid cd questions! It can be so confusing and it seems there is always something new to learn!
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If I were going to CD from birth, I would probably get 18 newborn and 18 small. I really think its nice to have a prefold that actually fits, folding extra diaper is going to be bulky.... With the smalls you could do a bikini twist to shorten up the diaper without adding bulk.
I've heard good things about thirsties xs.

Oh, and you can use the newborn prefolds later on as doublers
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I love GMD prefolds. I have some osocozy too that are good.

I agree with PP that with a larger babe I would skip the newborn size prefolds. In fact for the newborn stage I found flats to be the easiest because they can be folded easily without a lot of bulk and you're changing so often you don't need a lot of absorbency.

As PP said, hook and loop is great until the babes get mobile. Then I much prefer snaps. Plus, my crafty one figured out how to take off hook and loop early on but can't undo the snaps.

I had bummis wraps and thirsties early on and loved them both. Now we use flip covers which are also great.

Good luck!
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I was tempted in getting the orange edge NB diapers but didnt. I had an 8.9 lb baby and went directly to the yellow edge & Bummis prefolds. I do wish I had newborn covers though because the diapers & covers rubbed the cord area. Honestly looking back I probably should have just used sposies that first week until the cord fell off. I was very glad I didn't get the NB size. I folded the front of the diaper down for a few weeks. No problem. I LOVE prefolds and LOVE GMD flats! They are super! I used Bummis & thirsties covers. NB covers with Velcro are easiest. Snaps after the tiny phase has passed. My baby is 5.5 mos and has about outgrown the white edge wide baby diapers. Got them at 3 months. The red edge still fits great. I still use the small diapers as inserts in my pockets. This is my 3rd CD baby and I can honestly say natural fibers are easiest!!! Oh my favorite wrap is the Bummis pull on pant. Super easy. No Velcro or snaps to fiddle with and they are $6.50!! Hello!
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I also skipped the newborn size.  The regular small size will be fine enough for her.  GMD Cloth-eeze are definitely my favorite prefolds, but Diaper Rite is a close second. 


The recommendation on amounts you were given is excellent for those first months.  HOWEVER, when my daughter entered the medium size diapers at around 7 months of age, I bought 2 dozen prefolds of that size... and it's too many for us.  Just a note.


And yes, once baby starts best understanding a diaper cover is on her, you'll want snaps or something else that's difficult.

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Thanks for the advice, everyone! I don't know anyone who uses CD so this is all new to me.


Now to research covers....

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Covers:  Thirsties.  THey were recommended to me when I started with cloth and I LOVE them.

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I wrote about my cloth diapering experience on my website if you're interested. I also used prefolds and Thirsties diaper covers. Personally, I liked having the newborn size (my first child was 9 lb at birth), but I'm sure you could do without them if money is an issue. I think I used them for about 3 months with both my kids. I only bought two sizes (newborn and a bigger, full size diaper). My 20 month old daughter is about 23 lbs and I still have to fold the larger size over a couple inches with her. While I'm sure I could fold that diaper enough to fit on a newborn, it would look incredibly bulky (which isn't really an issue, just sayin'). Also, I wanted to point out that even if you're not planning to have more kids, prefolds make the BEST cleaning rags in my opinion. No lint, super absorbent. I love them, so I wouldn't consider it a waste.

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My DD was 8 lb 13 oz at birth, and I used newborn prefolds with her for about 3-4 months. She did gain weight very slowly, though, due to a milk intolerance that I didn't figure out very quickly. I loved the prowraps covers for before the cord fell off, and then I think I used Thirsties. The prowraps were also great for her skinny legs, which may not be an issue for you.
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Originally Posted by researchparent View Post

 Also, I wanted to point out that even if you're not planning to have more kids, prefolds make the BEST cleaning rags in my opinion. No lint, super absorbent. I love them, so I wouldn't consider it a waste.


Can't argue with that.  I used prefolds too, and almost ten years later they are still getting constant use, even though use as actual diapers ceased six years ago.


However, just to confuse things even more, I thought I'd throw this idea out.  I loved the prefolds, but I think if I had to do it all over, I would have liked to have tried Birdseye flats from the very beginning. I didn't even think of flats until I bought a dozen for other uses right before my dd was out of diapers, so I didn't actually try the flats.


But it looks like flats are really great. You can fold them to whatever size you want, so it looks like you just buy one size and you're done.  (Says the woman with 5 dozen each of infant, regular, and toddler prefolds.) There are all kinds of folds for flats that look fun to try. And yes, prefolds make great cleaning cloths, but flats are even more useful.  As often as we use the prefolds for cleaning cloths, we reach for the flats for cleaning even more often.  We used the flats for baby bibs long after toilet training, and I still use the flats as a light towel while exercising.  And best of all, the flats look like they have the easiest laundry routine of all of the cloth diapers because there is only one layer. 

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I seriously LOVE my flats. The GMD large are perfecto!! They get Clean, don't stink, dry fast, versatile, make awesome hand towels, burp rags, nursing cover etc etc.
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I have gone straight to smalls with a couple of bigger babies (9lb8oz and 9lbs.12oz.) and they worked fine but they were big and it still took a bit for them to grow into them. My last baby I ended up buying newborns and she was only eight lbs. Rumparooz has covers that fit from 4 to 12lbs so we got a bit more use out of them than our other nb covers.

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Thanks so much for the info ladies! I heart Mothering forums, everyone is so helpful.


I'll be honest, I didn't even consider flats before. For those that use flats, would you recommend the same basic number of diapers to start out with as you would prefolds (2-3 dozen)?

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Another possible NB option is if there is a cloth diaper rental company in your area, you could use that for the newborn size and then get your smalls out when your baby is ready.  For what it's worth, I've cut up and stuffed old prefolds to make rag dolls, along with the cleaning cloth idea..no one needs to know that the doll head used to be a diaper :D

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Why so few covers? I'm planning on using prefolds as well, and I think I have about that many covers, but I was thinking I need more. How often a day do you change the cover then?

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I vote to skip the orange, I only got them as I was planning for a preemie. Sold them once she was around 10lbs

Take a look at motherease airflow covers. A thing to consider is some covers, like motherease, have wipe clean PUL on the inside. Easy to reuse as long as you don't have a major poo explosion. I also like snaps over Velcro that can rub on stomach and thighs.
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